CLARA (+18) Episode 7

CLARA (+18)
Episode 7

The rest of the week was all work for Clara,
she had to do her civil duty at the Cross
River liaison office where she worked at the
same time tend to the needs of her fast
growing boutique, she was so busy that her
friend Wilma had to come to the house to tidy
and keep things in order, Wilma was her
closest friend among her other friends. it
would seem that Wilma didn’t have much to
do, she was one of this rich girls who having
gotten a degree, bluntly refused to work,
living off her family wealth at least until one
ready-made guy comes along, marries her
and whisks her abroad, that was the thing
with the rich, no matter what happened along
the way there was always a ‘happy ever after’
at the end of the tale.
Wilma had a soft spot for me she fondly
called me ‘Mr sxy’, when I intimated her on my life ambitions, my love for writing together with my ‘very soon to be lawyer status’ she liked me even more. Wilma was quite handy, she was an excellent cook too, she knew how to prepare all sort of Meals, Delicacies, beverages etc. her specialty was her fruit juice which she called ‘9 Alive’, she often boasted that it was far more tastier than the popular 5 Alive drink. She was not a spoilt rich kid after all. Wilma was a 28 year old woman, which was shocking because she looked much younger, she was a tall girl, but not as tall as Clara, she had a little mole on her face, which gave her a distinct personality and sx appeal, she was
light in complexion, really endowed with Barca
(Buttocks) and Manchester (bosoms), she
was hippy too. She often gave me a Situation
any time she laughed at my stories and fell
jokingly on my body, when she noticed my
bulge she would look at me and say with a
smirk ‘Bad boy’ as if it was my fault,
considering her vulgar topics, not to talk of
her ridiculously skimpy cloths.
I arrived the gate of the house from the
nearby shopping plaza, where Wilma sent me
to buy fresh tomatoes and grapes two of her
many secret ingredients, i found Adamu (gate
man) and another haggard looking Hausa
man exchanging words loudly, the Hausa man
in a deft move gave Adamu a hard blow to
the jaw, Adamu instantly enraged jumped into
his quarters beside the gate drew out his
matchet and chased this man, giving him a
sharp lash to his back causing blood to spill
out like a choked fountain, the man weakened
by the impact fell to the ground while Adamu
kept on mumbling curses in Hausa
‘Damburubaka… wetereba container’ which I
later interpreted as ‘I will cut your genitals
and put in a container’. I cleverly left the
scene and headed upstairs to my door,
altercations like that most times extended to
the onlookers, it would be so silly for me to
die not of a stray bullet, but of a stray
I came into the house to hear Wilma
screaming my name ‘’Enitsua!’’, she probably
wanted me to get a towel for her because she
was fond of leaving it behind before she
entered the bathroom, after cooking she
usually freshened up with a bath. I answered
‘’Yes am coming!’’ so she knew I was coming
to her aid, I ran to the guest room where her
voice came from to help give her the towel,
on opening the door Wilma jumped out of the
bathroom stark nakedd, with water dripping
out of her body unto the floor, her pubicc hair
was glittering from the pockets of water
entrapped on it, the hairs were meticulously
carved, assuming the shape of an inverted
triangle, her whole body was glowing, the
aromatic smell of her soap together with the
graphical image of her Unclothedness hit me
hard and for a moment I froze, Wilma too for
a moment stared at me absent-mindedly as if
I was the one that was nakedd, and then
playfully she hopped to the bed to pick her
towel, I watched with my mouth open in what
seemed to be slow motion, her full perky
breastss hopping with her, swinging
carelessly, making clapping sounds, as it hit
against her wet soapy body. I suddenly came
to my senses when she said to me ‘’baby
attend to the knock’’ it was then I heard
someone knocking the door, even with this
unlikely encounter Wilma made little attempt
to cover her nakednesss instead she wrapped
her towel round her waste and gave me a
recap of her swinging breastt when she
turned and said again ‘’come on s*xy, go
open the door, i would go but am nakedd’’
she said it as if it was completely normal for
her to pose nakedd in front of me. Still trying
to get the sight of Wilma’s moist breastt off
my mind I ran to the door and swung it open
and there she was, Beautiful Tiffany, there
was this childish excitement between us like a
11 year old kids who just met themselves in
school for the first time after a long vacation,
she held in her hand a plate and a glass, and
said with an insecure expression ‘’Hi…I was
wondering if you would like a glass of milk
and some cookies?’’ I replied ‘’sure… just come in first’’ and she did smiling.


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