Diary Of a Fraudster- Episode 11


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When we got home that afternoon, I was yet to drink a cup of water when bro shoal started talking

Bro Shola : ife sit down there


Mum and dad also sat in the living room with us
Bro Shola : ife what’s your problem na
Me : Egbon wetin happen, when did you enter town ?
Bro shola :  You are not okay, how old are you ?
Me : 20
Bro shola : Twenty , and you are still here, do you even care about your future ?
Me : (in my ind I was like wetin do this bros sef) Bros Wetin Happen Na ?
Bro shola : You parked away from here and you started working, thou I know mum and dad shouldn’t have allowed you and have blamed them on there on part. but seriously is money your problem ? what do you need that they are not providing for you, your mates are in the university chasing their dreams, you are here working as a factory worker in another mans company, seriously am disappointed in you, have always known you to be creative, so what went wrong with you?
Omo I was just looking at them ni, learners I a factory worker, jonzing things, I have plans for myself , my car is even beter than the one my brother is riding but still I can’t just let them know, because I can’t account for it.
Me : bros am sorry I fell your hand but it’s just that have gat needs .
And it’s some how having to be tasking dad and mum everyday.
Dad : shut up, stupid boy, (facing my brother)he never told me before leaving this house, trust me I won’t have accepted, I travelled and before I came back , he and his mother have made heir decisions without consulting me. And ever since then, anytime I call him, he won’t pick up my calls.
Me : dad is not like that
Mum : just keep quiet boy
Bro shola : have decided am taking you along with me to Abeokuta, so I can handle you well.
(omo a part of me was happy and another was vexed mehn #mixed feelings)
Me : Am not going bro
Mum : it’s been decided boy, you have no say, you have to continue your education, an y money you need m your brother would provide it for you.
Me : okay o
Dad kept giving me a bad look, bro shola was advicing me on my life for like 2hours and mum was also putting jara on top.
The whole discussion ended around 7:30pm
I accepted my fat, Abeokuta things, home of yy.
When I got into, my room, I contacted bosun and krish to update them about the whole stuff, they were sober for me sha, I told to them to help sell my car and send the money over.
That night I decided to check my mails and login to sites to see if the parole mami primate helped me with is really active.
It’s been seven days plus already, met a lot of messages mehn.
My gay maga had dropped an insultive message, I rushed a concrete insultive reply to him, he came online minutes after to start apologizing, me sef get yanga, until he proposed to apologies to me by giving me money. I Just played my games right, Miss Wellington wasn’t online, I replied her messages too. I updated my military paroles too and gave them a wise excuse for been offline lately.
I then later slept off.

The next day have gotten over the shock already, Brother Shola took me to Abeokuta as planned. We got there I decided to abandon yahoo for a while because bro shola was always around, so he enrolled me in a lesson, I kept playing the obedient child, he obtained jamb form for me, and as a guy with a sharp brain, I was somehow brilliant so I passed jamb. Wrote my post utme and got admitted into FUTA.
That’s marked an important stage of in life because I would be eventually free.
Getting into futa wasn’t easy o, I read faa, I had no time for yahoo at all, I was just like every normal student.
My first year in school I was still a fresher so I ws always attending classes, I don’t attend parties because parties in futa then were like gay parties , futa was an technology school, so guys were much more than girls, therefore in the parties girls weren’t enough, and I can’t be dancing with guys. So I shunned social lifestyle. My Gp was really great in my 100 level. But everything changed when I met Krissh again.
It happened on Friday evening, I was coming back from MTS 101 class so I decided to greet my friends living off campus, they lived in a building called pinnacle, mehn that place was dope, boys were able to do things freely with no school rules, so it was the usual hangout for guys. i decided to just go and flex there that evening, got there and the guys were heading out.
Me: where you guys all going to ?
Segun: we are rolling to Genesis to flex oh, a guy from JABU is celebrating his birthday there, you can come along na.
I joined them to and we met people in the partying mood at Genesis, I sat by the pool side low key watching everything going on.
You know that moment when the MC was like, lets call in the celebrant to come and dance, lo and behold the celebrant was Krissh. Woaw how could Krissh be a JABU student the Krissh I knew was a no future ambition. Wonders shall never cease.
I was dazed I just kept to myself; immediately he was off hook I approached him
Me: Oh boy
Krissh: IFE!!!!  (Looking at me) Iphekitan! Dead or Alive
ME: You are high, its I, am also surprised to see you here o.
Krissh: You just abandon us then after leaving with your brother. How did you get to Akure alaye we go discuss gan o
Me: woss that story for another time lets party hard now and talk later.
We were just hanging around each other. I was like the celebrant’s best friend because he was calling me to his side anytime his taking pictures with his bitches, we exchange contacts sha, and decided to meet up the next day. Hmmn it’s nice seeing my guy again, Krissh a.k.a.  Casanova

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The next day he was the one who called me first.

Krissh : hello

Me : hello who is this?

Krissh : chai see your life, so you didn’t save my number yesterday?

Me : oh my nigga Krissh no vex jae, was to high that yesterday, guess i didn’t remember to save it.

Krissh : no qualms now, when are you coming around now, You know we’ve got a lot to disscuss.

Me : just send me your address, i’d be there in a jiffy.

Krissh : okay would send that to you asap.

Hung up.
Sharply i took my bath and dressed up , I guess things just happen for a reason, am having a difficult time financially already and now krissh just showed up. Omo i guess i would go back to this yy stuff o, at least am yet to exercise the runs i did at mama Primate domot. Krissh just have to orientate me back, with the way he was talking last night, i know he is still a wire wire, just have to tag along. Few minutes later his messafe came him.

I headed out for his place, and arrived there around 12pm.
He lived off campus, in a 3 story building, he stays at the top flat, he alone, the other flats where habited by other guys who are students, i guess they are Into yy also, but krissh is mad oh, how can he aline be living in a flat, with 3rooms, a living room, a kitchen and store. That guys cassanova life won’t kill him. Am sure it’s because of girls, only God knows the number of girls he must have nailed in this building.
We sat in the living room to chit chat

At his place

Me : krissh , why the hell wpuld you be living in this area, i jnow you are a soicial freak, so why could you choose to live in roadblock of all places.


Krissh : you know the eke in this state are on fire, so one has to be very careful, am living a lowkey life here o.

Me : hmmmn wise you

Krissh : yea that aside, how far now, you should have hammered alot already, what’s wrong?

Me : hmmmn my guy it’s a long story o, lets just say am back on track now, have deviated alot previously, just update me about the latest formats and let me start clicking again.

Krissh : no problem na.
Will you keep living on campus?
Join me here now?

Me : oh boy futa strict o, just have to be careful, because they fit rusticated person at any slight issue.

Krissh : ok o

Me : i would be spending my weekends here sha.

That evening i copied all i needed from him, i set up bew accounts, a new me, hmmmn jagaban is here again. My maga must start to dey pay. It’s actual time i could see if mama prinate’s parole is active.

Spent my night at Krissh place, at night we were just boxing sites up like old times, it was fun been with my guy again.

That night i was already connected to clients, everything just seem easy for me.

The next day i left his place for my hostel very early in the morning, witj the peak i was last night. I just kept bursting mails. I was on my pc when my room mate kunle came in all of a sunden.

Kunle : guy you get issue o

Me : issue as how?

Kunle : where were you last night?

Me : how is that any of your business fa? Are you my father?

Kunle : you are sick faa. So you think you can just be doing anyhow abi. If anything happens, you forgot it’s me they will ask first?

Me : whatever mind your business, our hustle differs jae

Still concentrated on my pc

Kunle : what are you doing on that lappy of yours, you are serious as if you are writing some project.

Me : guy you get issue oh, why can’t you just mibd your business fa?

Kunle : hmmmn am sure you up to something, whatever it is i would know fot sure lastly, you can’t hide anything from me you know.

Me : whatever, sha park well.

I was still someting things out on my pc. A client agreed to pay, but i was having problems with recieving payment so i washed up and headed back to Krissh’s domot asap.


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