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shine bright like a diamond”
“shine bright like a diamond…..”
Angela tossed on her bed.The
phone kept ringing.She peered
at the screen,It
was “Sweet mother” calling.
tossed again from one side of
the bed to another.She was still enjoying her
sleep.It was the
ringing phone that woke her
up.She glanced at the clock
hanging on the wall.It was
She wondered why her mother could be calling
so early that morning.
“Good morning mum”She
finally spoke into the phone.
“Angela.Angela are you
alright?”Mrs uwa asked from the other end of
“I’m alright mum.I hope there
is no problem”Angela asked
curiously.Her mother’s voice
didn’t sound normal.
“Angela.i had a dream that’s why i called
you”Mrs uwa said
with a shaky voice.
“A dream?”Angela asked
“Angela, i had a
were travelling by a bus,sitting very
comfortably on your seat
and then a lady came out from
nowhere and started dragging
the seat with you..The seat that
you paid ticket for.What baffled
me was that everybody in the bus kept quiet as
if they
didn’t see what was
happening.Then she finally
pulled you out of the fast
moving bus and you fell down
on the express road.Immediately,i woke
up”She narrated with a deep sigh of confusion.
Angela heaved and yawned
“Mama,it’s just a dream.It’s
only a dream.Don’t worry okay? I’m fine”Angela
“No no no. Angela,my dreams
are not just dreams.I hardly
dream and when i have one,its
usually a revelation because it
later comes to pass.Angela,youmust pray
hard.Pray real hard
because i sense danger”Mrs
uwa warned.
Angela was reluctant to saying
Her mother’s dreams comes into reality though
but only one case gave her doubts.Her little
sister was taken by unknown gunmen few
months after her birth and they never heard
anything about her again.She felt her sister
could be dead;if not blood and destiny ought to
have brought them together again but her
mother kept saying that her lost daughter was
still alive,that she dreams of it.
Angela openly doubted the possibility of her still
being alive.
She also remembered how
her mother had told them she had a dream
where her
aunty,her mother’s sister had
an accident and died.Her
mother had told her sister
about it and asked her to
pray.They too,prayed over it.Few months
later,her aunty
died in a ghastly motor accident.
Angela became scared.She clasped
her hand together and
muttered something.
“Angela.You must come over so we can pray
over this.Tell David
about it.I’m very sure he would
allow you come”Mrs uwa said
before finally hanging up.
Angela got up immediately and
went up to David to tell him about it.
David granted her the
permission without wasting
The pastor Angela and her
mother visited,told Angela that she must fast
for seven days
(6am-3am) and at the end of
the fast,she must come for
prayers.Becauseof this,she
stayed over at her parents
place as instructed by her mother.
The pastor didn’t
actually explain the dream but
he only said he sensed danger.
“Great disaster”


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