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David!” Angela
screamed, holding her cheeks with both palms.
spontaneously rolled down from her eyes. She
ran out
immediately. She just couldn’t stand the sight.
Sonia quickly jumped down from the bed.She
felt something leave her body.She felt that
force which invaded her disappear
immediately.Her heart was beating fast.She was
totally scared,not knowing what to do next.
David just
took it as if nothing happened.
“What is it. come back to bed
please”David said.
Sonia let out an inaudible hiss,her head
spinning.Escape was the only thing on her
mind and here’s this man telling him to come
back to bed with him.Maybe something’s wrong
with him,she thought as she ran her fingers
across her hair in total disarray
“Do you want your wife to kill me? Didn’t
you see her?”she asked
reaching for her clothes.With a little less than
the speed of light,she grabbed them and fled
into her room,gathered few clothes into her bag
with the little time she had left.She was ready
to accept whatever she gets.Her world had
always been an illusion.Life had never seen her
as anything more than an outcast.
She reached for her phone,peered at the screen
swiftly and glanced at it again.
Fourteen missed calls from her mum.
She dialled her number straightaway.It was
ringing but after each ringing,a female voice
would tell her that the subscriber was not
responding but she could send her a mini call
for an amount which she didn’t care to
hear.She hated hearing that.She hated it
whenever somebody’s phone whom she
called,rings without the person answering it.

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“Whatever it is mom,you will see me soon”She
told herself,zipping the bag she had roughly
packed few of her clothes into.She knew she
would soon be a wanted person.Wanted by the
police;because she believed Ebere wouldn’t let
her be after all the damage she has inflicted on
people already.Wanted by Angela,the lady who
once told her she could kill anyone whom she
catches with her dear husband.
“It would have been better if the law caught up
with me earlier.I wouldn’t have gone through all
these.Where do i run to? What do i do with
myself?”Sonia felt her heart tearing and
breaking apart under the pain she felt inside.
Angela must never meet her there,she had to
move fast,to face her destiny
Angela was sobbing and shedding tears in the
couldn’t believe her beloved
husband could betray her.She
wept bitterly.She wondered for
how long they must have been
doing this in her back.Sonia? Whom she trusted
so much and took like a sister?
Something told her she was the cause of it
all,for bringing her in the first place.She waved
it off.
Angela bursted into fresh
tears.She lifted her head and saw David
standing before here with hands in the pocket.
‘Gosh,he still had no shame to show his
disgusting face’She thought.
Out of anger and
frustration,she grabbed the chair pillow and
threw it at him.
“Get out! leave! I hate you!”she
yelled.David left and came again back almost
immediately.He stood there without uttering
any word.
This got Angela more flabbergasted than
anyone can imagine.
He could have atleast said something;some
meaningless crap because he was supposed to
say something instead of standing there and
moping at her.
She stood up moving towards
him with an unnameable look in her eyes.
“You disgust me.I’m disappointed in
could you stoop so low.I
trusted you so much.This proves that you have
running around other haven’t been a
faithful husband.You disgust
me”she said and stormed out
of the room,leaving David there like an
undecided ghost.
She expected her parents to show up any
moment from then.She had called them earlier
telling them to come over.They inquired from
her what the problem was but with her crying
voice she told them to come over immediately.
With the anger boiling and swelling up in
her,she searched for Sonia;not knowing what to
actually do with her until she finds her…..






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