CLARA (+18) Episode 8

CLARA (+18)

Episode 8

While having a fill of her delicious snacks, we
talked passionately, this surprised me
because the last time she came my
conversation didn’t seem to interest her at all,

Wilma having prepared launch and freshened
up came out of the room, she hailed Tiffany,
and told me ‘’goodbye’’, on-going out she
said ‘ O Enitsua I won’t be around this
weekend, so I’ll see you when I get back’’ she
said it so passively with no emotion, it made
me wonder if she was the same woman that
generously showed me her unclothedness
seconds ago or was it just a figment of my
imagination. It wasn’t up to minutes when
Clara came into the house looking tired and
weary, she must have been overworked at the
office, she gave me a bright ‘’Hi’’ gave Tiffany
a peck and headed straight to her room, the
next time I saw her was the next morning.
I didn’t see much of Clara during the
weekends, and I cared less because Tiffany
was there to keep me company, her visit
became a daily routine and each time we
would talk for hours unending.
Tiffany was not my usual traffic stopping
beauty or the object of every guy’s wet
dream, but there were many things about her
that intrigued me, Tiffany was my age mate,
she was 22 years old, she had these short
black hair which gave her a Keri Hilson look,
dark complexion, small nice eyes, I liked the
way she looked at me playfully when I lied or
exaggerated about something, Tiffany stood
at 5 foot 3 almost Clara’s height, she was a
slim person with small perky bosoms but
buoyant from the waist down, she was really
endowed, something like an hour glass figure,
her big Buttocks fitted perfectly well with her
slim frame.
I got to know a lot about her during this
period, she was a medicine student, who just
finished her 1st MB exams and was on
vacation. she had real passion for literature,
when I asked her why she studied medicine
she said it was to save people from their
Ailments, which most times were inflicted on
them by nature or circumstances beyond
their control, she then looked up to me and
said ‘’I will find the cure for Aids one day, and
when I do I’ll give it to every sufferer for free’’
and i said jokingly ‘’The condom factory will
despise you, because you’ll put them out of
business’’ and she laughed heartily. Tiffany
was passionate about everything, and we
shared a lot in common, Music, politics,
Religion, writing etc. Her face lighted up when
we talked about love or any romantic movie
or novel, she could talk about the movie
Titanic for hours while quoting the lyrics of
the different casts verbatim, titanic was her
favourite movie. I sometimes wondered why
she never had a boyfriend, anytime I asked
why she was single; she simply waived it
aside saying boys were too much trouble.
As the days went by my likeness for Tiffany
became deeper, and I know she felt the same
way it’s just that she was the hard to get
type, she would always strive to avoid any
form of body contact I tried to establish.
Tiffany was the type of girl you could take to
the aisle, she was sweet, intelligent and
charming but looking closely at her I could
see a girl with so much rage and agony
bottled deep inside, Tiffany lived with her
grandmother, when I inquired about her
parents she said her Dad lived in the U.S, she
said this with disgust in her tone, she spoke
very lowly of her father calling him ‘’A good
for nothing Dog’’ she blamed the death of her
mother on him, saying that due to his
cheating ways, her diabetic mum went into a
state of depression and later died of Heart
failure, as a result of hypertension caused
majorly by her Diabetes, as she said this she
started to cry and I comforted her, she made
me promise her that I would not discuss this
with any other person.

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