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I’m Damex MrCoded, Entertainer with a difference, A Historian, Actor, blogger, Nigeria born Malaysian writer, am funny and I don’t flirt, quote lover. Composer of famous quote:‘The goal is to be Holy, not to look Holy’, Marriage is not a competition, You don’t have to be me when you can be you, etc.

Brain-box behind the popular ChattingDMC, by which celebrities are interviewed via online chat.

Damex MrCoded is an African Man and a Professional Writer, who studied history in one of the best institutions in Africa,he’s currently base in Malaysia where he gained his reputation as a freelance writer.

Where other bloggers and websites keep sharing rumors, gist, musics and negative news about celebrities, so was designed from scratch by Damex MrCoded just to celebrate success of individuals, not necessarily popular figures, but to support the fellow celebrities who some people brand as ‘upcoming’

I am a fan of entrepreneurship, writing, and acting.

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