Before the darkness chapter 14



Before the darkness chapter 14

Eric shifted on the cold concrete bench. His back ached, so did

his legs. He had now been in the police cell for hours and no

position he tried was convenient anymore. He stood and screamed

in frustration. The policeman seated out his cell eyed him and

went back to his work. The policemen were keeping a close eye on

him, they always had someone watching. And they were smart to

do that. He had not seen too many policemen in the station when

he was brought in so he had thought of nothing but escape for

the first few hours.

Escaping was not possible he had come to find out. He walked to

the iron bars that closed him up in the cell. He touched them

again. The iron bars were thick, they were not meant to be

escaped from. He sighed and went back to sit on the concrete


He had often wondered why people took their own lives. He

always felt it was a cowardly thing to do, and he believed that

anyone who committed suicide really deserved the death. He was

not sure anymore. He did not see the reason for his life. He had

done all the good he could and become as successful as he could

be, yet he was going to jail for a crime he did not commit.

“Hey you!” He heard a voice call and he looked up. “You have a

visitor and you have five minutes only and she can only talk to

you from the other side of the metal barricade.”

He stood from his bench and walked forward.

“Eric…” It was his secretary – Pearl. “How did you know I was

here?” He was surprised to see her.

“I found out and that doesn’t matter right now. I gave the cop

just two thousand naira and that will soon expire.”

“Oh, why did you do that? I thought you were here to bail me


“Bail you? Have you forgotten you jumped bail once? You are here

until you go to court!”

He sighed and said. “How long is that going to take? I can’t

survive here for long.”

“That is exactly why I am here.” She said and she began to

smile. “You are going free Eric!”

“What? How? Why?” He asked, his eyes wide.

“One of the girls that was supposed to testify against you

suddenly grew a conscience. She says she was paid to testify

against you. Get this; she also witnessed the murder!”

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s get her to court

immediately!” He said.

“We will be in court tomorrow! Your lawyer is making that happen

right now. Eric, you could be cleared from all your charges


“So, I’ll walk tomorrow? And I was beginning to have suicidal

thoughts.” He said and started to pace.

“Suicide? Eric Adesesan considered suicide? Well, you are not in

the clear yet. Even if the judge dismisses the case immediately,

you will still have to be punished for jumping bail. What were you

thinking anyway?”

“It’s a long story Pearl, you don’t want to hear it on your two

thousand naira’s worth of time.”

“Whatever this long story is, please don’t let it happen

tomorrow. If somehow you don’t show up tomorrow…”

“Hey, I’m in jail, where on earth am I going? I just hope…”

“Your time is up Madam!” The voice of the policeman rang from

behind her. “Leave now or I will throw you in jail with him.”

“Eric, your lawyer will be here later, okay? I will see you in court

tomorrow. I will, right?”

Eric nodded and smiled as she walked out. If he was able to leave

the court on time, he could possibly still help Sango save the


He looked up and saw that the policeman at the desk had gone

out after Pearl. It was the first time there was nobody watching

him. He shrugged and returned to the bench. He was just about

to sit when he heard footsteps in the hallway. Maybe a new

policeman was coming to take over. The footsteps got closer and

suddenly he began to feel nervous.

The steps got closer and then a man stepped out in front of

him. The man wore a dark grey three-piece suit, a white shirt

and a blue tie. He carried a bag in his left hand and the right

hand was stuck in his pocket. Eric looked at the man curiously

but the man ignored him. Was he a lawyer?

“Hello, who are you?” Eric asked.

The man looked at him for the first time and smiled. The smile

sent chills down Eric’s spine. Who was this man? The man set his

bag on the floor and unzipped it. He dipped his left hand into it

and brought out a small black object. Eric’s heart was racing

now as he looked closer; it was a gun!

Oh my God!

The man moved towards him and pointed the gun at his head.

“Who are you? Why are you killing me?” Eric asked with a weak

voice. He had never felt so helpless.

“I bring greetings from the Professor.” The man said and put his

hand on the trigger.

Eric closed his eyes and his legs gave way under him as he heard

the man pull the trigger. He fell to the ground with pain in his

chest. He put his hand on the spot – it was dry. He opened his

eyes and looked all over himself. There was no blood! He looked

up at where the man stood; he was leaning on the metal

barricades with a hole in his head.

Eric jumped up and then he saw a man standing a few feet away

from the body. He was a short and stocky man. He was putting a

gun in the pocket of his leather jacket. The barrel of the gun

seemed to have been bent backward. He moved closer to the

metal rods and pushed away the assassin. He looked at the iron

bars and he grabbed two of them and pulled them apart!

Eric backed away in shock! The man had pushed the rods apart as

if they were made of candle wax. The man stretched his hands

and beckoned him to come.

“Who are you and what are you doing?”

“My name is Ogun, the others are in danger, they need us now!”

Eric stared at him with his mouth open. Ogun- the god of



President Lange could feel his body shaking. He held his hands in

front of his face and saw how visible his shaking was. His phone

was ringing every minute but he had not picked any call. He

considered switching it off but somehow he still held on to the

hope that Shina will call him from Abuja to say he had found the

real terrorist and that the news from Minna was just a rumour.

But he knew the truth, he knew what he was doing was mere

wishful thinking.

He picked up his phone; he had thirty four missed calls and

seventy three messages. He knew all these calls were important

and sooner or later he would have to talk to all these people but

it was not time. He went to the messages and scrolled through

the senders. Now he regretted giving so many people his private

number. Many of the foreign ambassadors had called him, some

of them would want to help but most of them will only make

demands and put pressure on him.

He kept scrolling then paused. He had received a message from

the Masked Terrorist! He clenched his teeth and opened the


I promised not to call and I won’t.

Whenever you decide your people do not deserve to die,

Call me and we will name our terms!

Lange placed the phone on his bed and walked away from it. He

was done talking with him. He walked in front of the standing

mirror beside his wife’s dresser and looked at his reflection. He

looked old and weak. He could not say he had done great as

president but he had gotten more than he asked for, more than

he thought possible.

He walked away from the mirror and to his shoe cabinet. He

picked a pair and wore them. He had sworn to be a president,

even if he had no idea on what to do, the least he could do was

to show his face in his office. He walked towards the door and

then he remembered his phone. He was just picking up the phone

when it began to ring. It was his wife.

He considered not talking to her until the solution was found for

all the problems he had created for the nation. That way he

would have something to say when he talked to her. He was not

sure that would ever happen. He sighed and answered the call.

“Hello Susan.” He said.

“Mr. President, I’m sure you have heard about the darkness

spreading in Minna. And in case you forgot, that is where your

dear wife is!”

“I know Susan, I’m so sorry. I wish I could be there with you, I

wish I could hold you in my arms and tell you everything will be

okay. I’m so sorry Susan.”

“Well, you had your chance and you chose another woman.” She

said and there was a brief silence. “Look Johnson, I did not call

to fight. I just called to ask if you are making any attempt to

rescue me.”

“Susan, I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t know…” tears were

already pooled in his eyes.

“So, you are doing nothing, right? Remember how you went all

out for your mistress? You put the whole country – including

your legitimate wife at risk for her. History won’t forget you –

President Lange, the man who gave his all to save his mistress

and left his wife to die. Goodbye Johnson, I hope you treat your

next wife better.” She said and ended the call.

Lange looked at the phone and the tears poured down his face.

He scrolled through his contacts and called the terrorist.

“I want to meet. I will send you the address and the rules of

engagement.” He said and ended the call before the terrorist

could reply.

He dialled the number of his Vice President, he picked at first


“Mr. President, I have called you severally.”

“Listen to me carefully.” Lange began. “I was always going to

hand over this presidency to you, although I thought it was going

to be after eight years of working together. The next few hours

will be critical and anything may happen. As soon as I can’t be

reached for more than four hours, I want you to take over the

presidency immediately! Even if they don’t make it official, they

will still listen to you; they respect you as much as they respect

me. Alhaji, the nation is counting on you, I am counting on you.”

He ended the call without the Vice President saying a word.

He doubted that he deserved redemption for the harm he had

caused the nation. The least he could do is to try and salvage

what was left of his reputation, even if it meant losing his life.


He was tired of waiting but he was not sure if there was more

he could do. Damola had sent the address of his location to Esu

but he had not acknowledged receiving it neither had he

answered any of his subsequent calls. Something had to be wrong.

He was in a hurry for him to come. And maybe his haste was

more because of Anne than Esu. He wondered what she had been

through or how she escaped. He looked at his watch again. The

darkness had started to spread and he had no idea how long it

would take it to mature. Once it did, it meant he was going to

die along with the other residents of the city.

He had had enough. He crept out from behind a pile of logs

where he had been hiding and slowly moved towards the house.

Sarkin Aljan had stayed in the room with the portal since he

arrived, he would have to fight and win him to get to the

portal. He was not sure if it was a good idea to take on Sarkin

Aljan but he knew he would have to fight him at a point; the

earlier the better. As he crawled closer to the building he heard

Sarkin Aljan talking to one of his men. He paused and listened.

“Tonight we meet the president. I expect him to hand over the

country to us, his wife is here you know. Get everything

prepared, we will make our broadcast from Abuja. Get me a big

flag of Nigeria and then use…” The voice faded out.

Damola moved closer to the building and peeped inside, Sarkin

Aljan had left the room. He heard the engine of a car start

outside and he peeked; Sarkin Aljan was leaving with a few of his


This was his chance! He would get to destroy the portal without

even fighting Sarkin Aljan. He rose to his feet and matched

towards the building. Two of the guards noticed him and pointed

their guns, he threw his right hand in their direction and they

were hit by fire-bolts, they fell unconscious. He got to the edge

of the building and paused. He peeped at the front of the

building, there were five men there. Three of them were lying

down on their backs on the floor, the other two held their guns

combat ready. He raised right hand and shot two bolts of

lightning at the two men carrying the guns, they fell down and

one of their guns discharged. The other three stood and three

lightning bolts hit them in quick succession. The men were all

down. He shook his head, it was too easy.

He ran and quickly stepped into the building. The portal was

working at full force now. There were several bright blue sparks

and a few red ones. He could not get as close to the portal as he

wanted because of the metal barricade Sarkin Aljan had installed.

If he would stop the portal, it would have to be from behind the


He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, then he put his hand

around the barricade. The fire came from both his hands and

then he released it. He felt a pressure against his hands and he

opened his eyes. The fire was stopping at the barricades; there

was an invisible wall stopping it. He could not understand. He

closed his eyes and tried again. The invisible wall resisted again

and he pushed harder. He started to feel pain in his hand but he

could not stop. There was no gain without pain, the nation

needed him. He felt the pressure against his hand start to spread

to his chest and his face but still he did not stop.

And suddenly, there was an explosion and he felt himself go up in

the air. He crashed against the wall of the building and fell down

in a heap. He could not hear anything but the hum of the portal.

Pain enveloped his body, no part of him seemed to be functional.

His eyes began to close but he struggled against it. Whatever

happened, he had to be alive if and when Sarkin Aljan came back.

Or else, he was as good as dead.



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