Chronicles of a Unad Boy (Rated 16+)-Episode 9

uand boy Gbenga

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As Sola and her gang took there leave I was so weak that I slept off,
I woke up with the horn from my mothers car returning from work, I sat
on my bed then think about all what that happened to me, how I tried
to act smart and was outsmart by just a girl and how my phone was
smashed to the ground by the witch,what will happen to the clip she
recorded, how will I get another phone and how will I carry out my own
revenge too ? I thought about this for while before I slept off.
I woke up in the evening with heavy headaches, I had to took drug
thanks to my junior sister who bought it for me now I realize that my
world was a boredom without my phone this prompted me to lie to my
father, I told him it fell down while washing his car and now the
engineer said It can’t be repaired, as expected he abused me very well
but at the end he promised to get another phone for me soon, Even
Jesus christ said he was coming soon and we are yet to see him I said
in my mind as I appreciate him in a proper Yoruba way.
Except for Sola’s saga I enjoyed my holiday at home but whenever I
meet Sola she do threaten me or make jest of me it depend on her mood,
I have it in my mind to revenge but am clueless because I just don’t
know what to do with her, I remembered how she taunted me during one
Sunday service by raising up her 5 fingers at me always truth be told
I was ashamed but I decided to ignored her so she won’t infuriate me
I started preparing for school that weekend but I have one problem, my
father has not bought the phone he promised me. After Service on
Sunday I was ready for school, my father called me to his office he
handed over my normal pocket money to me and he surprised me by giving
me a brand new Handset Blackberry curve 5, I prostrated happily to
thank him and promised to be a good boy, my mother drove me to the
park but was so happy because of the phone my level don change, I don
upgrade I said in my mind, before leaving the park I quickly
subscribed, Omo na to start pinging ooooo.
I arrived to my hostel late but called my parents to thank them for
the phone, I resumed back with the phone to download facebook
application and twitter, I also registered for BBM after which I
updated my pin on facebook I also used it as whatsapp status too. Now
I have to start acting like a big boy because I am one now. Before I
slept off I arranged some new set of notebooks that I will use for 200
level on the table.
The following day I woke up late and thanks to Microbiology department
that fixed a lecture on the day of resumption, I quickly dressed up
and proceeded to school, the lecture was scheduled to hold in LT7
sciences but the lecturer has not arrived this give me chance to do
somethings on my phone then I remembered I did not download whatsapp
on the phone, I proceeded to App world and download it, after which I
re-registered on it, trust whatsapp Messages are not lost on it, I
received 84 messages on it but one message amazed me out of all, the
message was from Solomon, what and where was the stupid boy since I
asked myself as I opened the message.

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I quickly opened the message but trust BlackBerry phones it shut down
before I could read the message, the phone shut down. can’t this phone
last 18 hours I shouted, I hardly listened to what the microbiology
lecturer was saying all I wanted to do was to charge the phone and
read the message, after the lectures I quickly wrote the attendance
because Microbiology attendance is paramount and essential if you want
to write the exam, if you don’t have 75% attendance you won’t be
eligible to write the exam. After the exam I ran out lt7 to charge my
phone thank God I was able to charge the phone at PtP , after charging
for a while I opened the WhatsApp to read Solomon’s message, I was not
surprised when I read the message because he asked for forgiveness for
what I undergo when he was declared missing and told me where he is now
in Ondo that he couldn’t withstand the shame that’s why he ran away ,
I quickly replied him to asked what he was doing in Ondo ? after which
I called him but he did not picked the call, after which I return to
the hostel, I called Gbenga to inquire when he will return to school I
was happy when he said he is almost in school, at least he will give
me a clue on how to avenge from Sola.
I prepared my food but while preparing the naughty Ife showed up, I
determined not to have anything with her because she is a s*x freak I
remembered when we have our duel she nearly killed me that night, well
that’s a gone issue but I promised myself not to have anything with
her again after we had s*x for 6 days continuously, she is a s*x
addict and yet her Kittycat is wide that’s another reason why I disliked
her. She entered and sat on the bed

Me: Ife how far ?

Ife: am good

Me: how was your break ?

Ife: it was nice thou I miss you

Me: funny, you miss me of all people

Ife: why won’t I miss you?

Me: well, just teasing you .

Ife: I have a news for you

Me: what’s that ?

Ife: Well its about your friend

Me: yes am hearing

Ife: he called me yesternight

Me: that what

Ife: laughing, so you really want to know where he ran to ?

Me: yes I want to know, I shouted on her

Ife: you wanted to know that’s why you forget your mission when you
initially came to my place the first time, we ended up on the bed if
you remembered

Me: (stammering) well that’s true but I just want to know

Ife: okk you will do something for me ?

Me: what did you want ?

she moved closer to me and touched my ears I shrugged off her hand and
she busted into laugh, she said you are a pawn in my castle so I will
get you whenever I need you, what’s this girl planning I asked myself,
she moved closer to me again to kissed me as we were into this Solomon
entered the room without knocking.

To Be Continued…


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