Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 10

uand boy Gbenga

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As Solomon entered the room he sat down on the chair and ignored us, I
stopped kissing Ife immediately I walked up to Solomon but Ife was on
the bed hiding her face from him. I started asking various questions
from Solomon to know where he has been and why he acted like that but
he kept quiet all through and asked if the person on the bed was Ife,
I said he was right that Ife was on the bed, Solomon asked her to show
her face and she should stop hiding her face, what’s going on ? I
asked Solomon, he told me to relax that he is ready to tell me
everything from day one,

Solomon: remember a day after our matric day, you asked me who slept
with me ? I did not give you the response because I slept with Ife
here that day

Me: (acting as if I have I have not find out) so you mean You and Ife

Solomon: yes, we dated for a while

Me: you dated her even when you acted like a christian brother ?

Solomon: yes we dated and she ruined my life

Me: ruined your life ke ! How

Ife interrupted us, stop saying all that Solomon you brought it upon
yourself, stop acting as if I forced you into it, you refused to
prepare well you were busy looking for shortcut and you are facing the
repercussion now.

Solomon: if you ever talked again, I will make sure you regret it


Ife: what will you do, useless boy

Solomon: now am useless Ife ? When we do spend time together am not ?
When you do come here after service am not ? When I do give you things
am not ?

Ife: what have you done for me that a guy has never done for a girl
before ? Maybe your nagging behavior makes you Pour after 3 minutes

I busted into laugh as I heard this, Pour after three minutes or what
? After saying this Solomon bounced on Ife and started beating her, I
tried to stopped the fight but I don’t have such power, I ran out of
the room to informed Tope about The fight he rushed to our room and
pull Solomon away from Ife. Why are you fighting when you are not kids
Tope asked them ? Ife quickly answered and narrated all what that
transpired between them, she explained how Solomon asked if she knew
anyone that have access to live questions and runs from her , they
both wanted to do it before but Ife said she was not rich enough to
pay the guy and they both concluded that they won’t do it again, later
Solomon now went behind her to pay the man and she only knew about it
when Solomon was caught in the exam hall. She also said Solomon
introduced her to hard drinks and drugs, that Solomon was an addict,
that he was only pretending when he claimed to be born again, As she
was saying all this Solomon was restless. I felt ashamed for him but
sometimes laugh within me when I remembered he Pour after 3 minutes.
After Ife confessed everything I just thought within me that there is
no christian again on this campus that all we have was pretenders,
Tope begged both parties to exercised patience that everything be
settled but Solomon angrily leaved the room and said I will comeback
and show You (pointing to Ife) the stuff am made of.

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Solomon left the room angrily, Tope also took his leave, now it remain
Ife and I in the room, she was ashamed and have little courage to
stand up from the bed. I focused all my attention on her just know
her reaction, minutes later she busted into tears, I moved closer to
her just to console her but why is she crying? What’s wrong with her ?
I asked myself all these but I have to act like a good boy if not for
anything at least I have to appreciate Kittycat

Me: stopped crying Ife, its not good as you are crying, it will bring out
the monster in you and you are good looking dear

Ife:(still sobbing) Dammy I have sinned, I am a sinner Only God can forgive me.


Me: Only God can forgive us all, we are all sinners but remember the
book of the bible in Isaiah 64 vs 6 says”our righteousness are as
filthy as rags” but I believe if we all come to the lord and purge out
or iniquities he is merciful enough to forgive us (I was laughing at
myself as I was saying all this because I was looking for way to
pursue her out of the room)

Ife: that’s true I pray God in his infinite mercy forgive me, Dammy
thank you for your words, its high time I change my ways

Me: well that will be good

Ife: thanks darling, that’s why you are special among others

Me: (thinking in my mind, I thought this B***h wanted to change why
the word darling and who told her I love her at least I did not toast
her) thanks Ife

She moved closer to me and hug me but Gbenga knocked the door shouting
my name, what happen oga why are you shouting my name like that ?
Please give me #30 change the bike man did not have change, I quickly
gave him the money and ushered him in, Ife took her leave immediately
as Gbenga entered the room, I explained everything that happen at home
to him and I begged him I need to revenge from that Sola. Gbenga just
laughed at me and told me to chill that soon I will have my revenge
with her but not now.
Three weeks after resumption lectures and other school activities were
going on as usual, during one of our departmental lecture BCH 203 we
were told to wait behind for our results, I was so afraid that I
couldn’t heard all what the lecturer was saying, after the class I
quickly wrote my attendance and ran as fast as possible to the notice
board to check my results, I was dumbfounded when I get to the notice
board God please let my result be good I prayed fast in my heart as my
heart keep racing faster, it can’t be me I shouted

I don’t believe my eyes, I thought I was checking the wrong matric
number this forced me to hand traced the result with my matric number,
O God it can’t be me I said I walked straight to my Level coordinator
office to lodge complain to her but she was not on seat, I had to wait
for her because I can’t take this it must be a mistake from her.  Soon
she arrived back to her office, I relax a bit before I knock her
office, come in she said

Me: good afternoon ma

Level cord: yes, what can I do for you

Me: I checked my results today

She interrupted me immediately, what’s wrong with it, that’s your
result and there is nothing I can do about it
(Thinking in my mind, what’s this woman saying, she better get some
sense before I rain all the curse in the bible on her)

Me: I knew that’s my result but having missing script in Chemistry 102
is not mine


Level coord: its obviously yours or did you wrote the exam ?

Me: (thinking”see foolish question”) I wrote the exam, you were around
during the exam that you caught a gal cheating and you tore her script
and slapped her

Level coord: which means something must be wrong because I computed
all the result sent from Chemistry department, give me your matric
number and come back here tomorrow morning

I quickly wrote my matric number and handed it over to her, I was just
thinking about the result how will I have missing script or why won’t
they send my result from Chemistry department this overshadow my
happiness I had A in Bio 102, A in Phy 103, and B’s in my Gst but Chem
102 is ruining my party now.
I called my mother to explained what happen about my results to her
she prayed for me but that did not relieve me I was not happy simply
because it is a 4 unit course how will I failed or resit for the exam
even the result is drain my CGPA. I was in this thoughts when Gbenga
showed up with red eyes its obvious he has cried, what happen I asked
him? After some minutes he opened up saying his result was not good, I
was no surprised because he did not read and he was busy copying
during the exam but I have little sympathy for him, I advised him to
buckle up because there is still time for him, Dammy there is no time
again I failed 4 courses, heey ! I shouted because as a biochemist in
Eksu that’s automatic Extra year

To Be Continued…


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