Breaking into the Nigeria music industry (using the Slimcase style)

The shaku shaku sound is everywhere and that’s what fans want to hear. You create a new wave, everyone follows and uses it and you get credited as the inventor.
Slimcase was born in Ikorodu, and makes street music.  
One shocking revelation in 2017 was the news that there was no breakout artiste in the Nigerian Music Industry.

No upcoming artiste took us by storm and we were not surprised. The way the music Industry is structured right now, even established artistes are scared of turning into upcoming artistes especially with the mass rush of new artistes and also the constant evolution of sounds. It was Pon Pon in 2017 and all of a sudden, everyone is vibing to Wobey and Shaku Shaku sound.

However, 2018 is here and it seems we’ve had our breakout artiste already in person of Codeine Master, Slimcase. The way Slimcase’s music is taking over everywhere. He’s leading a movement  where even the established artistes have to join. The kind of music Slimcase is generating is purely for the streets though, but this time, the elitesare even dancing to it.

Slimcase is a mystery!  Few months back, no one knew about Slimcase maybe only his street guys but this guy is already friends with Wizkid in a matter of months something Small Doctor hasn’t even achieved. No one wants to even hear Small Doctor, Slimcase is the rave of the moment!

Slimcase is a mystery! 

But how did Slimcase break into the music Industry without having a manager, a record label or even having to collaborate with Wizkid or Davido at first?

Create your own style:

Right now, every artiste have to learn from Small Doctor and Slimcase. These guys created or rather invented their own style and everyone has been using it. The shaku shaku sound is everywhere and that’s what fans want to hear. You create a new wave, everyone follows and uses it and you get credited as the inventor. There are still many sounds in the street that will be invented, upcoming artiste shouldn’t try to copy Wizkid’s style or Frog Voice’s style, create your own! Not every time you follow, you too lead!

Associate with other acts:

Probably we might not have known Slimcase if not for collaborations with other artistes. Shepeteri and Oshozondi paved way for his popularity. Associating with other artistes of his genre, they created a new sound that would be followed by top notch acts. He created a new sound together with Idowest and Masta T, the new sound that’s every where. The new sound that even the elites are dancing to!

Push Out Your Music:

For sure, Slimcase would have done some pushing out in terms of reaching out to DJs,  PRs and Bloggers to promote his music. For upcoming artistes, don’t think this is hard. It will cost you a substantial amount of money but it is nothing compared to the fame and fortune you’re about to achieve. There are lots of platforms. There are DJs in every street and city. Reach out to the prominent ones and also don’t forget to reach out to the radio DJs as well.

Click to Get your music on MTN,GLO, ETI, Airtel as callers tune and make money from your song
Click to Get your music on MTN,GLO, ETI, Airtel as callers tune and make money from your song.
Give Shout-outs/Acknowledge People:

Every street artiste is born naturally with the art of hailing people. Influential people. From CDQ to Small Doctor, these guys are born naturally with the art of giving shout-outs to people in their songs. Whilst we don’t know if these people “settle” them, it’s one of the strategies to earn more popularity and fame as this influential people would always want the song to be played anywhere they are. Slimcase did this in Oshozondi and Diet where he hailed prominent people like IBDdende, Investor Arab Money, Shina Peller.

Collaborations help you grow.
Collaborations help you grow. 
Don’t Sit Down, Go To Shows:

Who knows if after doing all these things, Slimcase decided to sit down and not perform at shows. He won’t have gotten connects by now. If it will cost you by performing free at shows. Do it! You’re still an upcoming artiste, you need these shows to further publicise your career. DJ enimoney would have surely seen Slimcase perform at a show and decided to includehim in Diet. Now, he already has a song with African Bad Gyal, Tiwa Savage, met through her and has already started hangingout with the Starboy!

There are thousands of upcoming artiste who just want to enter the music Industry. However, it takes effort, planning and lot of strategies. Promotion and publicity would help push out your music. But you need to get out there and fight the battle. 2018 is your year!

Written by Olabode Otolorin.


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