Dbanj : Praise worthy or Industry wash?


  • Dbanj : Praise worthy or Industry wash?
  • I will stick with worthy for Dbanj,
    Dbanj is every hustlers dream, Dbanj has divide the odds for the last 10years, He’s constantly proven that he could break boundaries, he’s always move out of his comfort circle, so you need to give him major ups for that.
    Take for example, he venture into foreign media, people might term it as not successful, but who else had the balls to make such bold effort,
    Dbanj got signed to Kanye West good music,
    Dbanj at ones a time he was signed to three labels, in Africa he had universal deal with Sony, in America he had the good music deaf jam deal, and in the UK he had the Mercury deal, who else had done that?
  • I think will need to give props to dbanj for all the bold efforts and bold moves he’s done over the time,
    If you going to write the history of Nigeria music, Dbanj will definitely going to take more than a page, he has had one of the biggest songs ever in history of Nigerian music, (Oliver twist) . He had gone on different chats, eg: France, whole of Europe, UK, who’s done that before? Who else has got so much energy in pulling Nigerian music industry and placing them on the map? From features in magazines to TV, to getting spines on music radios in the UK
  • It’s funny when throwing shades at Dbanj, saying lots of things like he can’t sing, he’s in depth and so on, but looking at the positives, Nigerian president ones rock his headphone, who’s interview the president before?
    Who’s the first Nigerian to get his own beatsByDre headphones?
    Who’s the first Nigerian to be asterisk by facebook? We can say hey what’s that all about is not music, but dbanj has constantly said it, that he’s not a musician, he’s an entertainer, and that’s what entertainers do, they remain relevant over the years,
    Has 2face drop one hot records over the years? Nope? So are we going to throw shades at 2face? Even dbanj had imparted into lives of youngsters more than 2face #factsonly.
  • Dbanj had constantly thrives to become more bigger than he his.
  • Some people say his record labels isn’t big, but other people record labels too are suffering, not only dbanjs own,
  • Dbanj is definitely a praise worthy because of the music, the boundaries he’s constantly breaking in and out of Nigeria, in and out of Africa, in the world as a whole, if you going to could some of the must successful artistes in Nigeria, you put 2face there, you put Psquare there, definitely you put Dbanj,
  • Compare Dbanj and 2face in the last 10years, they have achieved almost the same thing, so why does Dbanj gets all the hits all the time,
    Dbanj is an hustler, gets all the deals, he had Glo deals, Bank of Industry deal, Slot, ambassador for peace, ambassador for gender inequality, he has KOKO garri which Dangote endorsed, and many more,
  • He’s on a one campaign with Bill Gates,
  • One of the hardest thing to do as an artistes is, even when you don’t drop hot music yet you still pumping and relevant as an artistes, and I think Dbanj is constantly doing that.
  • What Dbanj really need is to keep the correct teams around him, because he changes manager here and there, if people isn’t getting loyal to you that means something is wrong so on that aspect, Dbanj needs to do something on that. That’s why he’s having over thousands youtube pages, numerous IG and FB pages,
  • So for Dbanj definitely worthy and not wash

Source: Osagie Alonge

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