Chronicles of a Unad Boy-(Rated 16+) Episode 1

uand  Dammy




Am sure he is busy playing games, God knows how he passes his examination
Dammy! Dammy!! Dammy! Where are you? That’s the voice of Mrs Fele a
secondary school teacher who just got promoted to be the principal,
she is also married to a priest she is a strict and no nonsense woman.
Mummy here I am,

Mummy: what are you busy doing that I was calling you since?

Me: am sorry, I was reading

Mummy: wonders shall never end, Dammy you are reading, may God help
you. She said as I return to my room.

Am Damilola the 4th child of the family of five, I was not born with
a silver spoon but I have everything needed at the right time, I grew
up in the church settings this automatically make me a church boy,well
I do act as S.U but I have bad and naughty friends, also am a member
of the choir and I have won a lot of accolades in bible quiz
competition representing the church. Academically am an average
student but was lucky to be made the assistant senior prefect, I have
a lot of female friends but no single girlfriend not that I can’t ask
them out but am scared what will happen if my mother finds out this
shows the level of fear I have for her. In order for me to experienced
freedom this propel me to study hard for the Jamb examination, as I
sat down on my chair then I heard another masculine voice calling me
Damilola! Damilola! That must be my father God knows why he called me
my full name, reluctantly I answered, and he instructed me to wash his
car. My father he is a retired civil servant and now a full time
priest, since have obtained the jamb form I hardly do any house chores
but now I have no choice than to wash his car. I spend the next three
weeks reading and preparing for my jamb examination, on examinations
day something bad happen, is it that bad or blessing in disguise?


I woke up around 5:30 observed the normal quiet time, rushed to the
bathroom by 7:30 am I was already at the jamb center, the oga at the
top (NSCDC) and police were fully on ground as if they wanted to fight
an insurgency, the invigilators started arranging us and we were been
checked by the security men when it was my turn to be checked then I
discovered that I have spiritual enemies who were busy monitoring my
life with their super telescope ,bring out your slip said the
invigilator but slip was nowhere to be found, I quickly checked my
pockets and received the greatest shocked of my life, the pockets of
my trousers has torn, I quickly left the invigilator stopped a moving
bike and directed him to my house without negotiating the cost, as we
arrived I dashed straight to my room lo and behold I saw the slip
lying down on the floor but I saw an sms on my phone quickly I opened
the message and saw jamb answer TYPE C , in a nut shell I received the
sms containing the answer of the examination I was about to sit for,
F**K Dibu Ojeride I shouted, I ran out to meet the waiting okada man
yelling at me I tried to calm him down but was surprised when he told
me he will collect #500 as the transport fare, I responded saying shey
na dead body you carry ni abi na iron, he responded saying ask
yourself which one you be out of the two, I have just #120 on me and
this okada man was requesting for #500, what will I do ? Checking my
watch it remain 20 minutes before the commencement of the exam. I
started begging the okada man and later he agreed on #120.
As I get to the exam hall I lost the courage to take my phone inside
because I was scared of been caught by the security men, I dropped the
phone inside my bag as I proceed into the hall to be checked by the
security man.
After the exam I called the number that sent the answers to my phone

Me: hello, who is on the line ?

Receiver : na me joor, shey you no save my 2nd number ni ?

Through the voice I knew I was talking to Solomon, we grew up around
each other but he is the complete opposite of me, my parents usually
advised me to stop walking with him because he Is not a good boy but
I do see some element of good boy in him

Me: no vex paadi, I just don’t use it ni joor

Solomon: omo pastor, sha remember that jamb no know say you sabi book
because jamb dey jam people wella

Me: I will surely pass

I dropped the call and proceed to church for choir practice.

My jamb result was checked without my consent by my sister and I
scored 309, I sat down for post utme in UNAD (now EKSU) and was admitted to study
biochemistry, I immediately called Solomon and he also told me that he
has been offered admission to study political science in EKSU, I also
told him about my admission too, we congratulated each other.

19th of January was the day I went to school, I was so happy to
experienced freedom, no morning devotion, no evening prayers here in
EKSU I will live the life I wished for.

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I arrived at my sisters place because am yet to secure an
accommodation, on arrival I called Solomon and we decided to meet at
the hall where our screening will be conducted by 9:00am. The
following day we meet at a place called Main auditorium and we were
told our screening will be conducted in the hall, we talked about so
many things through this we realized that both of us needed an
accommodation. We spent close to 2hours on the queue before it reached
our turn but the queues in Eksu is Frustrating, if u saw a person in
your front just note that there are 5 or 6 people in your front and
the only person you meet on the queue is the Alahaja or S.U that will
bear witness when others return to claim their position on the queue.
After we finished with the first phase of the screening hunger began
to knocked the wall of my stomach, I told Solomon and we decided visit
any restaurant near us, fortunately of brother described the way to
C.J to us, this started the romance between me and C.J though not well
furnished but the food they produced was class on it own.
After the food, we set out to looked for accommodation, we took a long
walk along osekita area, later we saw an hostel called Flourish hostel
the chairman of the hostel told us we were fortunate because they only
have a room vacant, we secured the room and by weekend we both moved
into the room,we were almost done with the screening what remain was
just submission of files.
Welcome to my world shouted Solomon as we fully arranged the room,
now I will show you how to rock and enjoy your life unlike the boring
lifestyle you lived in, that night I started a new life Solomon bought
Alcoholics drink which I have never tasted before in my life, just to
show am a big boy I took half of the can bullet drink before I passed
Saturday morning I woke up around 10am and meet Solomon chatting on
his phone he likes chatting and I hardly chats because I believe its a
waste of time,
Me: Morning paadi
Solomon: omo iya, how your night ?
Me: fine but am feeling slight headache
Solomon: as expected na because of that drink assuming you they take
am wella, you won’t experienced such
Me: na you sabi, I dey H big time (H means hungry)
Solomon: eeeen, make we cook rice but I no fit dey cook always, I goo
soon find one fine chick to come dey help us.
Me: either fine chick or ugly hen sha let us eat .
After breakfast we make new friends in the hostel Ife,Tope and Dele
they all came from Osun state too but not the same area, we talked
about football and our upcoming matriculation day,during our discussion
I discovered Tope was a Chelsea while Ife was supporting Arsenal and
Dele Barcelona fan. That evening we watch football at Stamford bridge
the heating emanating from the watching center was like hell.
On Sunday morning we went to a student fellowship, at the end of the
service we waited behind as there custom for new members they offered
us eggroll and snacks, after collecting our data they appointed One
Sister as our discipler, she introduced herself as Sister Shalewa and
she collected our phone number. On our way home I noticed a notifier
on my phone, it was a whatsapp message just because I don’t like
chatting I dropped the phone in my pockets, as we reached hostel
Solomon cooked beans while he was busy picking the beans I called my
big brother because he promised me something after the call, I checked
the whatsapp message it was from an unknown number “hi bro Dammy” I
replied typing Hello, then I saved the number so as to be able to view
the D.P and behold the message came from Sister Shalewa that just
collected our number in the fellowship, we chatted for few minutes she
told me she was in S.L.T. Zoology 200 level. This was how the
friendship between me and Sister Shalewa started, during the week I
explained how Sister shalewa has been chatting with me to Solomon, he
started making jest of me
Me: Wetin cause laugh now ?
Solomon: you be real and big mumu
Me: abeg, stop calling me that jooor
Solomon: why won’t I call you mumu when you can’t decode what’s happening to you
Me: Oya what ?
Solomon: I will teach you what you will do to Sis Shalewa but
henceforth I will be the one chatting with her, so whenever you want
to chat with her let me know.

How I wish the heavenly bodies told me I was drowning inside the pit of hell……………..

Episode 2 drops soon!


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