Diary Of a Fraudster- Episode 12


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Got to krissh’s domot in no time, met him in the lIving rooM flexing with a bae, i wasn’t suprised, good radiance to bad rubbish. Everytime girls!!  Na only him waka come.
I walked him and gave him a lets talk look. He got the message i was trying to pass across, he took his bae to his room and came back to me at the living room.

Krissh : ife how far?

Me : i’m gentle o

Krissh : why the face?

Me : guy i need your help with payment stuff. Lost the contact of the guy who helps me with it in ib.

Krissh : How much does the guy charge you?

Me : 20% of the amount am getting

Krissh : that’s much

Me : yeah, but at least it’s something

Krissh : well i could help you set up your own medium of payment in minutes.

Me : ya!  that’s what am talking about.
That’s why am here. My maga iz ready to bill up

Krissh : Oh it’s a sharp sharp thing

Me : yeah o

Krissh : have you heard of token?

Me : nope

Krissh : chai you are really a learner

Me : anyhow unlearn me

Krissh : okay give me few minutes to clear this bae.

He went in, i was busy on my pc. 1 hour passed by krissh waa yet to show up. Is this guy mad, few minutes is becoming few hours.
30 minutes later he came out putting on singlet and Boxers hand in hand with the bae , she was fully dressed, in my mind i knew this foolish guy had choosen Kittycat over helping me, Am sure he just finished a match with the way he was sweating.
He walkes the girl out and came back to me..


Krissh : ife can you spend your night here, so we can do it at night, right now, i am tired faa.
Me : ypu dey craze faa.  You askes for few minutes, you spent few hours, can’t you just control yourself?
Krissh : guy you can’t understand, can’t let such a big fish get off the hook like that.
Me : you are high, so now after waiting endlessly , you want to post me fa, that ain’t happening o, let’s get to business.
Krissh : lolz no vex now, the girl was a machine, she was going non stop mehn.
Me : quit telling me your story abeg

Krissh : okay let me drink some extra joss, so i could have a enough energy.
He went to his fridge and brought two bottles of extra joss with two glass cup. He let him drink to his satisfaction but i joined him.
Krissh : ok now,  let’s get down to business.
He made a skype call to his friend who i suppose to be a yy also but stays abroad. He told the guy to get him an Account, the guy did sharply, and we create like two more accounts, one in south africa, another in malaysia, so we had full access to the accounts. He then told me once a payment had been made to the first Account which was in uk, i should transfer it to the 2nd Account then 3rd then 4th. I should then go cash it via western money via my Account.

Sharply i put that into test, billed up my maga that was online, the white nigga was forming had to get , i sent two Unclad pictures of the girl i was faking to be, to him. and gave him my perfect format,  He concured straight up, i send my account details to him, and thanks to mobile banking , he transfer the money into my account. I didn’t waste time, i wired it through the 4 accounts, and made a transfer from my malaysia account, so i got the money in naira. As in no stress at all.

Me : krissh maga don pay shout halleluyah

Krissh : oya ife toh sure. Lets celebrate now

Hmmmn i’ve learnt my lesson from my previous lifestyle in ib, tryibg no to spend wastefully but this a first payment in a long time. It’s worth celebrating tho codedly.

Krissh and high headed for time out.
We were dancing with girls, Drinking and popping champagne, krissh was literally high, he even paid for all the expenses. We went back to his domot I was with a girl, and krissh two girls. I rushed my bae to krissh’s second room. And played a tactical, breathe taking match With her.

She got tired oh, and i was still full of energy, chai frustration, i guess it’s the work of that extra joss we took earlier, hmmmn no wonder krissh took two girls along, he Must have known the effect of the drink.

I masturbated a little and slept off
Hmmmn what a wonderful night

The following day was monday, i woke up 8:30pm, and i was having lectures by 9 a.m, before i could get to hostel tp pick my things, i’d be late already,  and those lecturers get chin chin for head. To avoid embarassment i decided to forfeit the school for that day.
Took my bath, too my time to cook something up in krissh’s kitchen. Ate up, rested a little, then decided to resolve to hustling on my lappy.
I was conversing with different maye’s and also meeting new ones. Krissh woke up around 10 a.m, he also joined me in the living room with his lappy. He didnt spend up to an hour on it, but he kept coming back to check something on is pc after few minutes. He would go Ahead to watch film and he Was just check is pc frequently again.
I was Hustling on my own pc all this while,  then i tiptoed from where i sat to is back,He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t notice my movement,  and on the screen Of is pc, i i saw something like tracking, he was on Nigeria post office Website, i wondered when post office Website became a dating site. Hence i guess he was into goods,

Me : coughs
Krissh : what are you doing behind me?  (startled)
Me : ish i came to check what you are up to
Krissh : so?
Me : so you are also into goods
Krissh : hmmmn not just goods, tz goods and apartment, it pays, you won’t have to be chatting all day with mayezit you still get cool doe.
Me : hmmmn i heard it has more doe dan dating sef, i should have learnt this stuff in ib then o.
U fit teach me, make i combine am with dating parole?
Krissh : no qualms na, but it has to do with risk a little, and alot of thinking o, i still do dating by the side when i see exclusive formats.
Me : forget just teach me thia stuff faa sharply.
Krissh : o boy calm down now leme finish what am doing, would call you in a jiffy.
Me : no qualms


Not up to 30minutes he sat me down by hia lappy and explained everything to me, as in i got it all easyily, i started putting it to test on the spot and someone was alwedi falling, krissh gave me the sitesto burst and showed me way round the sites.
Fews flew by and i’ve missed alot of lectures, at times i won’t step into the school premisea in a week, i was mostly in krissh’s house, either hustling or having fun, by the side i now have many jabu chicks by myself thanks to krissh. ThOu i was wise enough not to flaunt my wealth, because i’ve learnt my lesson from pass experiences.
I didn’t skip any of my tests or exams tho, but a person that wasn’t in class, what would he write down?, i do crash reading but still my perfOrmances Weren’t that great,in my 200 level i didnt carry over any course tho,but my performances were below average.

whenever i have an encounter with kunle my roomie ,his always challenging me for not been serious,but i do tell him
“dy/dx won’t give you money, MTS 101 won’t give you money, common sense will, but we that have that common sense are low. keep chasing after marks and graduate having no dime, o boy use your head”.

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As in am always feeling justified with the things i do, F**K those lectures i miss, i would read them later when i need to, make i just clear from this school asap.

Like i once said, Futa was a very strict school, no space for cultism, and illegal groups, they rusticate at any slight issue. So i was hustling off campus at krissh house, i had no issue with school securities challenging me or anything. No eke issues also for the krissh’s area.

Something perculiar happened, during our 200 level break, i didn’t go home, i was flexing at krissh’s domot, on that fateful day i was hustling as usual when bro shola’s call came through.

Bro shola : hello

Me : hello egbon (elder brother)  gud afternoon

Bro shola : afternoon, ife what is going on with you?

Me : nothing sir.

Bro shola : is your girlfriend pregnant?

Me : (chuckles)  bros no now

Bro shola : no there’s definately something wrong with you.

Me : Why that bro?

Bro shola : i just recieved your result via sms now from your school and it was nothing compared to last years own. So what the hell is your problem?

I kept quiet, i recollected that when registering, i registered my bro as my guardian and even fill in his numbers, didn’t know it was this kind of thing that Futa would use the number for, chai Futa ehn.

Bro shola : Are you still there ?

Me : yea bro

Bro shola : so what’s your explanation?
If you want to waste your life, you should have told me before i waste my money to pay your fees. I know you to be brillant, so whatever you are into that is distracting you, you better put a stop to it now and improve on your studies..

Me : am sorry bro, no vex, would definately work on it.

Bro shola : you better do.

Hung up

Chai, imagine the yawa Futa wan Dabaru my plans, i decided to sit tight the coming session.

The next session which was my 300 level in futa, I moved back into school hostel. I decided to be serious with my studies again and improve my GP. To be sincere it wasn’t easy at all, I had to do a lot of extra reading on my own to make up for the lectures I missed, to understand the current topics , I had to go back to previous topics, I’d miss.

But as a naturally born computer freak studying computer science, I  find the practical aspect very easy, because I have slight idea about programming in my secondary school days, I did some pettite web designing back then. So the practicals here in futa just widen my orizone, later everything was just too simple to me. I studied and did research and learned many stuffs on my own, so whenever am in class, whatever the lectures were saying became irrelevant because I knew them already. I never skipped lectures tho. Even during tests , other students were amazed at my brillancy and they started tagging to me, especially the girls.

I still do a little yy. By the side during my leisure time, but it wasn’t the do or die hard yy like I was into before.

On a certain friday like that, I went to the school libary with my pc, and was hustling because of the free wifi available there. Then I got a call from krissh.

Krissh : hello

Me : hello kvng krissh, hw far now ?

Krissh : am gentle, alaye wetin dey do you na, you just like abandoning person.

Me : o boy no vex o, just sorting things out here.

Krissh : no qualms now. Guess what ?

Me : what’s that ?

Krissh : just guess ?

Me : you probably got a new car, or you hammered hard again ?

Krissh : o gather, that’s not the ish, as in just guess who is standing by me right now.

Me : hmmmn your bae ?

Krissh : aha ife dey don get you oh
( Heard something like a masculine voice laughing underneath )

Me : hmmmn it’s a guy laughing oh, are you now a gay.

( The voice was now laughing audilbly )

Krissh : you are sick faa.

Me : hmmmn boy calm down, the voice sounds like that of bosun’s

Kriss : yoir head is working already. It’s bosun’s

Me : sho! Where did you collide with him.

Krissh : leave story, where you ?

Me : on campus.

Krissh : okay block us for time out.

( Time out was a joint we do goto flex)

Me : okay , be there asap.

Call ends.

Hmmmn reunion tho bad. It’s now I and my niccur, we would be back togther. I packed my stuffs and rushed for the dorr when I collided with someone. The person’s book fell, I shaked myself and saw it was a girl, she was picking up her stuffs already, I was speechless, because she was smelling nice, I was about to aplogise when she looked up to me, lo and behold. Our eyes collided and guess who she was. Hmmmn she was sister faith, yes the same sister faith from mama primate’s.

I couldn’t believe it, I guessed she also noticed I was giving her a cursoly look.

Faith : hello , is sorry to much to say for you.

Me : (I got my senses back and eventually managed to say her name ) faith , sister faith!

Faith : ( she looked at me well, then reacted like someone who just remember something ) hmmmn ife ? Brother ife right ?

Me : yeah it’s I oh sister faith.

Faith : (hugged me tightly)




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