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Dawn was fast approaching.The moon was
shinning bright up in the sky.Cold wind blew
through out the thick forest.Angela yearned for
her husband’s warm body as she curled up with
her eyes closed.She imagined what could be
happening in the world she left behind;the
tears she knew would be on David’s eyes,the
emotional trauma her parents would be going
through especially her mother.She regreted
running out of her home that very day she did.

Angela gently opened her eyes on sensing
somebody stand close to her.It was on of the
guards.Angela caught his eyes feasting on her
exposed laps.She wondered for how long he
must have been staring at her and there was
no way she could adjust the loose gown to
cover her properly,knowing she was wearing
nothing underneath.Her hands were tied
backwards.Her legs,not spared.
She tried shaking her body to see if it would
give her the covering she wanted but instead,it
seemed to get worse.
Angela watched his eyes burn with desire as
they tried to penetrate deeper.A look at his
trouser told her he was already hard.
Angela closed her eyes for a while and opened
them again,giving him a smile.
“I know i would soon die.Please make me feel
like a woman before they finally come for
me”Angela surprised him.
He threw a look at his companion who was a bit
far from them,sleeping and snoring hard.He
smiled and turned to face Angela who gave him
the sweetest seducing smile he ever saw in his
entire life.
“Cut off these ropes from my hands and legs
and take me to a world of happiness and
pleasure.I am all yours”Angela tempted him.
He looked around in a haste and as if
commanded to be fast about it,untied Angela.
“Let’s be fast before they come”Angela told him
and drew him closer to herself.She caressed his
head slowly,carefully watching him as his face
lit up with joy.
“Are you sure your partner will not wake
up?”She drawled.
“I put something in the last food he ate.He is
not getting up soon except i decide to wake
him”He assured her,peering at him again.
“Oh you already planned for this?
did you read my mind?”Angela pinched his
nose playfully and placed a simple kiss on his
lips which almost took his breath away and
ignited in him the power to make advances on
He felt the softness of her skin gently with his
palms,moving the hands down to her laps
“Easyyy…”Angela whispered to him,catching
his hand.Her right hand holding his left hand
while the left held his right.At first,she held
them gently,pressing herself on him tightly.She
could feel his heart beat through her chest as
she pressed herself to him.
Then,slowly,she tightened her hold,gently
releasing herself from him.His eyes were
closed.With the light of the moon,she could see
the happiness that filled his face.
Angela’s face changed.Her teeth clenched.Her
eyes surveyed the target and with the last
strength she got,her knee went in-between his
two legs in a powerful kick,automatically forcing
the closed eyes to open.With a quick reflex,he
scooped his hands around his ‘property’ which
was no doubt,on fire.
“Ouuu.awww Sweet Jesus…”He cried in pains
and staggered forward and then,fell down.He
wailed at the top of his voice,with the strength
of a dying man,calling upon his partner to come
to his rescue
“Wetin happen?”Jack,his partner,running
towards him and rubbing hands over his
“Na the lady o.Na the lady o”He forced out,still
bearing the excruciating pain.
“Wetin happen to the lady? Where she
dey?,”Jack asked seeing the way he was
standing,with his hands between his two
legs,”And wetin dey do you?”
Jack looked around and saw the ropes with
which their prisoner was tied.His eyes went red
with anger.
“Wetin happen! You no sabi talk again? “Jack
asked him again,shaking him roughly.
“She escaped.That girl na witch o.I dey
somewhere here dey watch her.The next thing,i
come see somebody wey wear black.Na so the
person come dey cut the rope.Na im i come
rush to hold the person.I never even come
close,the person stretch leg kick me for my
‘level’.Before i know wetin dey happen,the
person vanish”He narrated.
“You never talk wetin happen! You
be fool! Make we pursue am o”Jack cursed and
took his gun and torch from where he dropped
Angela was lost, deep in the forest.Yet she was
still running.Where she was running to,she
couldn’t tell.She knew the guards would come
after her.As she ran,he heard different
voices.The voice of wild animals.The voice of her
mother,praying and calling her name.The voice
of David weeping.The voice of Ebere laughing
triumphantly.She stopped and covered her ears
but the voices kept echoing in her brain.
She saw a little shelter of bamboo sticks with
some old rafia as the roof.She knew it was
dangerous but she moved in,thinking it was
She had barely stayed upto five minutes in it
when she saw rays of light flashing towards that
direction with heavy footsteps.
“They are here”She lamented






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