CLARA (+18) Episode 3

Episode 3

They say time goes by when you’re having
fun, my time definitely went by while having a
heartwarming conversation with my model
shaped Aunty, saying that Clara was fun-to-be with was an understatement, we sat at the dining table gisting all day, it was a Saturday and I needed to use the weekend to get to know Clara more, at that point I had gotten over the whole episode which took place
earlier that morning, although I could sense that she didn’t quite get over hers, probably
the thought of what she saw poking out of
my pyjama trousers, must have been the
reason she laughed uncontrollably to my
jokes which didn’t warrant that much
laughter. Clara gave me her full profile, it was
from this I got to know that was just 29
years of age, she referred to herself as a civil
servant albeit a business woman; she also
owned a boutique which I also meted out
from the conversation.
She narrated her family history, but funny
enough I couldn’t pin point the part where
she came to relate with my family, to become
my Aunty, on asking her to explain her
relationship with my dad and larger family,
she smiled and said that the name ‘Aunty’
accorded to her was just ceremonial that she
is just a close friend of the family, her mother
was a close friend of my Aunty (My Dad’s
sister), who was from Akpabuyo just like my
Aunty; she then smiled some more and asked
me if she was too young to be my real Aunty
and I replied ‘yes, but not too young to be my
Sugar mummy, she chuckled at the same
time giving me a stern glance as if
considering whether I was eligible enough to
end up on her bed, she smiled some more,
right after the glance and bite her lower lip
sensuously as she looked away.I was starting
to flirt with my new found family friend, and
though I was a little bit perturbed by her
response after my flirtatious act, I loved her
all the same.
We were still on the dining table when her
friends came and broke our addictive
conversation, huddy made sure he gave them
a warm welcome by barking noisily with its
squeaky voice, huddy was a foreign breed
dog popularly known as a Chihuahua, its
breed originated in faraway Mexico but had
since spread to the rest of the world, and
purchased by anyone crazy enough to buy it.
The dog was interestingly tiny, it stood at
6-10 inches (15-23cm) light brown in
complexion, I was quite shocked when I learnt
that this breed of dogs was sold by a dog
vendor there in Abuja at a price of 120
thousand Naira, no wonder Clara cherished it
like it was a child, feeding it with dog food
that looked like corn flakes, which she bought
and stocked in cartons, sometimes she even
dressed it with colourful long sleeve tops, I
often watched this sought of behaviour in
movies, nonetheless it was funny to look at in
Clara and her colleagues stayed for a
considerable amount of time before they all
went out, all the while I was busy talking to
my folks at home about Abuja and how I was
ferrying so far, and my dad being a leisure
caller talked with me on the phone for what
seemed to be forever, after we hung up my
friends from Calabar almost immediately
engaged my line and we spoke unending
while I told them about my sxy* Aunty, who
I just discovered was nothing but a family
friend, they jeered me on excitedly. It was
after the call that I started to feel lonely and I
realised that Clara didn’t really take me out of
the house to the happening places in Abuja,
for one I would have liked to club in the
biggest night clubs there and if possible
socialise and flirt with her high class friends,
there was still possible time for that, after all
this was just my second day in ABJ I
consoled myself.
Clara’s friends were equally as eye catching
as she was or even better; it was just that
Clara had this sensuousness about her that
made her beauty stand out.

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