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Paul came closer to comfort her.Sonia angrily
threw the pillow at him.
“Don’t come near me,She barked,i hate you!”
“Sonia,i am sorry.i didnt know you were telling
the truth”Paul pleaded.He felt bad though but
he was happy he got what he actually
wanted.Now he can let her be,while he goes out
in search of new chicks.
Sonia soon discovered that Paul no longer had
interest in her,probably because he got what he
had been looking for.
Her heart was totally shattered when Paul told
her to go her way.
“You cant use and dump me”Sonia warned
“I just did”Paul told her.
__Sonia made up her mind to take revenge on
Paul.He must pay for taking her pride away and
dumping her.
“I still love you paul.After that first time you
made love to me,i feel like doing it with you
again and again.i need you paul.i need you to
make me feel like a woman again”She said as
she stormed into his room.
Paul’s face lit up.He couldnt wait to have a taste
of the sweet thing once again.She wore a dress
revealing a clear view of her fair,elegant and
inviting bossom.

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He stood up,went close and gave her a warm
embrace.Sonia wrapped her lips over his and
they drank in the pleasure of blissful kisses.Paul
took his time romancing and caressing every
part of her as she moaned softly and excited
him the more.She knew she had to do this
inorder for her plans to be successful because if
Paul should by any means find out why she
came,he might end up being the one killing
After a hard kissing and romancing for what
seemed like an eternity,paul took her off the
ground like a baby and off to the bed he ran
without knowing he was just a few minutes
away from death.
As he lay Sonia on the bed,she drew his head
closer and kissed him one more time before
throwing him down on the bed and sat atop
him,caressing him magically.
“oh you are an angel baby.Continue”Paul sang
as he closed his eyes in pleasure.Sonia saw this
as the perfect opportunity to attack.
With one hand,she slid into her left shoe and
brought out a very sharp little knife wrapped in
a soundless paper.
“I am going to give it to you like you never had
before.just close your eyes”Sonia said and
wrapped her mouth over his,in a gentle kiss
inorder to prevent him from saying anything or
even opening his eyes.
Slowly,she drew the hand with the knife closer
while her heartbeat increased tremendously.
Without wasting anytime,she stabbed him
severally on the chest.She watched him with
great panic as he lay down there,motionless,as
blood oozed from the severally stabbed spots.
She glanced around.Immediately,she fled
“Did anybody see me?”that was the question
that kept hovering over her.


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