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Sonia had rejoiced when Ebere called her and
talked to her about taking up the maid job.
She didn’t know Ebere too well but all she knew
was that Ebere lives somewhere down the
neighbourhood.She made Sonia see reasons
why she should accept the little job and if not
for anything,because of the huge amount of
money Angela and her husband would be
paying her on a monthly basis.
Ebere made her understand that she was
giving her this opportunity out of her church
mind but Sonia suspected there might be
something more to it as Ebere told her they will
have to discuss after she must have spent a
month with her new home and job.
She never knew the joy of having a brother or
sister.Her mother was a hell to live with.She had
never for once told her anything about her
father.Whenever she asked,her mother,if in a
good mood will only tell her that her father died
when she was still a kid,and that was all she
ever knew about her father;that he died when
she was still a kid.
The only sister she had was Bisi.Her good
friend,who lived with parents not too far away.
___All these memories left Sonia with different
kind of feelings.Sometimes,she
cry.Sometimes,she smile;an indescribable kind
of smile.

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“Sonia?”Angela called the second time.She was
already dressed and set to leave for her
shop.She had given the idea of going to the
shop with Sonia a second thought but ended
up discarding the idea.She didn’t need a sales
girl.If she needed help at the shop,she could
have employed one.
“Yes Aunty”Sonia answered,emerging from the
kitchen,wiping her soapy hand on her
dress.She must have been busy with the
dishes.The poor girl was just a blessing to
Angela with the way she does things.Angela has
grown fond of her,taking her like a younger
“I’m off to the shop.Don’t forget to bring the
clothes from the dry cleaner”she said.
“Yes Aunty”
“And before i forget,don’t let me see you in this
hair when i return.Make sure you go to the
saloon.I’m sure the money i gave you must be
enough”Angela barely finished what she was
saying before her phone rang.She answered the
phone Asap,bade Sonia goodbye and made to
leave.It was one of her customers who just
“Aunty please,there is something i want to tell
Angela was already at the door.She turned in a
“what is it?”she asked.She didn’t want to waste
any more time.
“I would like to visit my mother today”She
lied.Her eyes almost betraying her.It was Ebere
who told her they must have a serious
discussion today.Ebere equally told her to say
what she just said.
“You should have told me earlier so i can give
you something for her”Angela said in a low
voice as she searched her purse for some
“Give this to her”she said giving Sonia some
money.”greet her for me.maybe on sunday we
go visit her together”Angela shut the door after
Sonia couldnt stop wondering what Ebere
wants to discuss with her.Whatever it may be,in
an hour or 2(hrs) later,she must find out.




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