Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 14

uand boy Gbenga

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When I saw the man he was old enough to be Shalewa’s father, he asked
me who I am and why is she crying? Jamb question I said in my mind as
I turn my back on them, though I was not happy because I felt let down
by Shalewa, instead of taking a bike I decided to trek back to my
hostel. On my way I had a lots of thoughts, I keep thinking who was
that man having s*x with Shalewa or he is her sugar daddy ? But she
claimed she really love me ? She was accusing me of cheating but she
is obviously cheating on me, she was the one bringing on the idea of
swearing oath ? Why is she like that I keep asking myself.
When I reach my hostel I saw an sms on my phone from Shalewa “Wat I
Did Was Foolish & Impulsive If I Cud Take It All Back I’d Do Dis So
Instant I Truly Didn’t Mean 2 Hurt U In Any Way I’m Sorry 4 Hurting U
I didn’t mean to,I m soooo sorry…. Dear Plz forgive me!”. After
reading through the sms I feel like blocking her on my phone or even
replying the sms with a great curse or abuse but the good boy in me
took control. I decided to call Ife to ask about her well being and
since Shalewa is cheating its high time I make the relationship
between Ife and me official so she will realize my Joystick is not meant
for her alone as her Kittycat is not meant for me alone too, I dialed
Ife’s number but she did not pick the call maybe she is busy I said,
just as I dropped the phone then a strange number called in, at first
I thought it was shalewa so I did not picked the call but after ringing
for the third time I picked the call, Hello how are you? the caller
said, instantly I realize Ife was the one calling me

Me: hello dearie

Ife: (laughing) this one you are calling me dearie, its odd oooo

Me: why ?

Ife: nothing just surprise

Me: ok, I called to check about your well being and how you are holding

Ife: thanks Dammy for been there, all is well

Me: ok, extend my greetings to your family and be strong

Ife: thanks, they will all hear

Me: and when will you return

Ife: maybe next week

Me: okk take care and I miss you

Ife: miss you too and take care
After the call I tried to read but was not assimilating soon I slept off.
I woke up the following morning to saw 21 missed calls on my phone and
realize it was from Shalewa which I immediately hissed and started
preparing for school, after the first lecture I looked everywhere for
Gbenga I later saw him gisting among some girls, I signal to him to
please come but he refused. I went back to my place and I realise my
phone was ringing it was a private caller I pick it and realize
Shalewa was on the line

Shalewa: dammy please don’t drop the call I use God to beg you

Me: am not dropping the call so what did you want please am in class

Shalewa: am sorry for yesternight and I want to explain

Me: explain your Sugar daddy or the moans in your room or what

Shalewa: please its not what you think at all

Me: please get off the phone am in class and I have something good to
do with my time not to spend with a B***h like you

Shalewa: dammy please just let me explain this to you

Me: explain to your old pig that you slept with.

I angrily dropped the call but was surprised to see a lecturer standing at
my back, see me after the class Mr Small pig she said to me.

During the lecture I was restless, I started thinking what the woman
want to see me for, maybe she heard my conversation on the phone.
After the lecture I went straight to her office but she has not
arrived so I waited for her, soon she showed up coming straight to her

Me: good afternoon ma

Lecturer: yes good afternoon, what can I do for you ?

Me: (thinking so this woman did not even recognized me again) you told
me to see you after the lecture

Lecturer: okk you must be in 200level

Me: yes ma

Lecturer: I needed 5 guys to help me packed my stuffs to my new
office, wait the other guys will soon show up

Me: ok ma


I sat down and was relief after our conversation. Moments later Sky and Kayode, my hostel mates with other 2 boys
from my class came but I hardly talk to them, after lifting all the
files and desk to her new office, she thanked us and offered us can
malt each I gladly accept mine because I will use it to cool my nerves
when I get to my hostel. Me and Kayode with Sky decided to trek to the hostel, gisting together.
When I arrived at my hostel, I was exhausted so I had to deal with a
super pack indomie, I laid on my bed thinking about what Shalewa issue
then I had a knocked on the door who is that I angrily shouted ? Wetin
do you jooor ? Shey na because I knock your ply wood today next time I
will just enter straight, through the voice I knew Gbenga was the one,
as he entered he started requesting for food, I answered him that I
did not cook and why didn’t you answer me when I was calling you in
school earlier, well I wanted to tell you something important then but
seems you don’t have my time now you want to eat in my hostel go and
meet those girls to cook for you I told him.

Gbenga: its obvious you are angry about something, what happen this
time? Is it your B***h at home what’s her name sef.

Me: ask Google

Gbenga: wetin she do again, shebi I don tell you to relax that you
will have your revenge on her

Me: na you sabi, who tell you I. Dey look for revenge

Gbenga: then what happen

Me: you remember the girl you meet here weeks ago

Gbenga: shey that your hostel mate abi which one

Me: no, not that one

Gbenga: then I don’t remember

Me: remember what happen during that mcb test

Gbenga: yes you were not around

Me: yes, I slept late because this girl visited me, she was my ex we
quit the relationship because of one reason

Gbenga: huuuun baaaddoo

Me: she is a S.U and her fellow workers caught us so we have to stop
the relationship and she later came back few weeks back to beg me that
she still love me.

Gbenga: (sigh) so I trust you paaadi mi

Me: I thought she was serious not until yesternight when I visited her
and realise she was into sugar daddy stuff

Gbenga: yeeeepaaaaa jeeeeeeeeesus Christ oooo, so wetin you come do

Me: I angrily leave her hostel, she called me but I abused her on the phone

Gbenga: you don fuckup jooooor, you suppose not abuse her

Me: so what should I do please

Gbenga: I will teach you something that you will do

Me: like you teach me during Sola saga

Gbenga: don’t worry bring your phone let me text her.

Soon Gbenga give me the phone to read the text but was super angry
when I read the message

Gbenga apologized to her with the message promising that I can’t
afford to loose her because I really love her.

Me: Gbenga why apologizing, I told you I hate this girl

Gbenga: that’s your problem, you don’t have a deep thinking before you
act, am sorry ooo

Me: so you mean I should just forget about her cheating on me

Gbenga: let me ask you a question ?

Me: what?

Gbenga: are you not cheating on her too, so its a game and the best
player will win but I promise you that you will emerged as the winner
because you have nothing to loose from the game


After hearing this, I reluctantly send the SMS to Shalewa. Soon Gbenga
took his leave and was alone bored so I decided to read my books until
I heard a knock on my door, who is that I shouted but no one replied
me, I heard the knock again and I shouted come in oooo yet nobody
enter, I decided to check who is at the door but when I get there I
was not surprised Shalewa was the one knocking. Why don’t you enter
when I told you to enter or they have instructed you not to enter my
room again, I ushered her in and sat beside her on the bed her face
was swollen so its obvious she has been crying all day. I have to
allow the good boy in me to take over so I decided to act like a
caring boyfriend, Dear what’s wrong with you, why are you quiet and
why the swollen face ? She didn’t reply me as I said all this, after
keeping silence for some minutes I stood up from the bed and sat on my
chair to continue reading because am tired of the staring and silence
game between us.
Though I was not concentrating on the book but I have to act as if am
really into it just to give her the feelings that I don’t care again,
as I was reading then I heard her voice Dammy please am sorry please
give me the last chance please forgive me I know have hurt you,
I felt happy as she was saying all this, I begged her to stop begging
me because all I need is an explanation not the begging. She came to
my front and hold a bible swearing all what she wanted to tell me was
nothing but the truth, ok am hearing just tell me the truth I said…

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Dammy I lost my father when I was in J.S.S.2 and he was the
breadwinner of my family after his death my mother took up menial jobs
just to take care of us, I blamed her before because she was a full
housewife she has no job before our fathers death, when things become
extremely hard for us my mother took me to her brother side whom I
claim is my father now and he was the one you saw that night. He is
married with 3 children, after living with his family for a year he
changed my school to a public school, he started maltreating me all
because I don’t agree to his demand, he sees himself as a god over my
life, thanks to the government that paid for my Waec then because I
knew he won’t pay it, I passed the exam and took up so petty jobs to
pay for my Jamb too, to cut a long story Short I was not able to
secure my admission that year because I did not allow my uncle to
sleep with me and I have no where to run too, Dammy when I lost all
hope I have no choice than to all him have what he wants so I will be
able to proceed to the university, he was the one who deflowered me
and till now I have no choice than to allow him to have s*x with me
whenever I need money, that night I was working for my school fees
because he brought it along that night and I called you several times
to alert you not to come but you did not picked the call.
I felt pity for her when she finished her story, she started crying
and I have to start consoling her.

To Be Continued…………




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