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My daughter..its time to come home”Ebere
heard the voice.She saw her,calling on her.It
took her sometime to realise it was her mother.
Oh,how she missed the woman.The cold hands
of death snatched the woman away from her
when she was still very young,leaving her under
the care of her relations.
“Come my daughter.Come”She smiled
again,smiling pleasantly.
“I am coming mommy.I am coming”Ebere said
happily,running up to her.

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Ebere felt someone tapping her.She opened her
eyes only to find herself on the hospital bed.She
had been day dreaming.One of her house
neighbour was beside her.She was the one who
tapped her,hearing her talk in her dream.
Ebere winced and moaned painfully as she tried
to shift on the bed.Her eyes darted to her
shoulder which was dressed with bandages and
white cloth.The memories of how Sonia had
shot her flashed through her.
She dropped her raised head back on the
“I’m sorry ok? The doctor said you will get
better.They have removed the bullet
already”her neighbour told her.
Ebere nodded.She couldn’t believe she was still
Just then,she saw Angela’s parents,Adaora and
another neighbour of hers enter the room.Her
heart skipped a beat.She thought they have
come to finish her up for having a hand in the
kidnapp of their precious daughter.
At first,Mrs Ngozi couldn’t believe it was
Ebere,the only good friend of her daughter,who
kidnapped Angela and even went as far as
wanting to kill her.Angela had pleaded with
them not to involve the police.However,they
have found it as a perfect opportunity to
persuade Ebere to retrace all her steps against
Ebere eyed the woman who brought them to
her,calling her ‘over sabi sabi’ in her mind but
the woman was not to blame afterall.
Her fears were clearly written all over head as
she fidgeted uncomfortably on the bed.
Mr.uwa cleared his throat and asked Ebere if
she could tell her two friends to excuse them.
Ebere signaled to them to please give them a
little privacy.
“Why do you want to kill my daughter?”Ngozi
asked her with distate.
“It’s between the both of us”Ebere answered
shamefully,confused about their visit,which
looked like a peaceful one.How could they be
easy with her when she tried killing her
“What actually do you have against Sonia?”Mr
uwa asked.
“It was between the both of us too but now,its
known.She is murderer”Ebere replied.
“What exactly did you tell the police?”Adaora
threw another question at her.
“Just exactly what i said.She is a murderer”She
“What evidence have you given them?”Mr. Uwa
asked her.
“I haven’t given them any evidence yet,but i
sure have one.Sonia cannot deny it”Ebere
answered him.
“You must withdraw that case immediately or
else,you would also face the law for kidnapping
my daughter”Mr.uwa threatened her.
Ebere kept quiet,different thoughts racing
through her.She felt empty and miserable.How
was she going to live again,knowing she tried to
kill her friend but failed? The thought of getting
her again for the ‘dibia’ never crossed her mind.
She soon heard herself sniffing.From simple
sniffing,she bursted into a loud cry.
“Just look at me…am i not getting older by the
day? Are my mates not married? I am 32…will
any man ever…”Ebere coughed in between her
loud sobs.Her rate at which her tears flowed
could make one believe they would fill a bucket.
“Some one told me it was Angela who told mike
about my lifestyle,telling him the ones i did and
the ones i didnt do.I was forced to believe
because she swore with her life that she was
telling me the truth.I decided to take revenge
on her”Ebere cried,regretting everything she
“How could you believe such a story?”
“please forgive me.I am me plead
with Angela to forgive me.tell her i am sorry.i
still want to be her friend.she never did me any
harm.I will do whatever you asked me to do
about Sonia.I will….”she couldn’t continue due
to her excessive sobs.
Ngozi went close to her and tried comforting
“i just want to have peace of mind.I will tell
them the whole thing was a mistake,Sonia did
nothing to me.I will try and make sure the
police releases her,”She assured them,”Please
tell Angela that i am sorry”
Mr and mrs Uwa took turns looking at the DNA
result.They still found it hard to believe it.After
twenty three good years.
“Mom,Dad,is that a letter”Angela shocked
them,standing before them but she didn’t get a
good view of the report.Her father quickly
folded it and filed it bank into the envelope it
came with.
“It’s nothing my dear.Don’t worry”Her father
smiled at her,while her mother nodded in
agreement with her father.
“I have to get going.Firstly,i am visiting Ebere.i
have made up my mind to.I told David about
it.She has been calling me on phone but i
refused answering”Angela said,hugged them
goodbye and left.






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