Biography of Bishop David Oyedepo, profile and life history

Biography of Bishop David Oyedepo. Profile and life history.



Bishop David Oyedepo show that the highly anointed man of God was born in September 27,1954. He was deliver in Osogbo town, bishop Oyedepo hail from omu aran, kwara state community .He is from a  religious mixed family as suggested by his official life history/biography:Bishop Oyedepo father’s name is Abraham family as suggested by his official Biography of Bishop David Oyedepo,profile and life history:Bishop Oyedepo father’s name is Abraham,he was a Muslim healer and his mother named docas was a member of the eternal order of cherubim and seraphim movement, branch of the aladura church. Bishop David Oyedepo  was brought up by his grandmother in Osogbo community, it was bishop Oyedepo grandmother that nurtured and thought him in christian ethnics with the early morning prayer which she attended with him every morning  she also thought him on how to believe in his destiny.

He was born again in 1969, through the influence of his teacher, Betty Lasher, who took special interest in him during his high school day.He studied architectuer at the former kwara statepolychnic now kwara state university and work briefly with the federal ministry of housing in llorin before reigning to concentrate on missionary work.David Oyedepo obtain his Ph.D. in human Development from honollu university,Hawaii,united state.

In 1982 he married Florence  Abiola  Akano which is now as known  Mummy Faith. They have four children together David Jr, Issaac, Love and Joyce. David and Isaac were ordained as a pastor in may 2007 by kennet Copeland. David jr pastor the London branch of the church  with  his  wife Kemi Isaac Oyedepo is the present resident pastor of winners chapel  international in south Africa.

Oyedepo family

David Oyedepo  is  a christain author and founder/presiding General overseer of living faith church world wild -David Oyedepo winner chapel, with it headquarter located at the Canaan land,ogun state, south west of Nigeria.

Bishop Oyedepo presides over the faith Tabernacle a 50,000 capacity auditorium reputed to be  the largest church auditorium in the world(guiness book of record). The winner chapel network is now 50,000 cites of Nigeria,32 Africa nation and several other countries in Europe and the united state of America.

Bishop David Oyedepo is the richest minister in Nigeria  with a net worth over USD$150 million. He has four private jets and buildings around the world, including London and united state.Oyedepo is the  author and publisher who has written over 70  titles apart  from periodicals.


He is the chairman/publisher of dominion publishing house (DPH), publishing arm of the ministry.DPHh has over 4 million print in circulation date. David Oyedepo covenant university, faith Academy and Kingdom heritage schools was establish equip the youth for global impact.

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Bishop David Oyedepo said that in 1998 he was directed by God to  build a new auditorium that will accommodate and increase the numbers of worshiper. this resulted in bishop Oyedepo’s church’s acquisition of the initial 530 acre (2.1km2).    the teaching of Oyedepo has catapulted him in a category of what is commonly called the world of faith movement. he has actually refers to principal exponent of the faith movement. such as   kenneth Copeland, E.W.Kenyon, T.L.Osborn, smith Wiggleswoth as well renowned Nigeria preacher Enoch Adeboye and late Benson Idahosa.Bishop Oyedepo is the president of David Oyedepo ministry(DOMI) .DAVID Oyedepo mininistry is the umbrella organization which  comprises living faith church international,(WMA) world mission agency,dominion publishing house ;the publishing arms of the church, covenant university and social development
mission project like maternity home, hospital,school, etc. bishop Davide Oyedepo is highly against corruption in African as a whole and poor leadership in governmental sectors.




1.He was born 27,1954

2.He ment his wife when he was 22
3.His middle name is olanily

4 He was born again
5 He built faith tabernacle within 12 months, debt free.

6 He is the president of world mission agency incorporated (WMA),a
christian ministry organization with mission station in over 40 Africa nation ,also in Europe, Jamaica and America.

7 bishop Oyedepo and his wife were ordained by pastor Enoch Adeboye, G.O
of RCCG on 17th September 1983

8.he married  florence adeboye kano, now know as faith Abiola oyedepo

9.He is affectionately called papa by members  of his ministry.

10.His award include:International who is who of intellectual, 13th edition of international biographical center , Cambridge, England and inscribed in the Jerusalem 3000 scroll #102268 among others.

11.HE Organizes a yearly programme called Shiloh at canaaland, ota, ogun state

12.He associated with pastor Enoch Adeboye date back to the 80s

13.He empowered over 2,000 members of his ministry.

14.He met his lovely wife florence Adeboye in a motor park.

15.HE started evagelising GOd’s world in march 1970.




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