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“Honey, do you think this idea of
bringing in a maid is
right?” David asked Angela who
was already sad that her husband refused to
her request.

“Yes,i don’t see anything wrong with that. let’s
just bring
a maid.
“What do we need a maid for?” David asked. He
was not happy.
“So i can fully concentrate on
my business. The new maid will be doing the
cooking and keeping the home clean. please
my dear” Angela
pleaded. BecauseDavid never wanted to see her
he gave
her the go ahead.
Angela became happy again but she never
knew she was
calling for trouble.
“Angela my daughter. You are
looking so beautiful” It was Mrs. Uwa, her
Angela smiled as she sat on the sofa. “Mum,
everyone knows to well that i am not more
than you are. I am only but your photocopy and
Dad’s carbon
copy. So the both of you are the
real beauty” She gesticulated. Her mother need
soothsayer to tell her that her
beloved daughter was living in harmony with

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Angela had actually visited her parents inorder
to tell them about her plan of getting
maid, so her mother could help
her look for one.
“My daughter.i don’t support this” her mother
cuts in.
“Why mum?”Angela just couldnt see any reason
why her mother should stand
against this.
“David your husband,i believe
loves you so much and will do
almost anything for you.If you
are finding the house chores hard,discuss it
with him and
see if he will profer a better
solution.The greatest mistake
you will make in your marriage
is giving another women the
opportunity to take care of your husband for
“Mum but i am not bringing in
a maid to take care of my
husband for me”Angela
interrupted her mother.
“Your mother is right Angela.Bringingin a maid
your matrimonial home to do
the cookings and wash your
husbands clothes almost
means the same thing as
leaving your husband under her care”Her father
spoke this
Angela became confused.There
may be sense in what her
parents were saying but her
instints told her that her husband can never
prefer a
maid over her.Not when their
love for each other is still there.




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  1. mhizzdee May 30, 2017 at 4:32 PM

    Cool story, still reading. The chapters are too short tho

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