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The ground was wet with tears and mourning.
David held Angela,comforting her as she stared at
the grave,crying bitterly,wishing she could come
back to life to spend more time with them.She
had forgiven and forgotten whatever wrong she
did her
“I will never forget the good times we had.I have
known you for a long time.You were my best
friend.A friend like no other.
Even in my next world,i would still want you to be
my friend again and again.
I love you Baby.
We shall meet again to part no more”Angela
couldn’t control her tears as she dropped the
flower she was holding in Ebere’s grave.
Mike was affected the most.Words were not
enough to say how he felt.His precious pearl,had
been taken away.He never knew if can ever find
someone who will truly love him like she did.He
blamed himself for abandoning her in the first
place because of the rumours he heard.
His eyes were almost empty from all the tears he
Sonia,with her bandaged wounds, sniffed at
regular intervals.She feared Ebere still bore
grudges against her before her death,though her
sister Angela had told her Ebere bore no grudge
against her.
“For the short time i have known you,i discovered
you did most of the things you did out of
frustration.But you are a good person.
Rest in peace Ebere”Sonia dropped her own
flower on her grave.
Mr.and mrs.uwa also expressed their goodbye
message to their daughter’s best friend,Ebere.
They knew Angela would be greatly affected by
her death because right from their daughter’s
school days,they were more than friends.
Mike bursted into fresh tears again.David had to
console him,telling him that God will provide her
another woman.
When everyone was set to leave,Angela squatted
by the grave in tears,refusing to leave with them.
Sonia walked up to her and helped her up.
“It’s okay sister.I believe she is in a better place
now”Sonia dried her tears with her own clothes
and embraced her.
Half way to the car,Angela bursted into a new cry.
“Oooh.Its ok now.Please stop crying.I don’t want
my baby boy to become a ‘cry cry’ baby when he
is born”David said,smiling and bent his back in
front of her,to the admiration of others.Mike was
already gone”Enter my back let me carry you”
Angela stopped crying.She soon found herself
smiling,despite the tears she was still shedding.
“Which baby boy? Don’t start again o.Its a girl.My
baby is a girl not a boy”Angela managed to say
before entering David’s back,who eagerly carried
her gently to the car.
“Aren’t you going to open the door for
me?”Angela asked,making a face.
“With all pleasure,”David opened the door and
she entered,”Yes! The queen is in”
He shut the door,entered through the driver’s
door,waved her inlaws goodbye and sped away.
Sonia and her parents watched the car speed off
till it was out of sight.
They got into their own car and slowly drove
The better days are still ahead.
The new rains will come down soon.
Sometimes,destiny has its own ways which we
find questionable but time comes in this life when
we are left with no options than to accept the
things we can’t change.
Que sera,sera.


***THE END***




  1. Hmmmmm, d story teaches a lot Infact i really enjoyed it. Damex may GOD continue to strengthen u so dat we can see more of dis. It’s indeed a job well done

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