Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 15

uand boy Gbenga

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I felt for Shalewa after hearing her stories but I was fill with rage
in me, I wish I have an opportunity to hit her uncle.I consoled her
when she started weeping uncontrollable, I wiped her tears but she
keep on crying until I hugged her tightly, Shalewa I love you and I
promise not to disappoint you I told her, Dammy are you sure you won’t
leave me even after seeing the darkside of my life she replied, I keep
quiet for a bit and I kissed her passionately, deep in my heart I felt
a strong urge for her and yet I feel like discarding her but the
reality is I can’t marry her even if she is the last lady on earth
because she is older than me.
I didn’t know what else to do. I felt some weird vibes so I kissed her
again,Then she grabbed my arm
and kissed me. I couldn’t help but kissing her back. We were in the
middle of the room standing so she pushed me into the bed. I laid on
the bed where we kissed some more. “Hold on.” she said and got off me.
She took her shirt off. I then her  cleavage in the world it was
perfect. Her bronze skin was glowing! “woah” I said. I should  held
my breath. Because she then took her bra off. The last time we both
had s*x together I don’t even remember,My beautiful Shalewa was
topless in front of me. My instincts kicked in
and I got up and held her Bosom while kissing her. I then went down
her cleavage and to her Tips. I sucked. She moaned and I was in
heaven. She kept saying my name which turned me on even more. I slowly
went down other
belly button and unbuttoned her shorts. My cold hands touching her Buttocks
and legs.she squealed and I told her to “shhh” she obliged. I went for
it. I took
off her panties and kissed her all over. Her Kittycat was still beautiful
as before, “Now you.” she said and I took my shirt off. She pushed me
on the bed  I was rock hard. My  Joystick hit her nose from springing up
so fast after she took my boxers off. She then sucked my Joystick. And it
was awesome. She flicked and licked her tongue all over my shaft and
then put her whole mouth on the head of my Joystick. Now Shalewa is
becoming good in this I said in my mind,Then she started deep
throating my Joystick. It felt amazing and she was so good at it. “Mmm
baby, just like that ” I gave her
the message I was about to Pour and she didn’t stop sucking. She took
my hot load in the back of her throat like a champ. She popped her
luscious lips
off my Joystick and then licked her lips. She got up and shook her Buttocks at
me. I then told her to get on the bed. She did as I told her and were
laying on the
bed together. Side by side. I scooted up closer to her and felt her
delicious buttocks on my hard Joystick. I grabbed her left leg and raised
it up to see that
Kittycat, I started to rub my Joystick with the entrance to increase the
pressure on her, soon she started to request for it ,Dammy I need you
in me please do it now. I put my Joystick inside of her. “Oh yes” I said.
She then whispered “F**K me, Dammy.” I obliged and started thrusting
into her. Her Buttocks and my Joystick made the best noises together. I started
going harder and she started moaning louder. I put my hand over her
mouth and told her to be quiet and so as not to alert my noisy hostel
mates.  I pounded her so fiercely I felt like a Bleeping animal. She
was moaning and my hand could not control her mouth from opening. “oh
baby, F**K me!!” as she tried to attempt a whisper. I then slowed my
pace after 20 minutes. I took my Joystick out of her Kittycat and rolled
over on my back. Dammy that was awesome! She said, I was a little
tired. She turned so she was facing me and kissed me a lot.She got on
top of me and and placed my Joystick at the entrance
of her Kittycat. She put the head in, then slowly but surely the shaft.
Then she slammed the rest of my Joystick in, which honestly kind of hurt.
She started
riding me and grinding. Her beautiful bronze titties bouncing up and
down. I grabbed her hips and made her bounce on my Joystick faster. She
was so hot
and her face was just like my dream. Pure joyfulness and bliss. We
were both enjoying it. I then felt the urge to Pour coming on. I told
her this
in the lowest voice, she grapped my Joystick and pump it out, this was the
best feeling. We both fell asleep and was woken up by the noise of the
student union leaders who were doing a protest the following morning,
how I wish someone advised them not to organised the protest before.

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I was awoken by the noise of some students mobilizing themselves for
protest and singing various Aluta songs, Shalewa was still in my room
sleeping. I inquired from Sky what caused the
protest, he told me one of the top guy in our school was hit by a
government vehicle and he died at the hospital, so the students want
to show displeasure by staging a protest against the Government.
Soon students troop out en masses, they started peacefully and soon it
turns to a violet protest, vehicles and lecture theaters were
destroyed,Fowls and farm yields in faculty of Agric were looted, by
12pm the state Governments announced on radio that all Ekiti state
students should leave the school environment, that any students found
near the campus will be charge and prosecuted as a thief.
During the protest Shalewa went back to her hostel, on hearing the
news I first called her to know the next action she will take, she
told me she is going to stay since we are staying off campus, that the
directive was that we should not be seen near the campus, that’s true
and that’s why I love you Shalewa I told her and I dropped the call.
I called Gbenga to know his whereabout but was not surprised when he
replied me, Gbenga was among the people who looted faculty of Agric
and he is preparing how to cook the fowls he took, as a sharp guy I
joined him in his hostel so as not to miss out of the meat, met his other guys Djasup and Gobe, they are always available for bad things, after
boiling and frying the meat we ate with gaari, Gbenga soon gave me 7
pieces of meat as my own share, which I was glad about. Later that day
Shalewa came to my hostel and I told him about the meat, after
explaining everything to her she told me she will come back that she
has something urgent to attend too, she kissed me and left.
She later came back with fresh Tomatoes and peppers, she told me she
wanted to cook for me tonight in my hostel, I joined her in blending
the ingredients for the soup as the rice was already boiling on the
stove, God bless this students that stole the fowls I said in my mind,
Shalewa later cook the stew to be honest Shalewa is a good cook, I
respect her for that till now because have not meet anybody that can
cook delicious food like her, after cooking, I served the food, as
expected the food was so delicious, while eating we talked about our
future plans, she told me she has plan for 3 kids in the future and
she wishes to work in a big laboratory, I told her I want to be good
and caring husband so I don’t want my wife to work because she won’t
have time for my kids and I don’t want her stressing herself. She
argued on this saying she did not have any dream of been a full
housewife, that if she has the dream she won’t even come to school at
After the meal we watch film on my system before I slept off, I was
woke up by Shalewa’s finger caressing my chest, have you finish
watching the film I asked her, yes dear but I want to ask something
from you she said, you are free dear anything for you I replied, Dammy
please can I sleep here overnight Shalewa asked, I started laughing,
please Shalewa are you kidding me or you are serious ?
Dammy am serious,I supposed to ask because you may have plan for my
rival tonight she said, I told her to forget about rival that she is
the only one I love and the only one am dating, I told her she is the
love of my life and am ready to do anything for her. Shalewa replied
me with a kiss, which she break quickly and said I just want to sleep
here to stay with you not for that thing, so let’s sleep peacefully
tonight daddy I beg you.
As a good boy I obeyed her as we slept off, we were woken up the cries
of some students, I checked the time and was surprised it was 2:03am I
thought we were in daylight, what cause the cries and wailing Shalewa
asked me.

To Be Continued…




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