Before the darkness chapter 13



Before the darkness chapter 13

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Damola opened his eyes and for a few seconds he did not know
where he was. He looked around and then he remembered. He was
on a tree outside of Sarkin Aljan’s compound. It was getting dark
and quiet and he could not see through the leaves so he slowly
dropped down. He stood still and as close as possible to the tree
and looked around; he saw no one. Something was wrong.
After his escape from Sarkin Aljan’s public execution, he had
helped the soldiers to point where they could hopefully make it
to town but he had returned to the house. He came for a purpose
– save Anne and he was yet to fulfil it. To his surprise Sarkin
Aljan did not send dozens of men after him, just a couple and
they soon gave up the chase. If Sarkin Aljan was not after him,
he must have something more important going on.
He peeked at the house from behind the tree and saw three men
come out with heavy guns. They looked around the compound,
walked several metres across the open space in front of the
compound. Two of them walked back in and the other started to
pace in front of the gate. Damola crept a little closer to the
house. Something was happening and it was better that he knew
what it was.
He got closer to the house and he heard the sound of car engines
revving in the compound. Then a huge truck came out of the
house. The truck was filled with men, they all carried big guns.
Where were they going? Close behind the truck, a Toyota Tundra
followed. He sighted Sarkin Aljan in the car and he dropped low
on his belly. Wherever they were going, he needed to be there. As
the car pulled out of the compound, another truck followed it.
This one was almost empty. There was only one man seated at
the back.
Damola crept out and hurried towards the truck while trying to
stay out of sight. He got close to the truck, jumped and hung to
a chain hanging on the side of the truck. The man in the truck
turned and looked in his direction. He must have heard the sound
the chain made. He stood and walked towards where Damola hung.
He removed his gun from his belt and pointed it forward. Damola
hung as still as he could and waited. The man got close and saw
“Hey, who are…?”
Damola punched him in the throat before he could finish. The
man fell and crashed into a metallic object. Damola jumped into
the truck and caught the man before he recovered. He punched
him in the head and he passed out. He dragged the man to a side
of the truck and tied him with his belt. He sat and hoped no one
had heard the noise. Whatever Sarkin Aljan had planned and he
knew he had something planned, he hoped he would be able to
stop it.
They had driven for hours before arriving at their destination. It
was the early hours of the morning and it was still dark. He hid
the gagged man underneath some debris and jumped off the
truck. He ran away from the vehicles and hid himself. They were
parked in front of a small building. He could not tell for sure but
it looked newly built. There were too many men marching around
for such a small building. He was yet to see it but he was sure
the portal was in the building. Whatever the town they were in
was, it was the next target for Sarkin Aljan.
Sarkin Aljan came down from the Tundra and headed into the
house immediately. The other men came down from the truck
and huddled together, one of them was addressing the others.
Damola counted, the men were seven. There were five men
already on ground and he had no idea how many were in the
building. He could maybe try and take them on but he had to
know what was in the building first.
He watched and noticed the pattern of the men who paced in
front of the house. He had a small window of time when one
corner of the building was not covered. He crept towards the
building and waited. The men moved and he ran towards the
house. He tiptoed around the house and got to a window. He
peeped in; he was right, the portal was in the building. Sarkin
Aljan was talking to a man; they were the only two in the
building. He looked around the building. There was a metal
barricade surrounding the portal, Sarkin Aljan was obviously
fortifying his gadget this time.
He looked around the building and saw there was another door
behind the building but it was bolted from inside. He knew he
could attempt to fight all the men and break into the building
but it was dangerous. If he could get the other door open, he
could sneak in. He doubted he could but he knew someone who
could – Esu!
Oya opened her eyes and shook her head to clear her drowsiness.
She looked up and looked around her. Something was happening.
She usually had at least two armed men in the room with her at
all hours of the day. Sarkin Aljan did not trust her and he had no
reason to. She had already killed four of his men and had tried
to escape twice. He knew she would try again and truthfully if
she could, she would. He had been smart enough to keep her
hands covered and tied all the time and to keep water away from
her. She knew it was only a matter of time before he slipped or
one of his men made a mistake. And then, she would make her
escape. She wondered why there were no men in her room at the
She heard a creak and the door to the room opened. A man stuck
his head inside, looked at her and looked around the room.
Through the door opening she saw some men loading some bags
and moving out of the house. Were they going somewhere? The
man closed the door and left.
If Sarkin Aljan was moving, it meant his threat to take over the
nation had started. She tried to move her hand but it was stuck,
she could not.
She heard footsteps outside the door and she stopped moving.
The door opened and a young man entered. She had never seen
him and with the way he looked at her, he had never seen her.
He quietly closed the door without taking his eyes off her. She
had seen the look on several men, she knew what it was – lust.
She had that effect on men and it could be what would help her
escape Sarkin Aljan’s captivity.
“Where is everybody going?” She asked, trying to sound as
uninterested as possible.
“It’s none of your business.” He answered without taking his eyes
off her body.
“It’s okay if they all leave. None of them was man enough to
satisfy me anyway.” She said and he looked up at her face. She
had his attention. “You tie up a woman for months, the least
you can do is get her a man who can satisfy her desires.”
She looked away from him but she could feel his gaze. His lust
for her had increased. If he was as naïve as he was beginning to
look, she could have her escape very soon then.
“Could you please help me remove my shirt please? Those fools
know how hot it is, yet they won’t even open a window.” She
said casually.
He looked at her and hesitated.
She laughed and said. “You are scared of me too? My hands are
tied, what will I do, set you on fire with my breath?”
He did not smile like she wanted but he moved closer to her and
started to unbutton her shirt. She looked down at his trouser,
she saw the growing bulge. She had him already. He removed her
shirt, all the while staring at her cleavage.
“Thank you dear. Could you please help me removed these leather
gloves off my hands too? My hands are boiling from the heat.”
He swallowed and started to remove the gloves. She smiled at
him and nodded her encouragement. She was not sure how much
she could do with her hands tied, but at least she had a chance.
The gloves came off and her fingers tingled as the air touched
them. She bent her head towards him and kissed him lightly on
the lips. He closed his eyes and held his breath.
“Thank you my love. Maybe, just maybe you are the man who will
finally satisfy me in this god forsaken dungeon. All I need is for
you to do me on big favour.”
“What do you want?” He said.
“I need a bucket of water. Those bastards would not let me have
my bath everyday even though I promised they could watch me
bathe. Can you get it for me please love?”
He looked at her face and she winked. He turned around and
walked out of the room. With the bucket of water, she had all
she needed to destroy the place and make her escape. Her only
fear was how she would escape Sarkin Aljan and his dog Manzo. If
she could get out of the room, she had a great chance of
The door opened and the young man came in with a bucket of
“I have not asked for your name love. What is it?” She asked.
“Umar.” He said bringing out a long knife.
She stiffened at the sight of the knife. What was he doing? He
moved closer to her and began to cut the ropes that tied her.
“Just so you know, I have a gun with me. If you try anything
stupid, I will shoot you.” Umar said.
“Oh, come on love, I just want to have my bath and that’s it.”
He nodded and cut the rope off both of her hands. She rubbed
the rope marks and smiled again at Umar.
“You are my hero today Umar, you have made me so happy. But I
have a question though, how many people are left in the building
and where were those others going?”
“I don’t know where the others went but it’s just me and my
three brother left in the building.” He said, eagerly waiting for
her to start removing her clothes.
Anne dipped her hands into the bucket of water and she felt the
energy of the water enter into her. She turned around and faced
Umar. He saw her face and stepped back in fear. She raised her
hands and a whirlwind started to blow in the room. It started
slowly but it began to gain speed. Umar looked at her and started
to run towards the door. She threw her hands forward and the
whirlwind ran in front of him and knocked him down.
She picked her shirt and walked towards Umar. She waved her
hands in the air and threw it backwards. The wind picked up
Umar and threw him across the room.
She got to the door and waited. She had no idea if Umar had told
her the truth about the number of men in the building, but it
did not matter. She had waited for too long for an opportunity to
escape. Now, she had it!
Eric drifted through the street towards his house. He had stayed
in Toni’s house for a few hours. But he knew he could not stay
in hiding forever. He had to prove his innocence. The morning was
cold and breezy, one of those mornings when he loved to cuddle
with one of his girlfriends. Of course he had no girlfriends now.
He looked at the people who walked past him; they did not see
him of course but he felt just as exposed. He sighed and turned
towards his house.
He looked around to see if there were no police men hanging
around. They might not see him but they would sure see the door
opening. He was satisfied, there were no policemen around. He
turned to his door and stopped! There was a woman at his door.
He moved closer and looked; she was familiar. And then he
remembered; she was a model, he had seen her around at events.
What was she doing at his house though?
He went around the house and came to his backdoor. He looked
around to make sure there was nobody watching, he did not see
any. He opened the door and entered the house. He paused at the
door and looked around as far as he could see, nothing seemed to
have changed. He closed his eyes and became visible. He walked
to the front door and looked through the peep-hole, the lady was
still there.
He turned the knob and opened the door slightly without showing
his face.
“Who are you and what do you want?” He asked.
“Hi, is Damola here? I was told he was here the last time he was
“Who are you?” He wondered why the model was interested in
“I’m his girlfriend! Is he here? Open the door please!”
He opened the door without saying anything and she entered and
started looking around the house. He waited in the living room
with his hands in his pockets. After a few minutes she came
“You are definitely not a shy person.” Eric said.
“Where is he?” She asked. He shook his head. He had to get her
out, he had other things to do, he also did not know if she knew
how Sango really was.
“Where is he?” She asked again. “Who are you by the way and
why was he at your house?”
He sighed and sank into a chair. “My name is Eric, I…”
“Eric? You are Esu aren’t you?” She asked very excitedly.
She knew who he was? It meant she would know who Sango was
“Yes I am. How do you know that?”
“I just escaped from Sarkin Aljan’s dungeon. I heard…”
“Wait a minute.” Eric said surprised. “He always talked about
Oya, that’s you?”
“Yeah, the one and only. Now that we are properly introduced,
where is my man?”
Eric explained all that happened to them and how he had seen
Sango stop Sarkin Aljan’s execution.
“Right now, I have no idea where he is. I’m assuming he escaped
though, but he is yet to come here. I was in a little trouble
myself. How did you escape from Sarkin Aljan’s place?”
“That’s a long story but I think he is planning something big. He
moved out almost all his men, something big is going on.”
He started to talk but his phone rang. He considered not taking
the call; it could be someone on the murder case. He shook his
head and pushed the answer button without talking.
“Esu, this is Damola.” He sat up and waved Oya over. “I need you
to listen very carefully.”
“Wait, your girlfriend is here!” Eric said.
Oya snatched the phone from him.
“Hello sweetheart, are you okay?” Oya asked.
Eric watched her talk for a couple of minutes. Her face glowed as
she talked, it was easy to believe they had loved each other for
She put the phone on loudspeaker and placed it on the chair and
sat next to it.
“Esu, we have a big problem.” Sango said. “Sarkin Aljan is set to
destroy the country totally all at once.”
“What? How?” Eric asked.
“I don’t know everything right now but I need you here. I need
you both actually and I need you now!”
“I am a wanted man now, I can’t go anywhere I want. And where
are we going exactly?”
“I’ll text you the location, I really have to go now.” Sango said
and the call ended.
Eric looked at Oya, she returned the look and nodded. He had his
own problems but getting to Sango was priority.
“I brought my car, we should head out immediately.” Anne said.
“We don’t even know where we are going yet.”
“We will get the address before we get out of town but we need
to leave now.”
He nodded and walked into his room. He had to take some things
.They might be away for a while, he needed to be prepared. In
five minutes he was back.
They walked out of the house and he started to follow her to
where her car was parked.
Suddenly he felt a strong sting on his back and pain surged
through his body. He turned around and looked; there were four
uniformed policemen all pointing their Tasers at him. He fell to
the ground the effect of the shock still heavy on him. He closed
his eyes and attempted to get invisible, it did not work. He
looked around, Oya was gone.
“Mr. Adesesan, you under arrest for the murder of Miss Morayo
He looked away from the cops as they read him his rights. He
could not afford to be arrested, not now when he was needed the
Lange paced around his study mumbling to himself. He was not
sure what he was saying but he knew he was frustrated. Since
the Masked Terrorist’s call, his men had been watching the
movement of the portal. It was the source of his frustration.
The device had been moving around in a weird way. It looked like
it was headed to Abuja alright but it had not gone through the
straight route instead it kept going into villages, turning back
and getting back on the road.
Apart from the weird movement, it was going very slowly. It
looked like the terrorists were not in a hurry, almost as if they
were in charge. But then strangely the device started moving very
fast. It was close to Abuja now. His men were already waiting for
whatever vehicle was bringing the portal. His heartbeat was far
from normal now as he waited. If he caught the terrorist now,
he could probably still rescue his reputation.
His phone rang and he grabbed it.
“Talk to me Shina!” He said.
“The tracker stopped sir and so we decided to go to it.”
“Okay, and…?” He asked, wiping sweat off his brow.
“Well sir, we found the tracker on the floor.”
“What?!” He suddenly felt light-headed.
“The terrorists must have found and disposed the tracker sir.”
Oh my God! He could not afford to have terrorists in the Federal
Capital Territory. It would be the end of him. There had to be
another way.
“When did the tracker stop moving?” Lange asked.
“About thirty minutes ago, sir.”
“Okay, do we have our men still searching every vehicle entering
the FCT via all the roads?”
“Yes sir, we do.”
He nodded and ended the call. How did they discover the tracker?
If they discovered the tracker, it meant they knew he was on to
them. He still had hope, soldiers were searching every car
entering the city.
His phone rang again and he grabbed it.
“Did you find them Shina?” He asked as soon as he answered the
“Sir, this is not Shina but I’m afraid we have a problem.”
“What is it?” Lange asked and held his breath.
“The portal was not headed to Abuja, it appears to be somewhere
in Minna. A strange form of darkness was reportedly sighted a
few minutes ago, sir!”
“Find that portal and destroy it!” Lange said, his voice and his
body shaking furiously.
Aaaaargh!!! He screamed and threw his phone against the wall.
“Why Minna? It was not a very important… oh my God! Susan!”







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