Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 7

uand boy Gbenga

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She moved close to me and pushed me to her bed, she quickly laid on me
and started talking seductively Dammy why are you stressing yourself
Solomon wished evil for himself and I trust you won’t wish for that,
before I answered she kissed me, placed her left hand on my Joystick,
don’t say anything Dammy just relax your mind I will make you see
heavenly bodies don’t be scared just act as I a say, she off my
trousers and started this Mouthaction, to be candid I was feeling on top
of the world, within a short period of time I forgot my mission with
Ife all what’s on my mind was how to F**K her, I missed Shalewa Kittycat
and this is a free market of me I have to sample her I concluded in my
mind, as she was on this I pulled her up because I will soon reach my
climax, I removed her top and turn her Bosom to my toy I sucked hell
out of it yet she keeps encouraging me to do more with it, I kissed
her again and unzipped her skirt with my left hand, truly Ife is
endowed at the back, I was surprised with it so the big skirts she do
wear always cover this big glory I said in my mind, I inserted my
finger in to her glory hole but was not disappointed because she was
wet already and this will make my work easier I thought, after playing
with her cunt hole for some period I realized she make no noise unlike
Shalewa, she demanded for my Joystick, she want to suck it but she
told me she need to feel my meat inside her quickly, as a sharp I
inserted it and was baffled because the hole was not tight and this
shows Ife is not an amateur in the game, after thrusting for some
period she make no noise at all, she slept on the bed holding my back
when u thrust deeply. soon I reached the climax as I stand up from the
bed then Ife tell me I am a lazy man and not good enough for her, I
felt bad on hearing this I moved closer to her on the bed and told her
it was an emergency service that I did not prepared for it, she
laughed at me that she knew my type that we were only good with our
mouth but not on the bed,I asked her for a rematch which she gladly
agreed to, we decided to meet on Friday and the match will be play in
my room because of her roommates .
I stopped thinking about Solomon that day and focused solely on the
actions that happen between I and Ife, as I was busy thinking about
this I received an sms on my phone the message was from Sola one of
the choir member at home, she said I should call her with immediate
effect that she has something good to tell me, I called her back
Me: Sweet heart, how are you ?

Sola: am fine and I miss you

Me: I missed you too and what did you want to tell me

Sola: remembered you said you love me and you want to marry me

Me: yes I love you dear

Sola: I know you do, I have a good news for you

Me: whats that ?

Sola: I think I am pregnant for you

Me: for who? pregnant ke

Sola: yes or you want to denied it

Me: eeen not that just not now and please tell me you are joking

Sola: am serious about it

Me: what are we going to do now

Sola: do about what am keeping this

Before I could say anything She dropped the call, I was so confused
that I forget about Solomon and what happen with Ife, I started
sweating because I know my life is disarray

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Solomon is missing, Sola is pregnant and Ife is there daring me to a
s*x battle with her. We started practicals in school and its taking a
toil on me too, I explained how Sola called me to Gbenga, I explained
to him because I needed someone to talk with as a good friend he
calmed me down, he said to every-problem there is a solution and if
plan A did not work we will exploit plan B. I rely do much on his plan
I was rest assured that it will work out. The friendship between
Gbenga and me grow faster because of this we chat with each other
everytime there I know her mother is a Chemist so he knows a lot of
drug he promised to help me bring drug whenever he has the chance to
visit his mother but he promised to make it fast, since I have no
other choice I agreed to abort the pregnancy but the problem is will
that witch girl agree with our plan, till then I said in my mind.
A week later Gbenga called me to his hostel, I quickly went there he
handed over a satchet of Green drugs to me, he told me to use just one
out of it, I collected the drug with so much happiness I prostrated
thanking him, on my way to hostel I called the B***h to execute the

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Me: hello oooo

Sola: yes darling

Me:(thinking in my mind who is your darling) please I want to see you
this weekend

Sola: come home and I will visit you on Saturday or after the service on Sunday

Me: I don’t want to come home, don’t worry I will pay your transport fare


Sola: you will pay it, If so I will arrive tomorrow and will leave next day

Me: okk, I will be expecting you

Sola: ok dear, your baby says hi

I dropped the call with anger, I rained a lot of curse on her after a
while I decided to to calculate the week I had s*x with her then I
realize if truly she is pregnant for me the foetus should be 1 month
and 3 weeks old, I called Gbenga to explained to him, he said I should
calm down till she arrived the following day.
The following day Sola called me to meet her at Osekita junction, I
called Gbenga to notified him of Sola presence, after meeting Sola I
showed her the way to my hostel soon Gbenga arrived too. I introduced
them before I finish introducing her, Gbenga interrupted and as her
frankly if she is indeed pregnant or not, Sola replied her frankly
that who is he to questioned her, Gbenga stood up and head for the
door, he locked it up he moved closer to her he gave her a strip,
Gbenga told her to urinate on it now or else she will dine with the
devil.  In my mind I was busy abusing Gbenga for all this, all I want
to do is to cajole her to take this drug as I was thinking within me
then I saw Sola weeping begging for forgiveness, she said she was not
pregnant but she wanted to collect money from me, so I am now a father
Christmas I shouted on her, Gbenga said she will taught her a good
lesson so next time she won’t try shits with any guy again, he then call two of his friends, DjAsup and Gobe, but of them came in, and  right in
my presence Gbenga and the other two guys had a quickie with her, she was crying but I don’t
give a F**K about her again after Gbenga, Djasup and Gobe has finished with her I threw
#500 to her and told her not to ever call me nor try to report to
anyone because I recorded the s*x scene with them, she begged me to
please delete it, I ignored her and work out of the room. I went to
Gbenga hostel and started hailing him as father of bad Guys, Djasup offered me a cigarette, but i declined, because i dont do smoke, then Gobe came with a dog meat, which we all ate with garri and palm wine.
The school released the time table for second semester exam, now I
have to get serious with my books because I missed a lot of class
thanks to missing Solomon…………….



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