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Bisi peeped again at the lady standing in the
compound through the window.She was in no
way familiar.Bisi had seen her walk bodly into
the compound not long ago.
“Bisi,Kilode? You have been peeping out
through that window for sometime now”Her
mother shocked her,coming closer to see what
she was peeping at.
Bisi had gasped,jumping back ,out from the
window side,facing her mother.
“Iya mi.You startled me”She said with a pouted
lips,making a face.
“Leave the road jare,let me see something”Her
mother murmured out,ignoring her complain
and looked out through the window to have a
view too.
“Who is she?”She asked,still observing the lady
in a black suit with a dark lense covering her
eyes and a red handbag in her hand.Her red
high-heeled shoe seem to make her taller.
“I don’t know o.She just entered the
compound”Bisi explained.
“She is not a ghost.She is a visitor.Go and open
the door for her,lets know who she is and what
she wants”
Bisi looked at her mother vaguely and made for
the visitor boldly,like a child whose father sent
to steal.Such a child they say,breaks the door
with his feet.
The lady smiled as she saw the door open.She
wiped the sweat off her face with a little white
handky which she produced from her
handbag.Bisi closed the door behind her.
“Goodday.Are you looking for anybody?”Bisi
asked the lady who removed the glasses from
her eyes,holding it with her left hand.
“Actually,i came looking for you”She
said,smiling,stretching forth her right hand for
a handshake,”I’m mrs.Johnson Eze”
Bisi shook her hand,capturing her face with her
eyes and imagining if they have met before.
The lady sat on the plastic chair provided for
her in the sitting room,looking around in keen
observation.She had told Bisi’s mother she
wanted to have a little talk with her
daughter.The trouble-less woman left them
alone,hiding somewhere close, eavesdropping.
“I am mrs.Johnsom Eze.I am a banker”,she
opened up,getting nods of agreement from the
anxious looking Bisi,”I learnt Sonia is your
friend.She is the main reason why i am here”
“I hope all is well?”Bisi asked.Worry lines etched
on her forehead.It’s been quite long since she
heard last from Sonia.
“I am her account manager.The reason why i
came looking for you is because i haven’t been
able to contact her.She won 5 million naira in
the save and win promo from our bank…”
“5 million naira! Oluwa jesu”Bisi
exclaimed,covering her mouth with her palms.
“Yes.5 million naira and the bank wants her to
come and sign some documents within 7 days
before redeeming the money or she lose
everything.I have been looking for her but she’s
nowhere to be found.The house she lives with
her mother has been on lock for days.I don’t
know if she travelled with her mother.I haven’t
been able to reach her with the phone number
she gave to me and today is the 5th day.
Do you know where i can find her? These are
some papers i need her to sign for me”She
made to open her bag to bring out some papers
but unfortunately,the bag turned upside
down,letting everything in it fall on the
floor.She bent down,carefully picking up
everything.At last she presented few papers to

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“She needs to sign these”
Bisi nodded in excitement.Wishing she could
just fly wings and get Sonia to sign them
immediately,so as not to miss the 5
million.That’s a huge amount one should never
miss,she thought.
“I haven’t seen her too o.But there is a place
she stays.She works as a househelp there.I will
go and check on her”Bisi volunteered.
“She isn’t there.Dont you know any other place
she could be? I thought she is your friend.Just
help me out.The bank will reward me too when
she receives the money.If you help me,i will
give you 500,000 naira”
“Five hundred thouzon naira!”Bisi
exclaimed,not believing her ears.
The lady noddded and gave her a paper
containing her 11digits mobile number.
“Call me as soon as you sight her.Don’t even let
her know about it.I have to get going”She said,
standing up.
“I will do just that”Bisi assured her as they
shook hands again.
Bisi watched her walk magnificiently out of the
“Bisi.Who told her Sonia is your friend?”Her
mother asked coming out of her hiding.
“Iya mi,you are asking me as if i am a diviner.I
don’t know ni.Five hundred thouzon.Iya mi,we
are rich”Bisi chanted.
Her mother’s eyes caught the attention of
something.It was under the chair where
Mrs.Johnson sat.It was a laminated card.She
went there without wasting any time and
picked it up.
“Iya mi,what is it?”Bisi asked coming to view
the card as her mother’s face changed after
seeing what was on it.
“This is her voters card and she just got it few
months ago.She could be lying…”
Bisi collected it from her and saw the passport
on it.It was no doubt the lady that just left but
Mrs.Johnson Eze was not written anywhere on
it.There was nothing like banker as occupation
on it.Miss EBERE Ezibe was the name on it.
She turned to face her mother.
“I sense trouble”Her mother interjected.





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