Charly Boy Complete Biography | Net Worth | Facts You Must Know About Charles Oputa

FULL NAME: Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa

STAGE NAME : Charly Boy
NET WORTH : Coming soon
DATE OF BIRTH: Born 19 June 1951
STATE OF ORIGIN : Imo state of Nigeria
OCCUPATION: Nigerian singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher, producer
MARITAL STATUS / WIFE : Married to Lady Diana
PARENTS : Late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa
EDUCATION : Graduated with a degree in Communications in American University


CHILDREN: Charly Boy has 14 children

Born Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa famously known as Charly Boy, as his code name, also well known as CB, His Royal Punkness, and Area Fada. Charly Boy is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, television presenter, publisher, producer and one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers who became known for his controversial and alternative lifestyle . He is one of the most popular entertainer in Nigeria best known for his unusual lifestyle, alternative political views, media productions etc.

The simple truth is that , There is only one Charly Boy in the whole world, and if you didn’t know him I believe you may have in one way or the other heard about this strange fellow whose obscure lifestyle has gone beyond a mere joke. We are going to be introducing this controversial man to the world as we reveal lesser known facts about the CB, His Royal Punkness, and Area Fada. Charly Boy has been president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, and in 2011, an Idol Series judge. This biography shall expose a whole lot of things you never knew about him.

Early Life And Background

Charly Boy was was born 19 June 1951 in Oguta, Imo State, Nigeria, into a Catholic household. He is the second son of former Supreme Court judge Chukwudifu Oputa, Oguta-native Charly Boy was born into a Catholic household, and is the cousin of Swedish musician Dr. Alban. For several years Charly Boy’s date of birth remained a misery because he has refused to reveal his age in interviews. His date of birth became known in 2011 when he celebrated his sixtieth birthday, however, in his usual enigmatic character, he announced his 63rd birthday on 19 June 2013, making his age a contentious one. Charly Boy described his parents has friendly and always encouraged their children to speak out whatever is disturbing them in mind so that it can be trashed out once and for all. He wanted to become a priest but left seminary school after a year. He travelled down to America to study law when he was still very young but ended up with a degree in Communications.

After many years, he relocated to Nigeria where he rejected the job at Mobil Oil and Gas that his father secured for him. Having rejected the job at Mobil Oil and Gas, he went back to his village in Imo State and worked in a local beer joint to while away time as he never wanted to stay idol. After some years, Charly Boy got tired of staying in the village, he moved back to Lagos and with some help achieved his dreams in the entertainment industry. As a result of his patriotic character, Galadima Bus Stop and his street in Gwarinpa district of Abuja were named after Charly Boy.

Music Career

Charly Boy ventured into music far back as 1982, but started gaining prominence around 1985. When he started newly , no body wanted to sign him because of his unconventional appearance until he was introduced to managing director Ton Seysener. His music career got a boost with the 1985 Polygram Nigeria release of ‘Nwata Miss’, which included his title track. He released his most popular album 1990 – the title was a reference to Nigeria’s corrupt military government which was expected to hand over power to civilians in that year, although civilian rule did not start until 1999. Fast forward to the year 1990, he earned a mixed reviews resulting from political nature and also caused a national controversy, after which a number of radio stations refused to play the title track. Among the tracks on the album “1990” was “Big Bottom”, a tribute to the female derriere. The scenes of the music were offensive to many and was denied airplay on radio due to its raunchy lyrics. In no time, it was also banned from television soon after , was denied airplay by the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission. Not withstanding, 1990 was one of Nigeria’s best-selling albums of 1988, and Charly Boy was credited with using his music to stand up to his government, a lá Fela Kuti. The respected Nigerian musician has worked on several collaborations with his cousin “Dr. Alban”, most notably on the song “Carolina”which sampled an earlier hit of Dr. Alban’s – “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” – and had originally featured singer Michael Rose. The was reworked and this time it was sung in Nigerian Pidgin , this song was a hit in Nigeria and some part of Africa.

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The two also recorded the songs “Work Work Africa” and“Commercial Waste”. His style of music is tagged as unusual and always the talk of the town each time he releases any song . Charly Boy is also widely known for his loose and reckless sèxual life. He blamed this on his unfortunate childhood experiences. According to him, When he was ten years old, his baby nurse was caught tampering with him sèxually, CHISUS. Though he didn’t known what it means but it pleasured me very much that he wanted more of it.


In his words

“When I was barely 10 years old, my baby nurse was caught tampering with me sëxually, Chineke! A practice that pleasured me even though I didn’t know what the heck to do, when we were caught by my mother needless to say how livid she was. My God! Come and see! She beat the living hell out of my baby nurse, didn’t even know my mum knew karate and judo then. No be small thing.
By the time I turned 12, I was dis-virgined by a local whore who dashed me my first STD, the discomfort I experienced was very scary, it was as if my kini was on fire. Kai! I confided in my Mama, who took it upon herself to further frighten and scare the living day light out of me, telling me how séx is so bad and dangerous. Did that frighten me after I was cured? For where?”


Fathering a Son At 16

Charly Boy started engaging in incessant illicit séxual affairs right from puberty age and impregnated a girl at the age of 16 who later had a son for him.



Charly Boy changed his lifestyle immediately after he started singing. His preference for make-up, relaxed and braided hairstyles, and women’s clothes caused controversy among conservative Nigerians. With the help of stylist and fellow singer/songwriter Tyna Onwudiwe who had featured on Nwata Miss, created a new persona for himself which consisted of attire from the punk era including leather jackets and boots, images of himself on powerbikes, a mohawk which he would subsequently dye an array of colours, and a new direction in music, combining African pop and Afrobeat.

Personal Life

When it comes to marital life, Charly has failed over and over again. As a result of his incessant love affairs, his mum talked him into getting married at the age of 19. He has married twice before he finally got married to his current wife.

Charly Boy is married to African-American singer and former fashion designer Diane for over thirty years. They have children together though Charly had children from past relationships.

Charly Boy has 14 children. Out of these 14 children are a set of identical twins who at their very tender age have turned celebrities as their stunning photos are all over the internet .




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