CLARA (+18) Episode 10

CLARA (+18)
Episode 10

We arrived the airport around 2 o’clock that
day, Wilma was back from her break so she
accompanied us, Wilma wore a bump short
and a yellow sleeveless top, all the men
around stared lustfully like zombies, but as
usual, Wilma didn’t give a rats Bottom. I had
tried Tiffany’s number over a million times but
her phone was switched off, I didn’t see her
that morning because I was too busy
mourning my untimely demise plus I had to
pack my stuff’s, before I left I went to
Tiffany’s place to inform her about the
development but her house was locked,
during my stay i noticed that the house was
locked every week on Tuesday between 1 and
3 o’clock, I wondered why. The airport
reminded me of the day I landed at the Abuja
airport, the moment I set my eyes on Clara
from a distance and the hug that followed, a
clog of tear almost rolled down my eyes, of
all the things I would miss, Tiffany would be
missed the most, but I knew we would talk
everyday on the phone.
We had already purchased our Tickets earlier
in the morning and were waiting for our
flights which were to arrive at any moment;
my flight was taking me back to calabar,
while hers was to take her to Singapore where
the seminar was to hold. I noticed Clara
staring at me the whole time, she probably
saw the grief written on my face and she
asked me in a subtle voice ‘’ Enitsua do you
really want to stay’’ i looked at her
immediately trying to suppress my excitement
and I answered ‘’Yes’’ and she paused for a
moment as if thinking of what to write on an
exam paper, she looked at me, then looked
up to Wilma who was watching us the whole
time and she asked Wilma if she could move
to her house to take care of me while she
was away and Wilma agreed and so it was
settled, Wilma was to be with me till Clara
came back in a week’s time, before Clara left
she gave me a tight hug and to my surprise
she kissed me, a kiss which felt like a French
kiss but without the tongues, I was falling for
Clara all over again. In Less than 10 minutes I
was back home with Wilma, home sweet
Wilma and I went back home to see it just as
we had left it, the sun was low, the weather
was temperate, the dust from the busy roads
had settled, everything was perfect. I
unpacked my bags in the room and came to
the parlour, and Wilma beckoned on me to sit
right next to her. Wilma had gone away to
see her mother at Gwagalada district, it was
about 7 miles from where we stayed, all the
while she was away we talked on the phone
on a daily basis, she would ask about how I
was doing and tell me she loved me at the
end of each call, she would send me romantic
texts and append ‘P.S. I LOVE YOU’ at the
end of each texts, if I didn’t know better I
would say she was actually in love with me.


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