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David was shocked at the sight
he beheld.
As a man that he was,he got
filled with mixed
feelings.Should he go back
and leave her alone?. He shut the door and
called her
name again from outside.She
didn’t answer.He called
again.This time around,he was
getting angry.
“How am i sure she is still alive?”he thought.
He immediately pulled the door
and called her name aloud.
She moved and opened her
eyes.On seeing him,she quickly
grabbed the bedspread and covered her self.
“I am sorry sir”she
said,standing up,holding the bedspread
loosely.She allowed it drop down,revealling
every part of her body to David.
She pretended it was accidental and
unintentional as she bent down to pick it up to
cover herself.
“I am very sorry sir.i’m sorry”she said
there and looking at him as if
he was a ghost.
David just shook his head and
made for the door.
“Get me my dinner”he said before shutting the
Sonia face changed
immediately he left.she was
very disappointed.
“what manner of man is this?
Does it mean i am not appealing to him?”she
“I am trying my best o.i am doing my best”This
she said to Ebere on the phone before
unmuting it.
“That is your own business”Ebere’s voice
echoed from the other end before the line went
“I must make up for this,before
he tells my madam another
thing”She got dressed and
went out to dish out David’s
dinner. As she notified him that dinner
has been served,she was
reluctant to leave.She scratched
her head and stood still.David
noticed this.
“What is it?”He asked. “Emm,sir…i,i..want to
for what happened today.i am
very sorry.Its just that i was
feeling heat and i didn’t like
putting on the fan.i am very
sorry”Sonia sounded so innocent.
“It’s ok.there is no problem.But
let me bring to your
notice,whether heat or cold in
that your room,you must wear
decent clothes.have i made myself clear?”David
stressed out.
“Yes sir”Sonia answered
She smiled to herself as she
went back to her room.

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Two days later,She visited her mom to narrate
how she had tried to lure Mr.David to lied with
her which proved abortive.
“Mama,i have tried my best but the man has
refused.I am afraid he might find out my
mission and send me packing.Mama i dont
want to go to jail.That Ebere is heartless.She
just wont let me be”Sonia lamented.
“What do you suggest we do?”her mother
“Mama that is why i am me out”She
pleaded while her mother nodded in
The witch doctor they visited gave Sonia a
liquid in a
black bottle and told her to put it in David’s
food for
three consecutive days and he will become
Sonia called David to come and have
had carefully applied the liquid as instructed by
witch doctor.She stood around to make sure
ate the food when he eventually come out of his
room.She just couldn’t wait to see the food pass
down his throat.She had only 6 days left to do
Ebere’s bidding.
The only thing on her mind that moment was to
see David pass the food down his throat.


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