CLARA (+18) Episode 12

CLARA (+18)

Episode 12

I sat in the parlour with a can of power horse
when Tiffany came in, she was wearing
purple leggings and a white top, she was
looking particularly cute. She said the party
was boring, so she cunningly escaped to see
me for a while after which she will return to
the venue, she said she was missing me.
Tiffany had an iphone4 which I never had a
chance to look at, so I picked it up to explore
its content, she relented in giving it to me but
after a little struggle I playfully snatched it out
of her hand, I was surprised when i found a
lot of pornn videos in it, spanning from black
Indecency to Asian even Chinese, we watched
critically how a black girl’s hole was drilled
hard by a white rooster right inside a class
room, on top of the teacher’s desk, she was
on top of the guy in the reverse cow girl
position bouncing on his notoriously, she
screamed so loud as she poured her jizzm all
over the black board. I had no idea Tiffany
was into pornographyy.
I was starting to get excited when Tiffany
suggested that we go into her house which
was at the moment vacant, i was excited
because I had not entered her house before,
and it seemed to me that something was
about to go down. Her house was no different
from mine only minor changes like the colour
of the wall, the curtains etc. she took me
straight to her room, which was surprisingly
unkempt, I saw her brassier, thongs hanging
on her cupboard and on the floor, but she
hurriedly cleaned it up. She reached for her
stereo and played a Marvin gay cd, for a
while there was silence between us before we
got talking. Meanwhile Wilma after draining
the life out of me left to her house to pack the
few things she needed, so she could move in
for good, pending Clara’s return and so she
was to come home anytime soon.
I scolded Tiffany for switching off her phone
when I needed her the most, and she
apologised regrettably, in the serenity of her
room Tiffany stared closely at me, she said
nothing while I talked unending, it was just
like the first day we met. I suddenly stopped
talking and reached for her lips but she was
quick to evade me.
We were on the bed while all this was going
on. After she dodged my kiss I got upset, I
told her she always led me on and when I
tried to make a move she left me hanging, I
said this Angrily, but she stayed the same she
didn’t utter a word, I sighed and reclined to
the pillow on the bed. Tiffany looked at me
mournfully and said ‘’you won’t understand’’ I
told her to at least explain and she said ‘’it’s
not that easy’’ her hard to get attitude was
starting to piss me off, funny enough I didn’t
really want anything from her, I just wanted
to know how it felt to kiss her and hold her
close, if she would accept me, I would dump
every other girl Wilma inclusive, and be with
her alone, even if it meant being in a distant
Having had enough of the antics I made an
attempt to get off the bed, but she held me
back, she placed her hand on my chest and
said to me ‘’I love you, but that’s the
problem’’, I calmed myself down and asked
her ‘’why?’’ I assured her that I would always
love her and be there for her, I told her that I
would never be unfaithful like her father was
to her mother, I told her ‘’if you let go I would
have to jump in there after you’’, this was her
favourite quote in the movie titanic, on saying
this she looked at me sternly with a sparkle
in her eyes, she was starting to give in.
I just wondered why she was doing all this,
why she was having this fierce battle within
herself, I concluded that she was a virgin and
was scared of what would happen next.
Tiffany had a will of steel but I was starting to
bend it. I placed my hand on her face and
reached for her lips once again, she made an
attempt to look away, but i kept her face in
position and finally I locked my lips with hers,
before I could spell S-E-X we had already
taken off our clothes, I analysed her body
concisely, I fondled her small bosom and
s—-d her large black Tips, she was already
wet and moaning, the smell of her orifice had
overwhelmed the whole room, it was the
smell of pleasure. I knelt before her and
stared at her vaginaa, it was quite bushy, i
could barely even sight her glory hole. When I
decided to insert my tool she begged me to
put on a condom, I said I don’t have one,
then I recalled I had put a pack of condoms
in my pocket before going to sit with Wilma at
the parlour, condom I ended up not using.
Wilma was so possessive on bed; she didn’t
even give me a chance to wear it.
Having put on the condom ready to ravish
Tiffany she still stopped me, I saw confusion
in her eyes, she was almost crying, she said
‘’please don’t let me do this’’ I almost stopped
but i knew that, that was her last show of
virtuousness before she opened her pride to
me, so i Ignored her and went deep into her,
it was a breadth taking moment, literarily.
We remained in the missionary position
through the whole ordeal, she wrapped her
legs around my waste while I thrusted into
her in a rhythmic pattern, she moaned right
into my ear as if her moans were words or
sentences, it was blissful. The pace of my
thrusting started to increase, her moans got
louder, and as if she just acquired the ability
to speak English, she spluttered ‘’Yes, yes, I
will always love you, oh yes’’ into my ear, my
organ was completely soaked with her K—y-
Cat oil, our bodies were covered in a pool of
our own sweat. The sensation was starting to
get to me, my waste was becoming numb, the
pleasure had escalated in such a short time,
so I tried to pull through, but in no time I
precipitated and Tiffany arced her back in
tandem, she was crying now while I was
thrusting still, at a slow pace as if in rhythm
with the ‘Sexual healing’ song which was now
playing on the stereo.
I disengaged from Tiffany, and to my surprise
the bed sheet socked with blood, my
ccondom had broken, and all the while we
were doing it skin to skin. I had emptied my
load into Tiffany’s virgin pusssy. I was
however, surprised that she didn’t give out a
scream while I pierced through her hymen
unknowingly. That was the second to the last
time I saw Tiffany while I was in Abuja, right
after the incident she dressed up and went
back to the party, and since then she stopped
picking my calls and she didn’t call me either,
anytime I went to her place I was told she
was not around, she left my whole world


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