Diary Of a Fraudster- Episode 10


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The next couple of days went by swiftly with the normal routine, 12 a.m Prayer, fasting all day, 4pm revival, break by 6pm and rest for the night.

All through this days Sister faith was always there for me, am feeling almost emotionally attached to her. But am trying to be careful, don’t wanna blow up my sucess because of a girl.

On the last day of my stay there, was a Saturday, I woke up and started playing assasin’s creed on my Pc. Faith later showed up in the most tempting manner, she wore a short gown, she joined me on the bed watching my game, I looked at her face and saw she wasn’t looking happy, she wasn’t putting on her smile that morning.

Faith : hmmmmn you are leaving tomorrow bayi

Me : yes, any problem with that?

Faith : I would miss you and i know you would forget us when you are gone

Me : can I have your number?

Faith : [smiled a little] 090365****1

Me : now you know I won’t abandon you infact I would miss you to.

Faith : Same here also

She shifted close to me on the bed, she kept looking into my eye balls, I knew this girl must have something up her sleeve.

Me : Sister faith what ‘s wrong? you look disturbed.

Faith : nothing, just like this today
[this time she was rubbish her lips together]

Me : it’ s alright, [I decided to cuddle her to comfort her, but she misinterpreted, she held on tight to me with both eyes closed and started confessing her love to me.


Faith : I know as a girl I shouldn’t be saying this but i just can’t hold it back anylonger, ifemi I Love You body and soul and am willing to be yours forever, I know you love me to and you are just restraining please let your emotions out….

At that moment, I wasn’t suprised, I knew she had feelings for me from the first day we met, she’s really lovable, with all she had done for me throughout my stay here, it would be unfair of me to just turn her down,  so I played along.

Me : sister faith

Faith : just call me faith, your faith

Me : OK faith, I Love You too.

She opened her eyes, looked straight into mine, and approached my mouth with her, mehn she’s was so in a hurry, it was as if she has been starved all this while, me sef,, body no be firewood. Didn’t give a fu*k about what ever happens next. Someone is getting laid.

I returned her kisses with passion and it become a french kiss, she held my head firm to hers and she kept tongue lashing me, oh Boy the chemistry was so real. I started smooching her by the side. I was going easy on her so she won’t start making sounds that would attract people. I proceeded to removing her top, mehn the sight of what I saw was hmm. So there was a big balloon behind the rock.
I played with it a little, she too was moaning a little. She found her way to my round neck, pulled it off, and unbuckled my belt, I was trying to take it slowly but she was just in a rush.

Eventually I killed her softly with ease, she maintained a low ringtone all through. We had a powerful match. At the full time, when the match ended, omo sister faith was exhausted o.

Me : sorry dear

Faith : hummn Ekun, you were too strong

Me : lmao, have you ever seen a lionel chilling with a dog

Faith : gbahun let me start going before mum finds me here

Me : shio after breaking my fast for me.

She left, I knew there wasn’t going to be any fast anylonger, body don tire, me sef wan charge.
Drank two tin of three crown milk and slept off

I later woke around 2pm, I went to the primate Office to tell her I would be leaving very early the next day and to check if she got to know about what just happened, you know you can’t tell, holy spirit might have alerted her. [grin].

Me : Good Day ma.

Primate : ife boy , how are you?

Me : am gentle ma

Primate : you can start your business as from tomorrow onwards.

Me : Yeah am grateful ma . Thats the reason am here ma .

Primate : OK am listening.

Me : I would take my leave very early tomorrow morning. And i want to ask how much i’d would pay for all you have done for me.

Primate : [chuckles] When you start making your money, you can drop by once in a while and drop something. You are free to leave anytime you like.

Me : thanks ma, am very grateful.

I Left her presence feeling like a boss, she didn’t suspect anything nisha. I came for a mission, now am leaving fulfilling two missions, am the boss mehn.

Went back to my room, all this while I got no call or message from boss and krissh, so I pinged them both.
Bosun wasn’t online I guess but krissh replied, so we started chatting.

Me : oh boy , shey na life you think say you dey live.

Krissh : leave that jae, you don’t know wetin person dey go through for here.

Me : whatever, am returning tomorrow o.


Krissh : returning to where? Woss wobi, eke has bursted us twice this week already, and they are still trailing us, meaning we are on heat, bosun and i have dispersed and we are just scoting at friends place ni in order for things to cool down.

Oh this eke sef, their job is to protect the people, na working Boy dem dey chase.

Me : This one technical o, how eke go come dey burst you guys for G.R.A, some of your friends might have told on you.

Krissh : God purnish the mother fu*king informant.

Me : make I go back to my papa house then.

Krissh : you sef still get option.

Me : where bosun dey, his number no dey go through, and him no dey reply messages.

Krissh : eke don collect his phone the last time they caught us.

Me : Chai Dias God O

Krissh : abi now

Me : Aiit TTYL [talk to you later]

Krissh : ok

Conversation ended

Hmmmmn some people are just crazy oh, they don’t have any work than to they spoil their friends life, God purnish any informant of a friend I get.

Went to take my bath and on getting back, I met two missed calls on my phone, checked it up and it was pman.

This one wey pman dey call me, hope all is well, I decided not to call him back.
I was still dressing when mucee call came through, I picked up.

Me : Ekasan ma [gud afternoon ma]

Mum : ife booni? [How are you]

Me : fine ma

Mum : how is work?

Me : going on smoothly ma.

Mum : your dad said he called you, and you failed to pick up.

Me : I was having my bath then ma

Mum : didn’t you see his missed call, shouldn’t you have called back.

Me : am sorry ma.

Mum : anyways, we. Just Want To inform you, we are visiting you tomorrow after service, so send me your address.

Me : What?  Why?

Mum : What is what, shouldn’t we know your place, we are coming over tomorrow so just send me your address.

Hungs up.

Chai this people sef, nawa for them oh, they just dey impose visit upon person. What address would I text them bayi, hmmmmn gobe.

That changed my mood instantly, I kept calculating, thinking and weighing my options, eventually none was making sense. I no fit bring them here, and i no fit lead them to G.R.A. Chai what am I going to do?

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After the revival that evening, I and faith headed back to MY road as usual, I was still moody from the shocking visit alert.

Faith : brother ife, you look disturbed,  whats wrong?

Me : faith don’t bother yourself, it’s nothing I can’t handle

Faith : Don’t tell me that o, in the morning your weren’t like this now
, so why the sudden change Of look.
Or have i done anything wrong?  Ife please talk to me now.

I told her tge whole story tho i was careful enough not to reveal the part of me being a Y.

Faith : hmmmn i told you problems are better solved when shared.

Me : so what are you insinuating?

Faith : well i guess i could be of help

Me : really?  In what way?

Faith : well i kbow a guy who works in 7up and stays around that area also, i could ask him to help.

Me : hmmn and you think, he would help hun?


Faith ; am 100% sure, besides he owes me a favour initially.

Me : omg faith you are the best, you are God sent. I would love you forever.

Faith :  hmmmn thats what they always say when they need something, when tgey get what tgey want bayi they won’t know us again.

Me : faith why you talking like this,  you know i treasure you, besides
I am not “they ”  am endless love

Faith : hun have heard

Me : oya call the guu now so we can be sure

Faith : why the rush,  i would love to take you there my self.

Me : no ooo, tomorrow is sunday, it’s a must you are in service and my parent ate coming by 2pm, i should have settled before they arrive, so i should go very early tomorrow morning.

Faith : hun ok i would call him and tell you his reply later tonight.



Faith walked into my room smiling

Faith  : have spoken with him and he has agreed

Me : oshey you are the best.

Faith : have his number so you guys can talk.

Me : alright.

I collected the guy’s contact and called him, he confirmed what fsith said. Oh boy ibslept peacefully tgat night

Heard a knock on my door around 2 a.m, that’s unexpected, vigil, fasting and prayer has ended so who could that be.

Opened the door and lo and behold it was sister faith!

I woke up the next day which was a sunday in full strength. What happened last night was history. It’s time i get prepared for the days show.

I left the guest house very early in the morning when no one has wake so i won’t have you be saying an emotional good bye

I called the guy before leaving so  when i got to the front of 7up i gave him a call again. His name was  james.

Me : hello james, am in front of 7up?

James : ok keep coming straight and turn at the next turning by the left, i would block you there.

Hung up

Went to the point he described and he joined me there in minutes and led me to his room, he lived in a face me and face you house. Drom his looks i guess he must be a factory worker, his room aef was jam packed, i nibdit live such a life. Poverty was radiant in his room, not even a t.v, i tried to unpack my things and slept off.

I was woked up by james tapping

James : am off to church o

Me : ok where should i drop the key when leaving?

He showes me where to place it and left. I was still trying to sleep when phcn brought light, i just switch on pc and kept watching empress k.  Was on it till around 1pm when mumce called.

Mum : hello ife

Me : good afternoon ma

Mum : afternoon  how are you?

Me : fine ma

Mum : You are yet to send me the address

Me : oh I forgot i would do so right now.

Mum : ok be expecting us by 3pm

Hung up

I drafted thevaddress and send it to mumce, i still didn’t know the reason for their proposed visit but i could feel desperation in her voice. So that got me wondering. But since i could not fit  a face to the picture, i diverted my mind and kept watching film.

Another call came througg around 2:30pm from mum.

Me : hello ma

Mum : yeah pack you things and meet us outside.

Me : ahah won’t you come in?

Pman : ( guessed he snatched the phone from mum)
Meet us outside now!

I concured, packed my bags and went outside, mehn i was shocked, met them waiting in my elsee brothers car.

Gosh when did bro shola return, chai i don jonez, they are surely up to something.

Mum : hmmmn come in.

Greeted them, joined them in the car and my brother drove home, we were all silent through the ride home.
They kept giving me a casting look.  I knew something was wrong somewhere.

All izz well oo…

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