Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 12

uand boy Gbenga

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I was dumbfounded while looking at the visitor,my big rod that was
ready for action before lose the urge, standing in front of me is
Shalewa. The last time we talk was when Bro Gbenga caught us dating, now
she is standing in front of my door, what is her mission I asked my
self? Good evening Bro Dammy she said. I mutter the reply good evening
ma, before I could raise my consciousness she entered the room leaving
me at the Door, I followed her and saw Ife on the chair reading a
note, Trust Nigeria ladies, Ife grumbled but eventually excuse both of

Shalewa: who is that Dammy

Me: she is my hostel mate

Shalewa: just hostel mate

Me: yes, but why are you here

Shalewa: are you not happy to see me or

Me: am extremely happy but just curious

Shalewa: well I wanted to say Hi

Me: huuuuuuuuun thanks for that but I miss you sha

Shalewa: stop that Dammy, you missed me but can’t try to contact me,
you neglected me when I needed you most, you need to see the shame I
passed through all because of you.

Me: am sorry ( thinking in my mind no be said you should fall for me
abi na me tell you to be worker in the fellowship shuuuuo)

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Shalewa: just sorry, I was alone all through the trials even I was
suspended by the fellowship leaders, they turn themselves to my God I
was locked up in the fellowship fasting, all they preached to me was
to ask forgiveness from God, is it a crime to love ?

Me: am sorry I don’t meant to leave you alone, I was scared and don’t
know what else to do

Shalewa: scared !! That’s why you couldn’t call me and your number was
always busy

Me: am just scared but my number is always available, try it now again

She tried the number and was busy again then I remembered I blocked
her number in Incoming calls so she won’t be able to reach me, I told
her its the network that something must be wrong. But dammy what you
did to me was wrong if not that I love you I should not be here
again,as she mention the word LOVE my eyes open more wide, I move
closer to her and hugged her, Shalewa please understand me I was
scared that time. We hold each other tight until she started with the
kiss, the kiss went on and am fully in the mood until she breaks it.
Dammy did you still love me Shalewa asked ? I swear to God I love you
I replied her.

Shalewa: we can start dating ourselves back because there is no problem again

Me: are you sure ? What happen to the Bro gbenga and fellow excos ?

Shalewa: did you remember that they are in 400 level and they have graduated

Me: wow, I feel good

Shalewa: huuuuuuun Dammy but we have something important to do

Me: what baby

Shalewa: we have to make an Oath

Me: Oath ke !! ( Why on earth will I make an oath with Shalewa, truly
I liked her but I just can’t marry her we can only be friends with
benefit what will I do to scale through this oath I said within me)

Oath! I shouted, Shalewa why oath ? I asked her, I swear to God I love
you Shalewa. I don’t want to loose you, to loose you is like death
sentence to me I deeply love you Dammy please I just want to ensure
that you are always with me she told me. Deeply in my heart I knew I
can’t marry her all I want from her is s*x. I kissed her softly after
she said her words, she broke the kiss with another rounds of words
but at the end I promised her I won’t leave her, she left my hostel at
11:23pm though everywhere was dark, I asked her to sleep over in my
place but she refused saying they have devotion at the fellowship in
the morning, I summoned courage and accompany her.
When we reach her hostel she hugged me tightly, Dammy I love you
please stay with me forever please dear, I love you too Shalewa and I
promise to stay with you always. As she enter her hostel I ran all the
way from Wise Avenue till I reach my hostel I knew I will defeat Usain
Bolt with my speed, when I reach my hostel I was surprised when I meet
Ife on my bed sleeping, then I remember what she came for before
Shalewa entered. I joined her on the bed immediately she place her
hand on my chest Dammy I have been waiting for you and who is that
girl ? I hope she is not my rival sha ? But when did I asked this girl
out or expressed my love for her because she is talking like my
girlfriend now I said in my mind.
Don’t worry Ife she is just a friend and can I sleep now ? Before I
could say anything further she kissed me hard and the my prick get
life immediately but I have lecture early tomorrow morning but this is
a big task that I must accomplish, she arched her back and moved her
hips so that my
Joystick slid nicely along her Buttocks crack. I took her hand and grabbed his
index finger with my lips. I licked her finger like I licked her Kittycat
so many times
before. I licked the tip with my tongue and then slowly pushed the
whole finger into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. She
She continued her gyrations and i could feel the entire length of my
Joystick continuing to slide against her nightie, pressing against her
butt. I used my left finger to undress her because I was lost in the
mood but she calm me down and said Dammy we still have a long night to
spend with each other, she took control and started giving me Mouthaction,
if not for anything I love her for that intensed action, soon I reach
my climax I laid her to the bed and started sucking her Tips I suck
it hard and she still requested for me to suck it harder,i put my face
into her Bosom and started drooling and licking everywhere. Soon she
started requested for my Joystick, Dammy I need you in me please but I
replied her with exact words that she told me earlier “we have a long
night to spend with each other” I moved from her Bosom and proceeded
to her Kittycat I licked her voraciously and hard she released various
moans before I pounced on her Kittycat with my hard Joystick, I F***ed her
with all my strength before I Pour but she requested for my Pour in her
Kittycat, I gladly did that in her before I slept off.
I woke up around 9:30 am then I realise the power of woman, I prepared
for 7:00 am lecture yesterday but thanks to Ife, I was still thinking
on this when my phone rang, Gbenga was calling me I picked it and he
told me the shock of my life

I checked the caller and it was Gbenga, I quickly answered the call

Me: Hello

Gbenga: how va paadi mi

Me: I dey naaa

Gbenga: where are you and why are you not in school ?

Me: I slept late and wake up some minutes ago

Gbenga: why that? You don miss MCB 201 test

Me: yeeeeee !!! Aye mi oooo (my life)

Gbenga: abeegi leave that sha run come school.

Me: thanks am on my way.


As I dropped the call I just wash my face with small water, I put on
my clothes and ran to school. On the way I just flash through what
happen through my life Yesterday, starting from Solomon palava down to
the Ludo game with Ife, Shalewa re-union and the long s*x with Ife to
cap the day off, but I did not plan for all these before. Its obvious
people are controlling my life, am I the one in control of my life or
am just living it to please people around me, I asked myself ?
When I get to school I recall Gbenga to asked where they were, I ran
down to PtP 7, I asked Gbenga what can I do now but he told me I
should relax that everything is under control. Which Control ? I
shouted on him, Dammy I helped you with the test when I couldn’t
locate you in the hall Gbenga said, as he said this I prostrated
immediately and I promised to take him to fork and finger for a plate
of rice,which I knew deep down in my mind that I won’t buy for him. He
asked me why I slept late but I had to lied to him to save myself the
stress, I told him I was busy reading.
After the day lectures I went to Gbenga’s hostel so as to copy the mcb
201 notes while copying the notes Shalewa called to ask about my
well-being, after the call Gbenga started to disturbed me about who
she was all I could say was an Ex trying to come back, he advised me
to accept her and F**K her if I had the chance.
For the next few weeks my life was normal except for Shalewa but I
tried to control everything between us, I started avoiding Ife in the
hostel too but things take a twist one Saturday morning When walked up
to my room, I thought she was performing one of her gimmicks I ignored
her as she enter but was arose when I heard her cries, I had to stand
up and asked her what was wrong with her all I knew was she can’t tell
me she is pregnant for me because its barely a month we had s*x and
she requested I poured in her.

To Be Continued…………………..


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