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How many people fell from the building?”Her
mother asked again
Sonia was not surprised at her mother.It was no
new kind of question to her.Her mother had
always remained a mystery to her.
“mum,i was the only woman there.You know its
not for women but i had to do it.I had to do it
mum;to raise some money inorder to get you
more drugs.i just dont know why you are
always hostile to me mom”There were tears in
her voice this time as she went for a
seat,holding her aching leg,sobbing and
moaning in pain.
“you are too lazy”
That was all she heard the woman she called
her mother say;with a disdainful hiss.
“mom, you know what? Overtime i have always
wondered if i actually came out from your
womb”Sonia said and stormed out of the house
with the pains she felt all over her body,to get
some pain killers.
__Being a pretty young girl,she was so much
admired by young men and even the married
ones alike but she never paid them any
attention.Paul,one of the young men in her
neighbourhood vowed to have his way with her
by all means.He had tried everything under his
power to earn her friendship but she abruptly
turned him down.
“baby i don’t mean any harm.i just want to be a
friend.i wish you can just come over to my
house one of these days to see where i live”Paul
had one day told her.
When Sonia finally visited him,after agreeing to
be just a friend,Paul offered her a drink and she
took it.
The next thing she discovered was that she
opened her eyes and found herself on the
bed,stack Unclad.Not even a bra was on
her.Blood was all over the bedspread.
“noooo.Jesus nooo”she covered her face with
her palms and cried out in pains.
She opened her eyes again and found Paul at
one corner of the room,staring at her.She
quickly grabbed the bed spread and covered
her unclothedness.
With eyes full of tears she focused her gaze on
“Paul.paul why.whyyy paul.You betrayed my
trust paul.I told you i am a virgin.Do you have
to do this?”She couldn’t control the tears
anymore as they flowed freely from her eyes.




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