CLARA (+18) Episode 6

CLARA (+18)

Episode 6

The rest of the weekend was okay I guess, at
least Clara stayed with me all Sunday, we
talked as usual and bonded even more than
ever, but my attraction and enthusiasm
towards her had quenched, and am sure she
must have sensed it, I mean dreaming of
having sexx with her was futile and childish.
The sight of her that morning kept on
flashing through my mind, I was awake in the
parlour when she walked in languidly, her hair
was all messy owing to the excessive
pounding she had gotten that night, her short
purple night gown made little effort to
conceal her braless booobs which were
swaying from left to right at her every step,
most of her thighs were also left out, her
buttockss was equally swaying to the rhythm
of her movement, this made me wonder if
she wore a pantyy underneath.
She had a spark of excitement on her face as
she greeted me Good morning with a guilty
disposition, mystery guy must have ffucked
her real good I said to myself and how was I
to compete with him?, where would I get the
muscles to subdue this Amazon of a woman
in bed?, can I handle all the thrusting and
wiping? I shrugged at these questions. Clara
apparently lost for words asked me ” so em…I
hope you slept well?” and I replied
indifferently “I would have if you and your
boyfriend had let me” and she gave me a
remorseful smile and replied “am so sorry”
her apologies meant nothing to me because I
was already tired of her niceness and sexx
As for mystery guy he had left very early that
morning, I didn’t even get a chance to see
him not until Monday evening when we all
went out for a candle light dinner, Clara,
Williams (mystery guy), Myself and Wilma
Clara’s friend. Williams I learnt was a doctor
and I must admit he was a piece of cake, not
as a weakling or a pushover but a piece of
cake from which every woman would like to
have a slice. I did enjoy those two days, most
memorable was the shopping and the trip to
the Cinema were Clara and I watched Titanic
in 3D, it was my first time experiencing a 3D
film and it was delightful. In the midst of my
outings and escapades someone often came
into my mind Tiffany it was kind of strange
that I didn’t not set my eyes on her since that
night, not even in the hall way, this was a
perfect case of so close but yet so far away.


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