Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 5

uand boy

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I proceeded to my hostel but Shalewa called back and to my surprised it was that useless Bro Gbenga that was speaking

Bro Gbenga: hello Bro Dammy 

Me: who is on the line ?

Bro Gbenga:  I am Gbenga the prayer Co-ordinator of the fellowship

Me: bro Gbenga ok, I remember, eeeeeeen I just want to say Hi to Sister Shalewa

Bro Gbenga: well, I told you I wanted to see you on Sunday and you were no where to be found

Me: yes I had to leave the fellowship early because I was not feeling ok

Bro Gbenga: so where are you now because I want to see you


As he was still asking where I was, as a sharp guy I dropped the call and switched off my phone but my mind keep racing within me, I was so tensed that I forgot my result, what’s going on ? What’s Bro Gbenga doing in Shalewa’s hostel ? Why did he picked the call instead of Shalewa ? Or maybe Bro Gbenga is also dating Shalewa ? This thoughts runs through my mind till I reached my hostel.
I called my parents about my result, the encouraged me to do better, I tried to cook but was not in the mood because I was just thinking about Shalewa, soon I fell asleep and was woken by the knock on the door, who is that I reluctantly asked ? Good afternoon Bro Dammy, on hearing that Bro I knew they were from fellowship, I ushered them in and Saw Shalewa with red eyes, what happen to her that she was crying I said within. Five people accompany her with Bro Gbenga among, the Sister cord, the Fellowship Gen Sec and two members from prayer sub group, as I saw them all then I knew I am in big trouble because its obvious the secret is out, the Gen sec lead the words………

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he talked about sin, devil and how we christian are falling to devils tactics, as he was saying this Shalewa was busy weeping, I hardly listened to what he was saying because I knew where he was going. After he talked for more than five minutes, he asked me why I allowed the devil to used me? I kept quite acting like a deaf man,  Bro Gbenga started his preaching too but all I wished for them was evil thoughts at the end of his preaching he asked me what’s between I and Shalewa but I acted like a deaf man, the Gen sec later said I should not even explained that they have found the secret that we were dating each other, he explained that they realized when her hostel mates reported how I do sleep in her hostel that something is obviously between us, to know the truth Bro Gbenga said he collected Shalewa’s phone in disguised that he wanted to collect Tope Alabi songs on it, this allowed him to check through her sms and he checked all the flirting sms we have been sending to each other and Shalewa has confessed, he further said they come to my place so I will be able to asked for forgiveness and confess to God.
I had no choice than to admit my sins before them, I made up my mind not to attend the fellowship again, since all they do is to poke into others people affairs, what’s there business if I am dating Shalewa or not, or they paying for her fees. Solomon is no longer the friend I can talk with, I can’t go to Shalewa hostel too, what will I do ?

Now am alone just like bank money, I stop going to the fellowship at
least they won’t interfere in my affairs if I stayed in my hostel. I
spend most of my days in school because I can’t withstand the sight of
Solomon preaching to me or disturbing my sleep with his prayers.
Staying back in school allowed me to witness a lot of political
campaigns and this allow me to make new friends Gbenga and Tola, we
stay in school after lectures to talk and most time to listen to the
campaigns by aspirants soon I forget about Solomon but I do miss
One day as my usual behavior I got to the hostel late in the evening
but was Surprised to meet Pastor Solomon crying, at first I ignored
him, I went back outside to meet Ife and Tope, I joined there
discussion after some minutes with them, I went back inside yet Pastor
Solomon was still crying, I moved near him and reluctantly asked him
what was wrong ? He didn’t say anything, as if I cared but for old
time sake I asked him again, Solomon what’s wrong ? Is it the
fellowship ? Or money issues just talk I hate to see you cry, I wiped
his face with my handkerchief, Dammy am ruined, am a living dead,
What’s wrong I asked and stop cursing yourself please,

Solomon: I have been summoned

Me: by who ?

Solomon: by the school panel

Me: what happen again ?

Solomon: it was about last semester exam when I was caught, the
lecturer filled a form for me now I have been summoned to appear
in-front of the school panel

Me: haaaa !! What will you do now?

Solomon: I don’t know and I was told that after facing the panel they
will rusticate me from school ?

Me: Rusticate ke! That’s a big problem Brother Solomon

Solomon: am doom Dammy, please what can I do

Me: I believe in God once you have faith he will performed wonders in your life
( Thinking in my mind shebi you dey go to fellowship, go tell them to
help you pray now)

Solomon: I hope so

I consoled him and watched him closely till he slept off, I couldn’t
sleep because Solomon is desperate he can wake up at anytime and
commit suicide, definitely he is at the end of Eksu. And he will think
that’s the end of life for him, deep inside me I pitied him but the
stubborn boy inside me was busy making Jest of him.
The Following Morning Solomon dressed up, he begged me to join him in
prayers that the verdict from the panel should favour him, I told him
the will of God will be done in his life, I went to school for
lectures but was not so happy because of Solomon, after the lecture I
headed straight to the Administrative block and I saw Cameraman taking
pictures I thought Solomon was here to face panel but was surprised
when I moved closer

As I moved closer I saw Solomon dressed in a convocation gown with a
swollen red eyes, I still don’t know what was going on until I asked

Me: Solomon what’s wrong, why are you in matric gown

Solomon: finally, the deed is done

Me: what deed, why are you crying ?

Solomon: I have been rusticated

Me: Rusti what ? So fast

Solomon: they just asked me if I cheated or not and I said the truth


I was dumbfounded, I don’t know what to say or what to do, so Solomon
is no longer a student my sharp guy turned christian will leave me
alone. I hugged him with tears flowing free in my eyes. We went back
to hostel Solomon tried to act normal on the way but as we get back to
hostel he busted into tears, I consoled him but had to leave him when
I was tired, who will I call to encourage him ? Solomon wept overnight
and as a good friend I stayed with him, as day break Solomon packed
picked few clothes and traveled, where are you going I asked him ? Am
going home said Solomon.
That evening I called Solomon but his number was switched off, I
checked his last seen on Whatsapp, he was last active day before
yesterday maybe he was not able to charge his phone I guessed.  Few
weeks went on I was unable to locate Solomon, I called a friend of
mine in Osun to helped me check if Solomon was at home, he called me
back that he was not at home, where did he went to ? I thought within
me, I called his number again but was switched off.
The following day I explained everything that has happened to my
Sister, she advised me to report to the school security unit. I told
her I was afraid to go alone, she later decide to follow me. After
explaining everything to the C.S.O, he collected Solomon’s phone
number, he also requested for his parents own but luckily I have his
mother’s phone number, in our presence the C.S.O called her to
informed her of Solomon disappearance in school, Trust Nigerian
mothers she busted into tears and started shouting on the phone. His
father called me and I explained everything to him he thanked for my
help. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies again, I missed Solomon
even Shalewa I have no one to talk with at night, no one to F**K but
will I even F**K if I have the chance now am sure prick will not even
rise because my day one Friend is missing no matter what is between us
he is still my friend and will forever be.
I went home the following day and went straight to Solomon’s house, I
meet her mother weeping. Soon two policemen entered and to my greatest
his father pointed to the policeman that I should be arrested that I
was the one he talked about in the letter. Still in shocked but I was
able to asked which letter ? Expecting an answer but I get one but not
the answer I was expecting, I received a thunderous slap from
Solomom’s father shouting and calling me a murderer………

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