Diary Of a Fraudster- Episode 14


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The following day was Sunday, right from the onset, i’ve never fancy going to church service, i prefer flexing at home. The four of us went to the gym as usual and later came back around 9a.m. We ate breakfast at a restaurant around the gym, We then resolved to playing winning eleven, i wasn’t really good went it comes to anything soccer, the three of them defeated me in each match i played, i was pissed at their teasing, so i quit playing and went to have a nice shower before retiring to my room.

I could still hear their noises from my room, so i switched on my pc and started playing cool songs. I plugged in a earpiece, so i could enjoy the music and at the same time, be deafen to those guys voice.

I login to my yahoomail and mails were already loaded up in my inbox.  It’s been a while had sign in, because had been dealing with goods all this while. I replied each maye’s messages then opened series of other tabs, Getting straight to business. Loading meebo, log in daddyhunt, google language translator , launching notepad… Yahoo Boy mode activated.

I was on my pc around 3pm,my fingers tips were already aching, i checked to aiiexpress a.k.a alii baba, saw series of flash sales, then i noticed iphone 5 (the reigning phone then), i quickly added it to cart and checked out, it was cheap since it was flash sale 90% off, checked up another commercial Website, placed the sale of a laptop, sharply a buyer called (already connected an international number with my line), i tushed up my English and picked up.

Me : hello this mr woods, how may i help you?

Caller : gud morning, i saw ur post of the sale of a system………

I was very fluent mehn, he agreed to pay up and agreed to send the package to him, ish mugu.
He payed and i forward him something else instead.

Hmmn won’t reveal much about that sha, but maga payed oh

Around 4pm i was already famished,
I hadn’t taken anything since all day aside breakfast, hmmn life of a working boy sha. If i was issued a fast i would be complaining, but now am fasting unconsciously.

I stood up to see if i can get something to eat in the kitchen, i then noticed the screen of my phone was lighted.
Chai 12 missed calls,  i had the earpiece in my ears all this while so i didn’t even know. Checked  it and it was faith. I strolled into the kitchen and gave her a call.
Faith : where the hell have you placed your phone since?

Me : hmmmn is that how to greet an aspiring lover?

Faith : ish dreamer na you sabi

Me : well i wasn’t by my phone, just saw your missed calls.

Faith : i was around your area when i called

Me : ooh and where you now?

Faith : back in my hostel.

Me : uhn what did you come to do in my area  in the first place.

Faith : came along with a friend to visit another friend.


Still on the call, i was checking the pots in the kitchen, it was all empty, checked the cupboard, still no foodstuffs, then i sighted a pot on the gas cooker, opened it and it contained remnants of a burnt indomie, chai those guys cooked and didn’t remain any for me.

Didn’t know when i hissed.

Faith : why are you hissing to me?

Me : oh sorry, something here made me hiss and not what you are saying.

Faith : ife what’s wrong, don’t tell me your food is burnt because, i can hear sounds of pots, so evidently you are in the kitchen.

Me : nope faith, totally opposite of that, there’s no food stuffs Available, and am famished big time.

Faith : hun aiya sorry.

Me : thanks jawe. Guess i would eat out..
Faith : well i just finish cooking here, i could package some for you, if you don’t mind.

Me : oh i’d really appreciate

Faith : okay block by the North-gate in the next 15 minutes.

Me : okay am on my way

Faith : make sure to give me a call when you get to the school premises

Hung up.

I rushed into the bathroom and dud a quick freshen up. Dressed casual and made my way out.

By the time i got to the the school Northgate, i gave faith a call informing her i was around, i described my hostel to her so she could bring it over there.
Then went to my room, i met kunle my bunk mate, the only serious guy in the room, and the twins sitting on their various bed space.

Kunle was busy with phone, and the twins were each busy with their laptops, i wonder what they were doing. We exchange pleasantries and i made my way to my bed space to relax,anxiously waiting for faith’s call.

I was surfing through the net on my phone, reading some latest stories on truecelebmedia.com when i took notice of the discussion between the twins. I heard something like money transfer, i was stunned, what business are they into that the are pressing their pc since.

I got of my bed and joined them both on their bed.

Me : Tboy how far?

Taiwo : am gentle

Me : kenny of life how you dey?
Kenny : lowkey bro

Me : so what are you both doing
(pointing to their pc’s)

Taiwo : binary operation o, studying this signals.

I could see something like a graph or chart on the screen of their pc.

Tho I didn’t get what they were doing  i took my stand murmurig “this ain’t working boys”
And then went back to my bed space.

Minutes later my phone rang. And it was the expected personnel.

Me : hello are you here already?

Faith : yea am outside.

Hung up and walked out to meet her.

I sighted her by the third pole at he veranda of our hostel building. Meh she was dressed in a black high waist skirt and a pink top. Her figure 8 was glaring.

Mehn  this bae has to get laid by me.
Approached her.

Me : Ello bae

Faith : hun

Me : thanks so much faith, am really grateful.

Faith : the pleasure is mine
(she handover her bagpack containing a cooler to me)

Me : you looking nice

Faith : hmmm thanks

Me : would you like to come in?

Faith : nope,i’d be on my way, i have somethings to attend to.

Me  : alright if you insist.

Faith : okay take care

She went away,and i headed back to road block to battle my meal.

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Along the line faith and I never really dated, we just became friends with benefit.
Incase you don’t get the meaning of friends with benefit, here is how it started.
She came to roadblock on a certain Friday evening, the guys were out clubbing as usual, we were both only ones in the house.
We both lied on the bed in my room, watching film on my pc, she was putting on a fitted pink blouse and a black leggins, and there’s something about pink colour on girls, it’s just a s*xy** color. I couldn’t stop stealing series on looks on her body, I wasn’t focused on the movies at all, unlike her she was intrigued by the movie. I was busy examining her (x-ray vision), my body was already reacting, I don’t know why such happens when am alone with a girl.
I was trying to control myself, so as not to misbehave, I didn’t want to follow the direction of my erection.
I kept to myself, and was trying not to think of her, until she made a silly mistake of moving closer to me and resting her head on my chest. Hmmmn romantic position her heavy duties were resting on me, mehn I couldn’t just hold it any-longer, she still couldn’t notice anything because she was still glued to the screen of the pc, or maybe she was pretending, I didn’t know. I summoned the courage, and started with my usual moves of getting a girl laid.
I know it might be difficult, because she isn’t my gf, but am giving it a try. I was looking directly at her face for few minutes, later she noticed I was looking at her, she then turn to look at me, and our eyes were clashing, she smiled and continue watching the film, she frequently stop to take a look at me, to check if I was still looking at her, and she would smile and continue watching the film. Then that encouraged me, I took a step further, I started feeling her hair, I was playing with it in a romantic manner. By the time the movie ended she gave me a final look, a questioning look to be precise, like ” what do you want sef ? ” Look.
With the way she was smiling and looking at me , I guess she was in the mood so I shifted and lower by body till our face were facing each other , still lying on the bed, then I proceeded by moving my mouth towards hers. Then I kissed her, at first she was reluctant but she later gave in and kissed me back, so we started sharing a passionately kiss, till one till led to another, we ended up having s*x that evening.
And from then onwards she was like my s*x partner, thou we ain’t dating. That’s why I tagged our relationship “friends with benefit”.
The last semester exam of my 300 level came by and I passed very well, because have known how to balance school work and yy by then.
My parents insist I come home for vacation, I didn’t feel like going back to ib, because I really have no one to mingle with there, it would be somehow dry, without my hommies.
But I had to go, because I had to start searching for a place to do my I.T, and there weren’t much opportunities in akure. Ib is a place of great opportunities, and i could easily get connected there.
So on the last day I packed my stuffs from the hostel and moved them to krissh’s house, I knew that would be the last time I’d live in school hostel.
So I went back to Ib on the same day, my parents were glad to see me, after all this years, they just kept throwing me questions especially my mum, she wants to know everything about how I lived in Akure.
I slept on that fateful day very late in the night, there was no light at all, same happened the next day, so I wasn’t able to hustle with my pc, and home was always boring
Could have bought fuel to power the generator, but there was also fuel scarcity, the little stations that opened were always crowded and you would see a queue of about 100 cars and another separate queue for bikes and those buying with kegs.
Sh*t couldn’t just endure waiting endlessly in the sun to buy fuel.
Tho I do by black market once in a while. But it doesn’t pay me.
I should be charging my gadgets at a cafe around my area, but eke frequently raid cafes for yy niggas. So that was out of option.
So I resolved to a viewing centre in my area.
There generator was always on because they do sport betting.
So my routine was to wake up by 8.00 a.m , I’d work out, take cool bath and have my breakfast, then head to the viewing centre by 10 a.m. Stick to my usual corner, plugin my gadgets, sit on a bench, switched on my pc, and hustle till around 5pm in the evening before going back home. I was making a lot of money tho. Faith was in ib too but just didn’t wanna relate with her, am already getting bored with her companies.
At the rate at which I’m making money I could afford to buy myself a ride next semester.

Two months of vacation went by, I seek ed opportunities where I could do my IT but none was encouraging, the highest payer was 20k. An amount I could make myself in a day. I felt IT was a waste of time self, if not that my 500level project is based on it, I would just be flexing at home

First one week I was still at home making my doe, online, until I got a call from my elder bro, bro shola on a certain Saturday evening.

Bro shola : hello ife booni (hw are you?)

Me : am good bro

Bro shola : how far with your IT ?

Me : bros am yet to find a place to work o

Bro shola : Ahah, couldn’t you have called to tell me, since you didn’t call, I thought you’ve solved yourself out.

Me : no vex bro

Bro shola : okay I’d make some calls to my friends there.

Me : ok bro, thanks would appreciate it.

Hung up

Not up to an hour, he called back.

Bro shola : hello ife, what’s that your course again.

Me : computer science.

Bro shola : very good, I have been able to call a friend of my that works in Phcn, so they have a slot there. I would forward his number to you. Make sure you call him today so you can resume latest Monday.

Me : okay, thank you bro, I’d call him right away.

Bro shola : alryt take care.

Hung up

Hmmmn, this brother of mine sha

An sms came through from my bro, I called the number straight.

Me : hello good evening sir, this iphekitan sir.

The caller : hello evening, this mark fenuga, how may I help you?

Me : my brother gave me your number, he said he has spoken with you concerning an opening of a IT student.

Mr mark : oh you are shola’s brother.

Me : yes sir.

Mr mark : what’s your discipline.

Me : computer science.

Mr mark : oh we could use a person like you, come to phcn office dugbe branch by 9 a.m on monday and give me a call when you are around.

Me : okay thank you sir.

Mr mark : alright be good.

Hung up.

Hmmmn I just hope this people can pay above 20k at least I fi manage 30k.


Monday Morning

I dressed smartly in a well ironed T-shirt and trousers, tucked in properly, nutted my tie, trying look very co-operate. I placed of my shakomended glass to match. I was looking dope and official.


Tho I don’t have much co-operate dresses, but if this job calls for it , I don’t mind upgrading my wardrobe

Headed to Phcn Office. I got there 9 a.m sharp. I called mr mark and he told me he would be with me shortly. So I sat and the waiting room. Thou there was A.C active but I was still sweating, you it’s unlike me, a working boy in a co-operate arena.

Fifteen minutes later Mr Mark came to the waiting room. He was looking around. He couldn’t recognize me, neither could I recognize him, but by the was he was looking about, my instincts told me it was him, so I stood up to approach him.

Me : good morning sir.

Mr Mark : morning, iphekitan right?

Me : yes sir.

Mr Mark : ok sit, let me brief you, in the next 15mins you’d be called in for an interview, it’s always handle by the director himself. You are most likely to be sent to the I.C.T unit. The I.C.T unit, am the team leader of the unit. We have been working on creating a mobile App, where by people can pay their electricity bills on their phones. The project has been on since last year, but no break through, so I guess we could use a fresh blood like you.

Me : okay sir.

Mr Mark : like I said just relax, the director would call you in any moment from now, and it’s possible you might start working instantly.

Me : yeah sir, am prepared.

Mr Mark : okay I have to go now.

He stood up and leave.

Mehn a part of me wanted to ask him about the details on salary, but I comported myself, so they won’t see me as a money monger that I am truly am.

After few minutes, a lady dressed in a black suit and trousers came by.

The lady : hello are you here for the interview.

Me : yes ma.

The lady : okay come along.

I stood up to follow her, she led me to the directors office, I guessed the lady was the secretary, she cl osed the door on me and left.

The director was a man in his early sixties, he was dressed in shirt and trousers, and he has like those prof glasses on, from where I sat , I noticed her has a pot belly, in my mind I was like this man looks like person wey jahhh.

Me : good morning sir.

He looked at me via his glasses.

Director : morning, have your sit.

The interview session wasn’t up to 30minutes, he threw me series of questions and I was flowing with him, later on the interview became a casual talk, because he shifted the topic to “talks about girls” and I was also flowing, later he started talking about beers, I told him I loved trophy most and guess what, it was his best drink also. Eventually he said I could have the job and told me, he and I would be hanging our every friday. Ish it’s nothing.

At the end, he told me the pay was 40k per month for IT students, mehn I was in smiling mode, he then referred me back to the secretary who led me to the ICT unit of the company

To Be Continued…




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