Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 3

uand boy

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Shalewa quickly tied a towel round her waist, she left me on the bed
but as she opened the door then I realized we were in soup. Knocking
the door was Bro Femi the fellowship president, there conversation
goes thus;

Shalewa: haaaa,daddy Good evening

Bro Femi: Sister Shalewa,how are you, what are you doing since ?

Shalewa: I was about having bath when you knocked

Bro Femi: ok, go in and dressed up, I want to have some words with you.


Shalewa quickly entered the room she instructed me to keep quiet that
she will soon returned,she went out and locked the door so I will not
be able to ran away. I picked up my phone to browse but the Network
was not good so I tried to call Solomon but he did not picked the
call, I sat on the bed patiently thinking about what next to do before
I slept off, Shalewa kiss woke me up this lead to another round of
romance I kept on with the pressure until she tried something out of
the ordinary with me, Shalewa off my short to bring out my hard d*ck
she started sucking it as if it was a lolly pop sweet,I felt on-top of
the world through this,minutes later I felt a high gush of energy in
my body I reached climax,she brought out a pack of condom, she
whispered to me that she will ride the hell out of me and truly she
did. By the time we finish I was so exhausted she promised she won’t
cheat on me that she love me so much, I promised not to cheat on her
too, we both enter the bathroom to clean up, I had no choice than to
sleep in her place. What a perfect gift I said in my mind before I
slept off.

The following morning I woke up to realise Shalewa was not in the
hostel, as I was thinking about where she was or where she went then I
saw a small note beside me written on it was “sweet heart take care we
have an evangelism in the fellowship and I must be there love you and
bunch of kisses for you”. I wore my shirt and peeped through the door
because I don’t want anybody to see me, quickly I moved out and stop a
moving bike, on the bike I was thinking about all what that happened
overnight, the kiss, the president visit, the s*x and now Shalewa going
for evangelism, indeed we have a very nice God I said, Shalewa must be
a wolf in sheep clothing but who cares, at least I like her.  When I
got back to the hostel I meet Solomon sleeping but I noted that
someone obviously was in the room with him overnight

Me: Solomon, wake up abeegi, wetin you still dey do on bed till now, lazy boy

Solomon: leave me jooor, am not like you, I worked overnight

Me: which kind work you dey do
Solomon: wetin you expect,I bring one chick come sample am

Me: who, please tell me

Solomon: na that room 1 girl

Thinking in my mind, which room one girl there are 3 girls in room one
and all of them are nothing but church rats, they use to disturb us
with prayers every-night.

Me: which girl in room one

Solomon: leave that one, how Shalewa package, don’t tell you don’t
sample that girl ooo.
I explained everything to him, immediately he started hailing me
loudly, that evening I asked Solomon again who he slept with but he
surprised me when he shouted on me that what’s my business before I
say another word he left the room furiously.

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Two weeks after our matric Examination timetable was released, since lecture has commenced I have not read a single line of my book, I started night class inside school, if you are a serious student please I beg you don’t read inside the school when you have a must pass examination, we have series of students there, we have the N.F.A, the discussing group, the lover birds, the snoring,sleeping group and the reading group. At first I was in the N.F.A, we went to school to read but on arrival we started making noise, we disturbed fellow students with funny noise sometimes we bleat like goat or crow like hen. I like the N.F.A group so much that I stopped reading each time I went for night reading but fortunately for me I came across a Math 101 past question then I realised I knew nothing, I tried solving the past question but all my effort proved futile, this make me to buckled up with my reading I started reading two days to our examination.
Initially there was a rumour that the exam will be postponed, trust Eksuites and exam rumour, I ignored the rumour as I focused on my books though I wished the exam was postponed because I have not prepared well for it, On Monday morning 8:30am our first paper was Chemistry 101 I prepared for the exam but CAT and CAO was the only topic giving me problem (only science students will understand that), its a compulsory question and I don’t understand it very well, we were arranged but I sat at the back so I will be able to check on other students script. We were given 2 hours for the exam, though I felt the time was enough not until I heard 30 minutes more, are they joking I said in my mind but when I checked my wrist watch I realised they were right, I focused on my scripts again as I started answering the questions. I realized if have started reading earlier I would have finished answered all but due to my playful habits, I promised myself to prepare very well for the coming papers. Just as we finished Chemistry 101 I meet Solomon sobbing,

Me: paadi mi, what’s wrong ?

Solomon: I don cast oooo

Me: cast ke, wetin happen

Solomon: ani aye mi ti baje (speaking in yoruba)

Me: God forbid bad thing, what’s wrong ? Thought you had GPS 103 by 8:30am too ?

Solomon: yes, I just use one small note to carry micro tintin to the hall and one man come saw me

Me: haaaa !! Wetin the man do ?

Solomon: he caught me and filled a form for me and I begged the Professor but he ignored me, I was escorted out of the hall by Baba blue (only Unad students will know the Baba Blue. they are the school securities)

Me: wetin we go do now ?

Solomon: I just don’t know, am confused now.

Me: all will be well, don’t worry.

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I encouraged Solomon that God will help him. I started reading very well for my exams because I can’t afford to fail, during the exam I restricted all Shalewa’s visit to phone calls, Solomon too started serious reading with me now he even spend hours reading at night, he started acting serious even Solomon started fasting,attending fellowship frequently during the exam, he fully turned himself to a triangular student, from hostel to school to fellowship. Though I thought he changed because of Exam period but that’s non of my business, it remained Physics 101 and Gsts to finished the first semester exam but something bad happened during our physics 101 exam.

Before our physics 101 exam, the atmosphere in the school was tensed because there has been a call for protest, actually we thought its a joke but later we realized they were serious about it. Some of the 200 level students were not allowed to sit for Exam because they are yet to pay there school fee, the present Governor of the state reduced the school fees while some of there mates had paid before reduction, this confusion did not allow most of them to pay and it resulted into protest. We were all ready for the exam, question and answer scripts has been distributed to us, the invigilators instructed us to start and we were given 1 hour 30 mins, just as we were about to finish we heard a loud noise shouting at the back of our exam hall, initially we thought nothing was wrong until we saw the students leaders carrying sticks and various placards, the disrupted our exam, I was not happy with there actions because I really tried my best in the exam but what can I do ?
A new date was fixed for the exam but I did not read very well for the exam, I was so full of confidence that I slept in Shalewa’s hostel the night before the exam date, truly the questions was a shocked to me, I hardly answered 2 out of the 4 given questions after the exam I felt like crying but when I heard others complaints about the exam I felt relieved a bit. I finished my 1st semester examinations that week.
Solomon was now a new being, he went to church always he even advised me to join workers in church, this forced me to asked him why he suddenly turned toward God because this unlike the Solomon I knew, he told me all things are gone away and God is the only one that can supply all our needs according to his riches, Pastor Solomon I called him.  I spent few days with Shalewa before I went back home.
When I get home, my mother was happy to met me, she prepared a special delicacy for me just as sweet as Shalewa’s food, I missed Shalewa a lot. I felt change since I get back home I knew I was missing Shalewa but am missing something else too, I secretly bought an alcoholic drink to satisfy myself but was not feeling satisfied after the drink. The following day I went to church as I do before then I realized what I was missing, I saw one of our lead choir called Sola I immediately felt a urge for s*x, I guessed I was missing Shalewa because of s*x, let me replaced Shalewa with Sola I said so I will be able to enjoy the break. Before we end the service I made the first move I collected Sola’s number which she gave me easily. That night I called her to wish her goodnight and before I slept I sent a love sms to her at least to let her know my intention. I was surprised the following day when I woke up to read a message on my phone from Sola ” dammy I guess you made a mistake with that sms” that was the content of the sms. What’s all this ? Why the odd reply ? I asked in my mind, I decided to call her

Me: hello

Sola: hello, I saw your message

Me: I saw yours too but was surprised with your reply

Sola: you don’t have to be surprised because I thought you don’t will never have anything to do with people like us, after using all my body language to notify you that I really love you but you ignored me

Me: I am sorry but I have to think it true before I make a move

Sola: so you have think it true very well now, well let’s meet in the evening or called me when you are free, we have to talk face to face

Me: ok, I will, take care

As I dropped the call, I started laughing and I said so this girl really love me before,thank God I did not dull myself now I have to act fast.


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