Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 4

uand boy

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That’s how the love story between Sola and I started. I called her
everyday to show expressed my love to her, she was so happy because
Sola has already love up, but I have a mission with her so I have to
act fast because we were given two weeks holiday before the school
resumes, though Shalewa still calls me often but I focussed on Sola
because I can’t afford to loose her pu**y. Just 5 days into my
relationship she promised to pay me a visit, I felt on top of the
world because that meant Mission accomplished, she told me to call her
whenever I was free that day. Just as Dad left for his office I
quickly called her but her first Mtn network was performing there
usual habit with the network after trying for the third time, the
number went through she promised to arrive soon, I quickly cleaned the
room. Just as she promised she arrived wearing a top with inscription
‘am so hot’ truly she was hot that day, I offered her a chair and a
la-casera drink and she quickly accepted the drink, as she was
drinking it, I started looking into her face but she caught me staring
at her

Sola: why the look on your face ?

Me: nothing

Sola: I know you are the shy type,so tell me what you were thinking ?

Me: am just happy to have you in my room

Sola: huuun, don’t tell me you have this silly thoughts ?

Me: what silly thoughts is that ?

Sola: stop acting, we all know the silly thoughts.


So this naughty girl knows what I have in mind for her, now I don’t
know how to accomplish my huge task. I moved near her, I started
telling her love words, I told her how I love her so much and how she
meant the world to me I tried to kiss her but she stopped me, I felt
angry and leave her to stay alone on the bed, two things made me
unhappy first is my la-casera she was drinking I supposed to used the
money to watch champions league match that night and the second reason
was my real mission with her. As I sat alone Playing pes on my phone
Sola joined me on the bed she begged me not to be angry with her that
she was afraid of boys because after s*x we all run away, but who told
you I want s*x I just want to kissed you I answered her, she begged me
not to be angry that she really loved me, we kiss passionately, she
quickly breaks off, I told her I understand her and I promised not to
cheat nor break her heart but my words fell on her deaf hairs,
thinking of what to do so I will capture her, I told her she should
let us watch film on my mini laptop she gladly agreed and we both laid
on the bed, I quickly placed my hand on her hair, I keep rubbing her
hair as we watch the film but I was not interested in the film all I
have interest in was my mission, I placed my hand on her back and she
she did not give me a stop signal, I proceeded to her buttocks and
start fondling it, I used my finger to locate the entry to her pu**y
she released a soft moan and angrily turned towards me to kissed me
vigorously, I started kissing her ears before I removed her top lo
and behold Sola was bra-less who cared about bra all want, I
cared about is her pu**y, The electricity current that was currently
in my body would be able to supply Nigeria,
Niger and Ghana light for 3years uninterrupted not even with the help of
kanji dam. What was happening to
me was more than spiritual konji as my soldier kept on giving me a
standing ovation.
Just as I made a moved to removed her skirt she stopped me and said
Dammy am on, what did you on I asked her ? Please i don’t want us to
start what we
can’t finish she said . Beside, i am on my period. Omo see gobe and
bros don charge up what am i going to do

Period ke! i said in my mind, after i had been fired up eh! Its better to start and then not finish, than not
starting at all. What will I do? I said in my mind, i definitely knew it was a tactics she was using to deprive me of eating from her honey pot.I will not give up on this prize i
contemplated within me because if you are not ready for s*x why are you bra-less. I made up my mind to keep trying because this is a mission I must not fail,I contemplated within me. This forced me to change tactics, I started sucking her Bosom hard this have effect on her as she released a soft moan and no stop signal from her, I keep on doing this for a long time before I proceed down to her navel, I started fondling it but it has little effect on her, I moved upward to her ears and I started kissing it, this work like magic as she hold on to me tightly, as a sharp guy I used this chance to quickly unzip her skirt, before she realise what I was up to, I started rubbing her clitoris, this send a large impulse on her as she off her pant herself, just as I thought she was not on her period but a decoy to stopped me from reaching the glorious land, I call my mouth into action, I keep on licking her pu**y as she released various word from her mouth, as she was moaning I off my shorts and was ready for action just as I tried to insert it she hold my di*k, I first thought it was a stop signal but I was wrong, Sola was so good with mouth action that I released in her mouth before I figured out the next line of action she started another Mouth-action, I had to stopped her because all I want is her pu**y, I wore my prepared Kiss Condom and I inserted my big rod into her deep sea, the warmth and tightness in her deep sea was obvious not like Shalewa’s own, she release a loud moan at each thrust, I dig her deep and she kept on saying foul words, harder baby, its painful,I love it was the words coming from her mouth. We later switched position as I penetrated from behind but her large buttocks prevented me from hitting her hard, I placed her in a Doggy position as I started thrusting harder than before in a matter of minutes I reached the climax as she soon reached her orgasm level too, I was so tired but she hold my Joystick again telling me we are not yet done, this girl will kill me today I said in my mind but I can’t backout now, she started to blow my rod, soon it was ready for action she told me to lay down because she is taking control now, she inserted my rod in her pu**y as she ride me high,God knows where Sola get her riding skills from as we were into this then I remember that I wore no protection, chai !! Hiv and aids, Gonorrhoea , pregnancy all this flashed into my memory but am no longer in the realm where I can stop, she keep on riding me as I released soon but Sola was surprised when I released she asked me what happen to the Condom I was wearing, I told her I have not inserted a new one before we started the second round. I sensed disappointment in her as she heard this but she told me not to worry that she will take care of it, we kissed as she dressed up telling me she wanted to do her mother laundries at home, who cares about laundry ? All I want is your Kittycat and I have accomplished it I said in my mind.
For the next one week used to visit me but not for anything but s*x sometimes quickie and sometimes long time s*x, I keep on sampling her too but it was already time to resume back to Eksu, I really enjoyed the break. I started preparation for school on Saturday because I will be going back on Sunday evening, here comes second semester.

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I resumed for second semester expecting to meet my normal Solomon, I was so eager of meeting him so I will share the news of Sola with him but I was disappointed when he arrived that night on arrival I was hailing him, he paid little attention to me he entered the room and started praying thanking God for journey mercies after which he asked how was my journey, truth be told I was speechless because I was expecting the Solomon I knew before not the Solomon that went home after last semester exams but I have no choice I still like him.
Normal school activities started, I loved second semester because their are a lot of social activities in the school and the student union elections too but am less interested in politics all I want now is to catch fun. Shalewa resumed two weeks. After the break and has expected I visited her that evening, I bought two plates of rice from Follyfem while going to her place, as I arrived to her place she was outside washing, Shalewa ran towards me to hug me tightly, she was not even afraid that we were outside, I missed you so much Dammy she said, we entered her room, after gisting for some minutes we ate the food though she complained that she can cook better than this but I told her I don’t want her to stress herself because I know she will be tired. Who told you that, am not tired even am ready for you this night, baby I miss you so much this resulted into kiss which later lead to s*x.
The relationship between us grow a lot that we can’t spend a day without seeing each other. On the 4th week of resumption all 100 level biochemistry students were told to wait behind after Chemistry 102 that our level coordinator want to have words with us, our level coordinator was a lady and she was fast and sharp with her words, she told us our result was ready and will be pasted next week Monday, after her words then I remembered Physics 101 exam, I didn’t do it very well I said and this gave me a big concern but I still have the believe that I will pass the exam, in the hostel the individual difference between Solomon and I keeps growing each day, now I hardly talk to him even I don’t eat when he cooks again, anytime I called Shalewa he preached to me and his preaching irritates me a lot how can Solomon preached to me, I hate this a lot. I spent most of my time in Shalewa’s hostel, I realised I need to make new friends because I can’t stay in Shalewa hostel all day.
The following week I went to the fellowship as my norms but was surprised when Bro Gbenga called me, he was the prayer Co-ordinator of the fellowship, Bro Gbenga told me to wait after the service that he wanted to have a word with me, what concerned this brother with my life, I decided not to wait for him, I told Shalewa when we meet that evening about Bro Gbenga, she told me that maybe the spirit leads him to me, we made jest of the brother that he was jobless. Monday morning came and our result was pasted as said by our level coordinator, I rushed to checked my result with a running heart but was scared because of my physics 101, I saw a lot of students wailing and crying,this made me scared a lot but I summoned the courage to move closer, as I traced my matric number I saw
Bio 101 B
Chem 101 C
Math 101 C
Math 103 D
Physics 101 D
And I had A’s in all my Gsts I was so happy that I dialed Shalewa’s number to give her the good news but I was surprised when I heard Bro Gbenga talking to me on Shalewa’s phone instead of my dear Shalewa, I quickly dropped the call to figure out what was wrong.

To Be Continued…


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