CLARA (+18) Episode 4

Episode 4


I was really starting to get bored that evening
when I heard a knock on the parlour door,
Clara had warned me not to open the door to
anybody all I needed to do was to get a
verbal message, or letter if any, slipped by the
visitor through the somewhat postal port on
the door, it’s funny the kind of apertures
affixed on bullet proof doors now a days , on
attempt to waive the curtain aside and have a
glance of who it was through the glass of the
door, I saw a very pretty young lady, tall dark
and lovely, I tried to ask her what she wanted,
but she seemed to have difficulty hearing
from the thick door, pacified by her looks I let
the door open, she was tall dark and lovely
indeed, surprisingly she breezed in as if that
was her house, feeling so comfortable and at
home, I was quite stunned not at her conduct
but at her eye popping physique and I
spluttered absentmindedly ‘is it that every girl
in Abuja is beautiful’ she looked at me and
laughed Her name was Tiffany Utsu,
surprisingly she was from the northern part of
Cross River, Obudu to be precise. Tiffany
looked very much like a Hausa girl, except
she had no tribal marks on her face. I
observed that all around me were people
from my locality excepting Adamu Umuazu
the gate man, who was a full-fledged Hausa
man with a distorted English diction and
parallel tribal marks on both his chicks
emphasising his Hausa roots, I often kept him
at arms-length because he looked like the
kind of person that could strap a bomb to
himself and detonate it inside the building,
besides he often bared his disgust about how
unfair the government was treating him, and
how minimal his pay was.
Tiffany having already sat comfortably on the
chair, asked about Clara, but I told her Clara
was not around, she then inquired about little
Huddy, and I said I didn’t know, besides I was
glad that it was nowhere in sight because
little huddy can cause big problems I told her,
and she gave a brief smile, it seemed that
Tiffany and Clara were very close pals
because she seemed too comfortable in the
house. Having now sat down on the chair
beside Tiffany, Tiffany said ‘‘you must be the
Enitsua I’ve been hearing about’’ and I replied
‘You must be the girl I’ve been dreaming
about, you look much better in person
though’’ and she asked smiling ‘What?’ and I
said ‘You’re the girl of my dreams’ her smile
turned into laughter as she said between
laughs ‘Your actually as funny as Clara
described you’. Tiffany struck me as a very
cheerful and outgoing person, bubbling with
teenage life, this I noticed as she combed the
house frantically to see if there was anything
new to catch her fancy, well she did see
something, keeping up with kardashians was
being aired on E Channel and she watched on
excitedly, we had pockets of conversations in
between commercial breaks, she seemed to
be engrossed in the reality show because she
hardly looked at my face, any time our eyes
met she looked away shyly, well I wasn’t
surprised at this behaviour, I often elicited
such response from girls, mostly due to my
looks and am sure Tiffany liked what she
saw, I thought. Tiffany stayed for almost an
hour before she headed out the door, this was
around 8 o’clock, my thoughts were
confirmed when she said standing out the
door ‘You have nice eyelashes’ and I said
with a tint of blush on my chick ‘’Thank you’’
I usually reply such compliments with sweet
words but I guess she just took me
unawares. I stared at her curvy behind as she
went in her house, which was directly
opposite mine.


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