CLARA (+18) Episode 11

CLARA (+18)

Episode 11

I sat next to Wilma as she required and we
started talking, but I noticed she was restless,
she wanted to do something more than just
talk, she asked me ‘’Do you know my Nick
name’’ and I said ‘’No’’ she said ‘’My friends
call my Wili self-servicer, you know why?’’ I
smiled and again I said ‘’No’’ she said ‘’It’s
Because one of them caught me self-
servicing, twice, she then nicknamed me willi
as in Wilma and self-servicer as in wanking
(self-servicing) and since then the name had
come to stay’’ she laughed shyly as she said
this, i laughed too because I was used to
Wilma’s dirty talk. She complained that her
thighs were itching her, and I should help her
scratch, I did just that, I scratched lightly so i
wouldn’t hurt her, but she ordered me to
scratch harder like I man, I tried doing that,
but each time she exclaimed ‘’A little higher’’,
I went higher up to her inner thighs where her
bum short covered but she still wasn’t
satisfied, I was surprised when Wilma undid
the buttons of her bump shorts leaned on the
chair and raised her buttocks to enable her
zip down giving me a peep of her white panty,
in the midst of all this she acted as if nothing
was really happening, but at that moment I
knew what she wanted me to do, she wanted
me to Bleep her, and so I played along. I
scratched her tommy down to her lower
abdomen, dipped my hand into her pant and
manoeuvred my way to her k—y, I was
immediately pricked by her vegetation which
was already wet from her salivary fluid, I
looked at her and she had her eyes fixed on
me, blinking momentarily, trying to supress
the tingling sensation now surging through
her body, before I could bury my finger deep
in her valley, there was a heavy knock on the
door ‘’D–N!!!’’ it happened again, just in the
nick of time, someone had come to obstruct
an impending series of thunderous orgasms,
with utter displeasure in her eyes Wilma
reluctantly sent me to the door and like a
rabid dog i rushed to check who it was, it was
Tiffany, I hated her for coming at the wrong
time, but at the same time I was glad she did,
because I had missed her, she came to tell
me that she had come back but was going to
attend her little cousins party, she asked if I
would come along but I declined, she left
promising that she will be back before
Immediately Tiffany left I saw Wilma going
into her room and so I lurked along, we
entered the room and I held her waist from
behind, she turned around looking startled,
and without notice I planted a kiss on her
while grabbing her Bottom firmly, to my
greatest shock Wilma pushed me away,
almost throwing me down, she said ‘’Enitsua
what do you think you’re doing?’’ I stood
there dumbfounded, completely amiss, what
did Wilma really want from me? did Wilma
want me to actually scratch her or did she
want something else?, frustration engulfed
me immediately, she said ‘’I told you to
scratch me and you rushed and kissed me,
why would you kiss me?’’ her haughty gaze
suddenly turned into a smile, and she ordered
me to come closer, before I could
comprehend what was really going on she
squared up to me and planted a kiss on my
lips, which was more intense than the one I
gave her earlier, in a second we erased our
clothes, and fell on each other, kissing
passionately, all the while she brushed
against her femalecore, up and down, left and
right, Immediately i noticed this I jumped to
the floor and knelt down facing her and as if
she read my mind she spread her legs wide
apart before me, giving me a HD view of her
triangular puny, I was determined to pleasure
her, I wanted to impress her, so I buried my
head into her K—y-Cat and ate it up like she
served it on a plate, savouring its salty taste,
she went Berserk with pleasure. I bleeped
Wilma to a state of stupor and she mumbled
all sort of languages, she begged me, she
scratched me, she held me close, we explored
all the positions ever known to mankind, after
all the thrusting and bouncing, she told me to
finger her Vagingogo, Wilma had the strength
of a million Roman soldiers, but I had the
strength of a trillion.
I started to finger her vigorously and she
came hard, her Pour spilled like a fountain
onto my face, leaving my hands soiled, I put
my index finger into my mouth and licked off
her fluid to her admiration. When I was about
to release from the intense Mouth Action she
was administering to me, she s—-d me even
harder and I discharged a torrential load into
her mouth, she gaggled my Fluid and
swallowed it in one gulp, just like a Indecency
That was my best sx ever or better still the best sx any human being can ever have. We
laid there panting, trying to recuperate from
the strenuous exercise.
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