Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 21

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Am still amaze about her beauty that she even caught me checking on her, what are you starring at Mr man she asked? I confess to her that I really appreciate her beauty and am lucky to have her I love you Helen I just cant explain how I love you, stop flattering me Dammy am not that beautiful as you said but to say the truth you are not bad too and am sure you are the dream girl of every girl in your school and am lucky to have you but I still don’t know if you have that cockroach in your cupboard that you are hiding because you guys are all the same, we are the same!!! I exclaimed, so tell me your experience please I replied her but she refused to talk but instead she said I should take her round the house which I gladly did after some minutes walking around the house and church compound there she told me little about her family, she is from the family of six and she is the third of the family and the only female which also makes her the jewel of the family, we both return to my room before we started watching film, after some minutes I made a move to kiss her but she caught my point blank and dodged my move ,Dammy I want to tell you something and that is am not ready for this and I have my reasons please just understand I beg you, I have no choice but to respect her but I already miss s*x and I need it badly, what and why is she refusing s*x?

Monday morning I resume to school and was amazed that Helen has not yet get to school because she called me earlier to notify me that she is on the way to school and now she has not arrive, I tried her number again and she was not picking up, I start feeling unrest when the first period was over and my princess has not arrived, I take an excuse and trekked back to Helen’s house and meet a lot of people wailing what happen ? I quickly join them and was surprised when I saw her mother rolling on the floor shouting in Yoruba “aye mi ooo, ayeee ti baje” what happen I mutter to someone close with me and he responded that her daughter was hit by a car this morning, I asked where is the girl now because I need no introduction to know that Helen was the one that was hit by the car, the brother replied me that she has been referred to UCH in Ibadan, this gave me an hint that the accident was fatal, how will I visit her and how can I even contact her to know her well being because I can’t afford to lose her. I return to school and break the news that Helen was involve in an accident and they have referred her to Ibadan for better treatment. Well a week, all the staff paid her a visit in Ibadan and I am so happy to see her we gist for a while and she gave me her brother’s number to call her because she lost her phone during the accident,at the end of the day I kissed her but the principal caught us in the act but who cares. The principal questioned me if I really love her on the way back and what did he expect to hear so I told her I truly love her, I brought out my phone on the way but saw a post on Eksusu press it was about Shalewa she is dead, this cant be true no it cant be that’s what I shouted, other staffs asked me what happen this made me realize I am still in the bus but I keep my cool till we reach our destinations, I burst into tears each time I remember Shalewa that she is dead. She cant really be dead I cant believe that I open my facebook and re read the post I saw on Eksusu press there I was able to get some facts that she had an accident on the faithful day she went home and she has been buried, I nearly ran mad that week but I have nobody to share my grief with, I don’t want her to die even if I don’t truly love her I felt bad for her death and I will miss her.

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Weeks later Helen was discharged and am gradually getting over Shalewa demise, one day after school Helen disclosed the reason why she cant allow me to have s*x with her now and I did not believe her, she told me she was a virgin and she is ready to give it to the man that will marry her as a wife not just any guy as I heard this from her it makes me love her more but the fact is I love having s*x but can I wait for Helen that’s what I don’t know, I promised to respect her wish and since I wish to marry her i just have to wait, gradually I get addicted to Helen that I hardly do anything without telling her.

To Be Continued…



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