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Sonia couldn’t help but stare at the devil
incarnate Ebere who flashed her teeth at
several intervals in a wicked smile.At times she
exposed them like someone who brushed with
omo,telling the whole world to see.To her,they
were smiles of satifaction.Her revenge on
Angela was almost at it’s climax.
“I called you to discuss something important
with you”Sonia opened up,bitterness written all
over her.
Ebere tilted her head to one side,stole another
glance at her and said”I’m all ears”
Sonia felt like strangling her to death with the
bitterness and pain boiling in her.
“Aren’t you done with me yet?
Can’t you let me go in peace now?
Haven’t i been sleeping with your bestfriend’s
husband as you wished?”Sonia asked.
“What kind of a girl are you anyway? You saw a
means inorder to get what you want and help
your mother and you are rejecting it.I haven’t
seen a case where a person spat out the sugar
put in his mouth……….”
“I’m pregnant for crying out loud.I’m
pregnant”Sonia bursted in.Tears gathered in
her eyes.Bravely,she blinked them back but
deep inside she was crying out her heart.
“Wow.great.that is what i want my dear.i am so
happy.Get ready to become the new
Mrs.David.Forget about Angela.I will take care of
her.She must pay for what she did to me”Ebere
stressed out.
Sonia smiled for the first time and shook her

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“You claim to be a friend but you are an
enemy.A betrayer…..”
“Don’t address me in such rude manners….”
“I will.I will and i will.again,again and
again”Sonia hauled,hitting her fist on the little
side stool besides her,drawing the attention of
people.”I think its high time we all take
responsibilities for our crimes.I am ready to
accept mine.Get ready to accept yours.I’m
terminating this pregnancy.Thanks for ruining
my life.Soon,i will call it quits with this job and
face whatever comes my way.I think its better
that way.You have used me enough trying to
destroy a union.If i go to jail,so be it.If mrs
Angela kills me for betraying her trust by
sleeping with her husband day in,day out,i
deserve it”She couldn’t fight the tears anymore
as they finally found their way down her cheeks
but she was determined.She stood up to leave.
“Maybe you need to sleep to regain your
senses”Ebere said as the watched the furious
Sonia storm out of her presence.
Immediately Sonia left,Ebere’s phone rang.It
was Angela.
“Heloo,how is my Angel doing?”She spoke into
the phone.
“B.B i’m fine.There is this red dress.I don’t know
if you would like it”Angela replied.
“You know the kind of dress i cherish”Ebere
“Sure.This is one of them”They laughed over
the phone.
Since Angela got married,she never forgot
Ebere whenever she went to buy dresses and
shoes.Even colourful handbags.
Angela was in the sitting room.David was yet to
return from work.Sonia noticed she was not in
her happy mood.She went up to her and sat by
her side.
“Aunty,i hope there is no problem”She
asked.Angela did not say anything.She called
out to her the second time,startling Angela who
was far away in thoughts.
“Aunty what is the problem?”She asked again.
Angela heaved.
“Just today,a woman caught her best friend
with her husband on the bed in a
hotel.Someone who saw them move into the
hotel alerted her.She went with a knife and
stabbed her friend who died instantly.Now the
poor woman is in police custody.I pity her”She
Sonia was taken aback by the story.She
thought for a while.
“That is a bad incident.But Aunty,tell me if you
were the woman what would you have
done?”Sonia asked carefully.
Angela smiled and shook her head.
“My husband.No no.I can even look for a
gun.And surely i must shoot that friend of
mine.I dont care what happens next”Angela
answered confidently,instilling enormous fears
on Sonia whom it took great effort to hide the
“She can never get away with it.I must teach
her the lesson of her life.I can share anything
with anybody else but not my husband”Angela
added further.
Sonia only nodded as Angela said those words
and she knew the kind lady meant every bit of
her words






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