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Sonia took a deep breath.Not that breath of
relief but in readiness to hear what the wicked
Ebere whom she had thought to be a kind
hearted lady had to say.
“Hahaha…”Ebere roared again until she finally
covered her mouth with both palms,startling
Sonia who was lost in thoughts.She kept
still,glaring at Sonia.
“Do you by any chance know of a guy called
Paul?”Ebere asked.
Sonia almost fainted on hearing that name
again.Her heartbeat increased tremendously as
she held her chest with the right palm,trying to
come back to normal again.She didn’t reply
immediately because she knew she would
stutter if she tried to.
“Oh my God.I hope its not what i am
thinking.Could she have seen me?”Sonia
reasoned silently and stole a glance at Ebere.A
mischievious smile was playing on her lips.She
didn’t wait for Sonia to answer her question as
she continued almost immediately,concluding
that the expected yes from Sonia was not really
necessary because she believed they both knew
the answer already.
“Paul was one of the men that came my
way.With his sweet words,he stole my heart like
a thief.I surrendered my love,my heart and my
body to him,thinking i have found my missing
rib but little did i know that i was just a
intimacy gadget to him.I didn’t know he just
kept me around to satisfy his wicked S#xual
desires.Promising me that i would be the
mother of his children..hmmm,i wasn’t
surprised when i saw the both of you together
because i kept monitoring him.I played
cool,acted as if nothing was happening but
along the line,something happened”She
stopped and gazed at Sonia.She could read the
too many questions and curiousity written all
over the poor girl’s face.
“What happened?”Sonia was eager to hear
everything.She was really scared.If it happened
that Ebere knew how paul died,then,she was in
trouble.She may be compelled to give in to her
demands to cover up some things.
Ebere glanced at her wrist-watch and hit her
head softly.Time was running out;she had
somewhere important to go to.
“Sonia,i don’t have much time to spend her.I
am really happy that i met you.I equally
rejoiced when Angela told me she wanted a
maid.I feel this is the perfect time to strike
back.Sonia,get pregnant for her husband.I’m
happy she’s yet to conceive.After that,we plan
the next move”Ebere said with a bossy tone.
“You can’t force me to do it.Instead,i will give
up the job.Mrs Angela could be innocent of your
accusations”Sonia said,still in doubt if Ebere
brought up paul’s issue for nothing.
Ebere stood up,ready to go,adjusted her
wears,took her pink coloured handbag that
matched her top,came over to Sonia and rested
her palms upon her shoulders.
“My dear,if you love yourself,just do what i
asked you to do.And……let me not forget to
remind you that the police would be very happy
to hear that the killer of mr.paul is moving
about freely in the streets”She whispered.
Sonia shook with fear,letting go of Ebere’s
gentle hold.The expression on her face change
She had had this feeling;that someone saw
her.One could easily tell she was crying,though
she wasn’t shedding tears nor making any
“And i am very sure you wouldnt want the
police to hear of it.Mind you,there is another
witness who also saw how you wickedly stabbed
him.We have the pictures.That person is
somewhere here watching us right now.Just
letting you know incase you decide to try any
silly move on me.
If in the next three weeks you dont get him to
sleep with you,then prepare to face the law for
the crime you commited.Its barely a year old.
One more thing,make sure you connect me on
the phone when you are with can
mute your own end.Have a nice day”Ebere left
without looking back.She was mean.
Tears flowed freely down Sonia’s cheeks.She
never believed a day like this would ever
come.She never believed anyone saw her on
that fateful day.
“Surely,nothing is hidden under the sun”





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