Full Biography and Facts about Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of #coza

Pastor Fatoyinbo is an outstanding personality. We bet you know not that much about his private life. How did he become a famous preacher? What is his path to being who he is today? Read on!

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s biography is of much interest to many people from all over the world. This is even more true given that his name was lately involved in a major scandal. Allegedly, he slept with a young lady who attended his congregation. He never admitted or denied that it was true. But we’ll talk about that later.

There are several things one should know about Biodun Fatoyinbo and his ministry which takes a significant role in his biography.

Facts about Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

  • He is an international Christian speaker. First of all, this man is a speaker that often goes to preach in the different parts of the world. He is very charismatic and is full of energy which passes on to the people listening to his sermons. He has many years of experience of preaching given that he is teaching many people coming from different background and live in various parts of the world.
  • He comes from Abuja where he lives with his family. One should also remember that he officially lives in Abuja. Biography of Biodun Fatoyinbo was closely connected to several different cities throughout Nigeria. However, given the calling, he claims to have he stayed in Abuja, where the church he was involved in founding is located.
  • Another thing to know about him is that he is a Pastor of a mega church in Abuja. The Church is called Coza. Their primary goal is to encourage young and old people from all over the world to serve the Lord. At least five thousand people attend this church on a regular basis. Besides, people say it that at least twice as many people listen to his sermons all over the world, including countries like the United States of America, Mexico, and neighbouring African countries. Their church also has several Worship centres in neighbouring states which function almost all the time. People believe that he is a successful pastor, maybe not all of the people but still the number of attendees on his sermons speaks loudly for itself.
  • He has a long-term mission for his congregation. Biodun Fatoyinbo’s mission is to equip the next generation of Christians who would have much influence in the world. He wants them to be as obedient to the Lord as possible and use the power He is blessing them with for spreading His authority and wisdom in all the places around the globe. He says that he aims to show then ways of how the Word of God can be shared with their lives. Moreover, this man claims that God is powerful to use people who seem to be unable to spread the Good News with strength and enthusiasm. It’s not because of who they are but because of who God is.
  • He strives to perfection in everything he does in a ministry. At least, so states his biggest motto on an official website of their church.
  • Another interesting fact about him is that he is married to Modele Fatoyinbo who is also a pastor at the same church. She is mostly known as his companion, though she is preaching at the church as well. Some people state that her sermons are no as powerful as his, but still quite useful and well-thought. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo despite his young age is a father already. Together with his wife, they seem to be extremely happy to raise their adorable children together.
  • As a family, they see the significance of having each other. They strive to set a good example for their congregation to follow. Thus, they aim to be perfect role models and raise the awareness of the general public to the importance of keeping the family in accordance with standards God set before them. From the recent news about this man, we saw him having an excellent vacation with the whole family. In the post he made on the social media profile which, by the way, he is rather active on, he encouraged other parents and especially fathers and husbands to spend time with their dear ones. He said that this is the best place to be. Besides, children won’t always be little. So, one should not miss this precious stage of theirs.
  • He is a husband of an amazing woman. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo stated that his wife is a real asset to him and his family, as she is able to juggle many roles including that of a mother, wife, pastor, mentor, and author. It takes courage and much patience to be married to a man of so many duties who spends much time working and helping others while the family has to deal with things on their own at times. However, he is very well pleased with a woman God trusted him with to be his help meet. She is handling everything God put on her shoulders very well.
  • Finally, the last fact you should be aware of this bright personality is that he was recently engaged in immoral activities with one of the ladies from his congregation. Rumours had it that a young lady who came to the church this man is a pastor of because she was looking for a good church to join in the neighbourhood.

Her friend mentioned the Coza church, so she came to visit. Several Sundays later she was introduced to the chief pastor whose name is Biodun Fatoyinbo. She said that it was very casual and several times he came up and asked her how she was. She believed that was a regular concern about the congregation.

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Later he offered her to work in his office, but she refused. When after some time she left for London to finish her studies, he called her there and asked if they could meet for his was on business in the city. She agreed and came to his hotel waiting to have a cup of coffee or something with a pastor.

Nevertheless, after she called in his room from the reception, she asked her to go to his room directly. She entered, and after they had started talking, he invited her to sit on his lap, and after some time of persuading her, they ended up having an affair.

The girl said that after several weeks of such behaviour she felt so bad that she could no longer keep it to herself. So, she asked him to stop this all and expected the church to take measures but months passed, and no action were taken whatsoever.

We lack evidence whether this information is valid or not. However, it became a horrible scandal which marked Biodun Fatoyinbo’s biography. Today this man is still a pastor of the Coza church along with his wife.

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Not so long ago they had another wedding during which they renewed their vows and reminded each other of the promises they gave to one another before God. That’s quite an example to follow!

This is everything we find important about the path of Biodun Fatoyinbo to becoming a famous pastor for thousands of people. And even though the scandal cast a slur on his reputation, it was never officially confirmed, so we don’t have enough evidence to blame him for immoral behaviour.



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