Check Out This 5 things Women do when they are cheating

More and more women are stepping out of their marriages and partners for reasons best known to them. While it may be difficult to find out exactly when a woman is cheating, there are certain behaviors she will display that give her away.

1.She nags alot

Granted women can nag and that’s nothing unusual.But what you need to watch is her constant nagging. She will nag about everything from the smallest to the biggest issues.If this is happening it could be an indication of trouble. She will begin to magnify her partner’s imperfections and if she’s smitten by the other man she will use that as an excuse to break up.

2.The “We’re just friends ” line

This is a classic explanation women use when asked about the other man. If you ask her pay attention to how she acts and answers. If she’s uneasy and refuses to give you an eye contact and divulge more, chances are she is seeing her.

3.She’s distracted

Women are naturally grant listeners and attentive creatures. If you notice she’s losing interest and barely pays attention to what you are saying,that means something else is playing in their minds.

4.Backs out of confrontations

When asked directly by her significant whether she’s cheating or not, chances are she will admit and try everything possible to avoid confrontation. She will remain silent, leave the conversation hanging or turn it around you.

5.Loses interest in physical intimacy

No matter how good she was getting it, she will lose interest in having sex if there is another man in her life. This could be the reason she will pull away, act cold and distant. Kisses are quick and hugs are short could be a sign she is not interested in intimacy. Reason being she could be getting it elsewhere.



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