Dance taught me to be disciplined- SNIPES (from Dance with Peter)

Amaechina David popularly  called  SNIPES, He’s a professional dancer and a fitness trainer, one of the Dance with Peter (P-square) academy, Hes my guest on Chatting-DMC this week, talking about how it all started and his life as a dancer, read his interview bellow.



 Welcome to our episode of ChattingDMC, thanks for welcoming us, tell us about your self especially for people meeting for the first time..
Thank you for having me! I’m Amaechina David, stage name SNIPES, I’m a professional dancer and a fitness trainer, I’m a theatres arts Graduate and I’m Nigerian.
 Amaechina David, nice name, so how do you come across the nick name snipes?
 Lool. Okay American actor Wesley Snipes was one of my favorite actor back then, and I decided to use his name SNIPES for one of my social media platform back in 2009, I realized I really liked the name and I decided to use it as my stage name.
 Nice one, So Snipes What got you into dancing?
Let’s just say I was destined to dance. Dancing has always been a part of me but I was actually into acting more before I got in the university, then in my first a year in the university, I met really great dance majors students in their finals and I was really Inspired by them, I took it more serious since then and the rest like they say is history. I really have passion for dance.
funkiedave-1475643105540What has dance taught you? What was the best routine you ever performed?
Well dance has taught me to be disciplined, you know when it’s time to work you work, when it’s time to play you play. It has also taught me to live life to the fullest. Cos while dancing I just feel so much alive man!
 Okay my best routine?! Hmmm. That should be a routine I did back in university with my dance Crew. It’s my favorite cos it was something different from the usual routines we were used to and it turned out to be perfect and the audience loved it.
how does dance inspire u and How often and for how long do you practise?
Okay dance inspires me to do better, to be dedicated, get to a point where my art gets recognition that can actually inspire other dancers and affect the dance industry in my country positively.
 I practice as often as I should and as long as I should l, till I get my routine in perfect shape
 If you weren’t a dancer, what would you want to work as?
 Well an actor, I’m all about entertainment you know lol, even when I get as successful as I want to be as I dancer, I’d still want to try my acting skills in one or two movie lool.
What challenges have you had to face in your chosen career?
 Mehn! The dance industry is not as respected and lucrative as other entertainment aspects in Nigeria, that’s basically it. Compared to music, movie and comedy aspect of the industry, it’s hard surviving as a dancer when people don’t appreciate or see the true beauty of dancing unlike other entertainment industry in the world like the US. Although it’s really developing now, so my hopes are high

We pray it gets better..
 Amen man!
Have you ever had an embarrassing moment? Tell us about it..
Lool I really can’t think of one bro
Honestly I can’t o
img-20161005-wa0000During your performance at the Dance with Peter show, how did you feel when Don Flex picked you into the DWP Academy
My God!!! Bros I was relieved o, like at a point none of them stood up and my heart was beating anyhow and finally baba stood up, man! I was so relieved only the other contestants back stage understood. I had to compose till I got backstage
 I could understand the feeling, i still do watch the videos,
How many of your Dance with Peter academy mates are you still in contact with?

 Most of them…especially the ones in lagos. we still meet up at occasions.
Are there any new projects you?re working on that you can talk about?
Yea I am. My next project is called #IDance it’s a set of dance videos of all the dance styles I do. It’s a huge project and I’m really excited about it, some other projects I’m into that I’m keeping on a low for now??
If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?
Hehehe I’m using a blackberry o?? anyways you’ll see Mr Eazi- rotate, Esbee- me,myself and I, Davido- Gbagbe oshi, Chinko ekun-. Shayo, Mr Eazi- ohema
 Ok, lets good little personal, are you married or seeing someone?
 Nah I’m single
funkiedave-1475643307560Who do you look up to? Your role model,
Olaiye Benjamin he’s one of those guys that inspired me into dancing I talked about
The rest dancers I just admire, not like I look up to them
 My momma
What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of becoming a professional dancer?
Stay focused, be patient, be disciplined and put in all you have and more and also think of new things to make you stand out
Which quote(s) you live by..
Have fun in all you do
Keep God as close to you as possible
 It was nice having you on this week episode, Thanks for your time, we hope to catch up with you soon,
 Thanks a lot for having and God bless.


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