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Sonia peered at her wrist watch for the fifteenth
time.She shifted uncomfortably,wondering
what might be keeping Ebere.
She was beginning to feel irritated with the way
some boys peered at her,sitting there all
alone.She wondered why Ebere suggested they
meet in that little open restaurant and not in
her house.Of course she lived alone somewhere.
“sorry for keeping you waiting”
Sonia turned her face and it was Ebere.She
took a sigh of relief and greeted her.
Ebere took the seat in front of her and flashed a
“When you beat a child and give him a
mark,you may forget it in time to come but the
beaten child can never forget it”Ebere
said,adjusting her skirt.
Sonia nodded.Ebere’s words made sense to her
but she just couldn’t figure out the angle where
she seemed to be coming from.A confused
expression was seen written all over her face.
“I want to go straight to the point.Angela and i
have been good friends right from the
university days.Angela is quite a good person
but she betrayed me.She shattered my hopes
and dreams.She bit me in the back”
Sonia listened with rapt attention as Ebere went
on and on.
“I met the man of my dream and we started a
good relationship.He proposed marriage to me
and i accepted to marry him.That was all i ever
wanted,and we started making arrangements
for the wedding.
Four days to that day i so much dreamed of;the
wedding day,i came back from one of my
numerous shoppings in readiness for the d-
day,only to meet my fiancee sitting on the sofa
in the living room looking so sad and
depressed.I knew something was wrong.I bent
down to give him a kiss but he pushed my face
away angrily.I was shocked.I asked him what
was wrong.Immediately,he flared up in a way
i’d never seen him before,making me gasp in
fear.He called me all sorts of name and how i
have been sleeping around with men.I thought
it was a dream as i pinched my self
severally,rubbing my eyes.
He pushed me out of his house,saying it was
over between us.I couldn’t believe it was
happening to me.We already shared out
invitation cards.I just…i..”Ebere bursted into
tears.She suddenly stopped as if something
immediately told her to stop.She dried her tears
with the handkerchief she was holding.Sonia
felt sorry for her.
“But i later found out it was Angela who told
him that i do sleep around with men.I know
that i am not a LovePeddler.But as a lady
desperate to get married,i allowed most of the
men that came my way to sleep with me when
they demanded for it;all for the fear of not
loosing them.
I didn’t doubt it when someone told me that it
was Angela who told him all these because she
was the only friend i had who knew much about
me.She thought i would never find out.I just
don’t know what i did to her.
Few months later,she got married to David.
This is payback time.I will give it to her slowly.
You must destroy her marriage”She told Sonia
“What!?”Sonia screamed,not believing her
eas,not even minding if people heard her.
“You have no choice.I got you hands
down.”Ebere assured her.
“How”Sonia asked.
“Hahahahaha….”Ebere laughed wickedly.

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