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David rolled again on the big bed,curling up at
one end to see if sleep would welcome him into
it’s soothing arms.
He kept still expecting it to come but it never
came.Not even a shadow of that blessing called
sleep did he see.
He knew for certain that there was no way sleep
can take him away in his thoughts.
He was thinking,thinking about Sonia but trying
to convince himself that it was his dear Angela
he was thinking of.
He fought those thoughts but they persisted.
He found it strange how Sonia filled up his
mind,heart and thoughts.They have lived for
quite a longtime and he never felt like this
before.He wondered if it could be because of
the fact that Angela was not around.
He shook his head negatively.That was not the
first time Angela left the house without
returning for few days.
Of course the poor girl was a maid,employed to
help out with the household chores;he never
saw any need of thinking about her when he
had Angela but tonight he just couldn’t
understand what was happening.
He had called Angela on the phone few minutes
ago and they gisted and laughed for sometime
before bidding each other goodnight but
still,the beautiful image of Sonia couldn’t get
out of his mind.
It was as if someone held her picture to his face
for him to see and he was trying to push it
away but the person holding it refused letting
go.Just like when someone tells you to shut
your eyes and think about other things apart
from him;surely,you must think about that
person and try not to.
A memory flashed into his mind.It was that day
Sonia showed up when he was watching a
football match.He remembered the way she
had appeared and how lovely she looked.
Another memory that got him up on his feet
was when he saw her sleeping in her room with
everything that made her a woman open for
him to see.He equally remembered when she
stood up and the bedspread fell down.He
pictured her fair,elegant and inviting
bossom,her tempting curves and shapes.
He swallowed hard and made for the door as
the whole incident kept replaying in his head.
He headed towards her room,though he didn’t
know what he was going there to do but he felt
like beholding her face physically;perhaps,it
could help cure this new sickness of his.
He walked lazily until he arrived at her door.He
reasoned within him that it would be a
disturbance if he called her name at that time
of the night without any solid reason.
He tried opening the door quietly to just steal a
look at her and then go back in peace but it
was locked.He rested against the door and
muttered something under his breath.
He finally made up his mind to knock.He
knocked gently the first time,no answer.
When he tried again,he heard Sonia’s calm
voice from within,demanding to know whom it
“I’m the one”David’s voice was weak.
Sonia jumped down from the bed and adjusted
her pyjamas.Her eyes went up to the clock
hanging on the wall.
It was 10:50pm
Soon,Ebere’s voice was heard on the phone.
“What is it? Two days.48 hours left.The clock is
Sonia started coughing for the fear of David
hearing a single thing until it was muted.
She took the phone and made for the door.
She opened the door and found David standing
there helplessly.


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