Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 19

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That night I tried Shalewa’s number again but now switched off, how I wish I knew any of her siblings to call so as to know her well-being. I slept late that night trying her number but unsuccessful.

Just 4 days into our strike we heard of Asuu strike, at first I thought it was a rumour but when I read it in the news-paper then I believed the news, now Eksu is on strike and Asuu is also on strike. After 2 weeks of dialing Shalewa’s number I give up on her, maybe her uncle has collected her phone or she lost the phone I concluded, there are plenty of girls at home even its easy for me to get another F**K-mate.


A month into Asuu strike my mother advised me to seek an employment maybe teaching instead of sleeping at home, she promised to help me call her friends that has school and if I saw any job opportunity I should let her know, I agreed with her because am just tired of staying at home. Like my mother promised she secured a teaching Job for me, I meet with the principal of the Private school he interviewed me and was told to come back the following Monday to start work.

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Monday morning I resumed at the school by 7:30 am at least to give a good impression, the principal introduced me to the students on the assembly ground, he said I am the new Biology teacher. I was surprised because I thought I will be in charge of Junior secondary school class, after the assembly I was introduced to the existing staff of the school, I introduced my self to them but was glad to meet Faith a light girl of average height, what I like most about her is her simplicity, unlike other girls she does not use Jewelries just her normal self, I decided to take her as a friend, I placed my seat beside her in the staff room.

I was called to take S.S.2 class during the the second period, ooops ! I am without Any teaching aid so I decided to do an introductory class with them all. During the class I saw one girl with mature body in the class, this is a feast for the god I said in my mind just to know her name I asked them all to tell me there name and I realized her name was Faith, what a name I said. After the class I collected notes books from the principal to prepare my lesson notes and he is Office, he advised me to flee from there students, he said I should please Flee from them that they are devilish and cunny, even there last Biology teacher was sacked because he had an issue with some of the female students and he won’t tolerate anything of such from me too.

Teaching job was fun but I started having problem after ignoring the
principal advise.


I usually sit beside Helen, she was the Economics teacher just like me
she was there because of Asuu strike but she has worked there before
gaining admission into University of Osun. I started from borrowing
pen from her soon we became close friends. We started exchanging
calls, I love talking with her because of her voice and she had sense
of humor so talking and chatting with her was always fun filled but
things hit the rock when I asked her out Faith turned me down
straight, she started avoiding me in school even she did not return my
calls even other staff asked what was wrong between us because we were
seen together always, One day after the normal school period the
English teacher asked me what was wrong, as a guy to guy I explained to
her and he said he noted that too but I should keep on pestering her
if I really had feelings for her.  After using three weeks on Helen I
decided to move on and count my loss on her.

Now I have to move to Faith since Helen has turned me down but I have
to be extra careful because of the staff, principal and even because
of the principal’s advice, so I decided to do it on a lowkey. Mission
to get Faith now activated, during Biology class I choose her as my
course representative, I said there is no need for class captain
because the captain is not showing enough leadership traits, so Helen
should be calling me when we have class and she will be in charge of
biology class, this gave me the opportunity to get close to her.
Luckily for me after one class she requested if I can take her extra
class for some subjects I told her to give me time to check my
schedules and see if there is free time. The following day I told her
that she can only come to my house because am busy with other
classes,she insisted that only her mother can take the final decision
on that, during the break period Helen asked me what one of the
student was discussing with me after the assembly? I was surprised
with her question because she stopped talking to me ever since I asked
her out, I pretended as if I don’t know what she was asking but she
insisted that I tell her the truth because she knows my plan, I told
her she wanted after school lesson, Dammy please be-careful was her
sole replied to me, what’s the meaning of her advised I asked myself ?



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