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Ebere was in her room when the knock
came.She slowly walked to the door,clenching
her teeth in pains.Her shoulder still gave her
great pains.She managed to open the door with
one hand,only to find Angela standing there.
Ebere was short of words on seeing her.She
thought Angela would never have anything to
do with her again.She was even planning to go
over to her home and apologise to her.
“I am sorryyy Angel.I am sorry”She
begged,falling at her feet.Angela felt her tear
drops on her feet.She soon saw herself
shedding tears too.
“It’s okay.Get up”Angela helped her up and
supported her into the room.
Ebere felt a great inner peace.Her joy knew no
“I know that i am not worthy to call myself your
friend again.I dont deserve you.Inspite of all you
have been doing for me.From our school days
up till now…”
“shhhh.It’s alright.lets call everything that bit in
the night mosquitoes.Let by gones to by
gones.No matter what happens,we are friends
for life”Angela said,not even believing she was
saying that.Ebere’s unstoppable tears came
again as she fell into Angela’s arms sobbing.
A knock came on the door.Ebere told Angela
unnecessarily that it was one of her neighbours
who has been rendering help to her.
“The door is open”She said,referring to the
person at the door,expecting the expected
neighbour to come in but nobody came in.
The knock came again.
Ebere tried to get up with the pains to open the
door but Angela offered to open it.
When she did,whom she saw made her almost
loose balance as he kept staring at her.She
didn’t know how to feel at all.She stole a look at
Ebere,barring the person from looking inside
the room with her body.
“who is it?”Ebere asked.
Angela opened the door wide and stood at one
corner for Ebere to see for herself.
For some seconds,Ebere couldn’t figure out
whom it was.She stood up from the foam and
came closer.
Then,she saw him.
It was MIKE,standing there with two hands in
his pockets.

Ebere came closer to the door,to make sure her
eyes weren’t deceiving her.
For few minutes,nobody said anything.Ebere
took time staring at him from head to toe.His
appearance still speaks volumes about his
Angela too was surprised;after all these years?
“Have you come to add salt to my injuries?
Have you come to scratch my healing wounds?
What do you want?
Just leave”Ebere produced her two hands and
pushed him,forgetting that hands would
hurt.She let out a loud cry.Her arm
ached,giving her the worst pain she ever felt
since the incident took place.
She bent down and supported the wounded
hand with the other.
Angela rushed up to her to support her.Ebere’s
push came all of a sudden.She could have
stopped her if she had seen it coming.
“Why did you do that? You shouldn’t have done
so”Angela reprimanded her.
Mike came in.He wasn’t angry by the way he
was pushed but he pitied Ebere.The way she
was crying truly showed she was passing
through great pains.’or could it be that his
presence also added to the pains?’He
thought.His spirit tempted him to touch her
hand,to give her some comfort but he held
himself for the meantime.She might do the
“What happened to you?”He asked,showing
great concern.
“It’s none of your business! Just leave!”Ebere
barked,pointing at the door for him.
“Baby!Keep quiet!Just keep quiet.I guess you
don’t know what you are doing”Angela hushed
her and turned to Mike,”I’m sorry mike.She’s
just going through a hard time”
Mike nodded.
“Baby why don’t you hear me out first?”Mike
said,rather asked,looking at Ebere’s eyes
Ebere hissed and took her eyes off him.
“ must listen to him”Angela said.
Mike went down on his kneels,keeping his pride
aside,to the astonishment of the Angela and
even Ebere,though she concealed it.Getting
Ebere back was the only thing on his mind.The
only mission he has to accomplish.
“Baby i am sorry.I have come to realise that you
are my missing rib.I am incomplete without
you.Ever since i left you,i have been to hell and
i’m back.I realised that you are like a file in my
heart that can never be erased.I hope there is
still a place for me in your heart.Please
Baby…forgive me and accept me back into your
life..I know i broke your heart and left you with
great pains…..”He paused and reached for his
handky.He wouldn’t dare cry in front them for
the man that he was but a drop of tear which
tricked down from his eyes had betrayed him.
Ebere looked away,crying her heart out at the
Angela who couldn’t stand it,went up to
him,helping him get on his feet.
“It’s okay.Just stop….please”She urged him.
“It’s been four years Mike.Four years.Just few
days to our wedding,you broke up with
me.Tearing me apart emotionally.I fell sick
Mike.Yes,I almost ran mad.why..why?”Ebere
Mike found the courage to come closer to
her.He held her,drying her tears with his own
“I am so sorry.I will never do that again”Mike
kissed her forehead,gently drawing her to
himself.Oh how soft it still was;that softness
that gave him relief whenever he felt it.
Angela smiled and winked at Ebere,who showed
a little happiness.
“We are going to arrange for our marriage
without wasting anytime”Tony whispered to
Ebere.She smiled and nodded.Overwhelmed
with the sudden joy that filled her in.She still
found it hard to believe this was
happening.After all this years.
Mike searched for her lips,kissing them
warmly,trying to ease her pains.After
sometime,he stopped.Ebere wished he didn’t
stop because its really been a long time he got
such a true kiss from some who truly loves her.
Angela clapped in ecstacy,smiling happily.
“Wow wow wow. I am so happy Baby.I cant
wait”Angela rushed her words and embraced
both of them together.
“The police is not releasing the girl in question
because of anything else if not for the fact that
the person who brought up the report has
explained to us that everything was a
mistake.Not because you are my friend.We
fined her enermously,though we are still going
to investigate further.We are releasing her but if
we later find out she was responsible,the law
would not hesitate to take action”The inspector
of police told Mr.uwa
“I know that too well.The law doesn’t
understand friendship.Thank you very much”Mr
uwa shook hands with him.




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